My CoCaLo Experience

There are a few times that I've experienced great customer service and I must say that the CoCaLo's brand customer service tis extraordinarily one of the best I've dealt with.

A few months ago before my room was decorated the way it is now, my mom saw this great table and chair set from the Cocalo brand that she fell in love with. It was from the Once Upon a Pond collection and I must say that I loved it as well. At the time of purchase I was too small to use it and once I had my birthday and my room makeover, my mom and I decided it was time for me to set it up and place it in my room.

Well unfortunately the screws for the chair was missing and since it had a 1 year warranty we decided to contact the Cocalo department and request the screws. Unfortunately for us they no longer made that line but we were told that they would contact their warehouse and see what could be done.

We waited and after 2 weeks with no contact we decided to give them another call and spoke to a very pleasant young lady by the name of Daria. We forwarded the information once more to her again and waited once more.

Well after another almost 2 weeks we decided to once again contact Daria and found out that their warehouse was unable to provide the screws needed for my chair. I was so disappointed, but Daria had another option for me. There was another set of chairs that was perfect for a little princess like me. It was the Daniella Table and Chair set.

It had the princess crown design on the chair and also a cut out design where my photo can be enclosed. It's also in the softest colors of mauve, pink and cream. The table has a flower detail and they are all made of solid wood.

I was super excited to be receiving a new table and chair set but if that wasn't enough there was an added surprise. Since it took so long for them to get back in touch with me I was also given the option to choose a blanket and plush doll from any of their collection. I looked through their collection and chose their In the Woods collection. This was perfect since that collection consisted of lovely owls and we all know that's my room theme. I got the In the Woods Plush Owl and the In the Woods Soft and Cozy Blanket.

There is such a thing as customer service but when customer service go above and beyond to help their customers there's such a thing called customer service of excellence.


CoCaLo products can be purchased at BabiesRUs and also on Amazon.