My Crazy 8 Finds

So Easter is coming up and my mom and I decided that I would need a new dress for Easter. A few of my favorite stores are the Gymboree line of stores which includes Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Janie and Jack. My dress last year was from Gymboree and the design of this year looked very similar. I wanted to look different.

We checked their websites and my mom and I fell in love with this beautiful green flower tulle dress that was available at Crazy 8. It featured 3-D appliques and had a tie back sash. Well since I was getting a new dress I need a new shoe to go along with it right? Well, they also had the perfect shoe that matched. It was a lovely white with the same flower detail that my dress has.

Well since I was getting a new dress how about another one? I found a pin-tucked floral hem dress that was a lovely shade of blue, had a bow at the side, and lovely flower details at the hem. Did they have matching shoes? They sure did.

I'm going to be so styling this spring!