I Love A Company That Gives Back: Toms Footwear

Most of you may not know but I love, love, LOVE shoes. I may only be 14 months old but I've owned more shoes than the number 14 and I've worn a few designers as well. From Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana to Ralph Lauren.

My big sister who is also a 'shoeaholic' is in love with the brand TOMS and my mom and I decided to give them a try as well. They make shoes for little people like me and we both like the TOMS philosophy which is with every pair of shoes you buy from TOMS, they will give a pair to a child in need. One for One. What a great philosophy!

Their shoes are very well made and very comfortable. We decided to get  the Red Tiny TOMS Glitters shoes. Was I trying to be Dorothy from one of my mom's favorite book, the Wizard of Oz? Maybe I was.

It has a cool fun velcro closure that makes it easy to slip on and off and with a cushioned footbed. Their shoe is also flexible which means that I'm going to be walking very comfortably. There is also a cute One For One logo written throughout the inside of the shoe letting me know that I just helped a child in need get a new pair of shoes.

I do recommend buying your size and not going up a size since they do conform and stretch to your feet.

I usually don't comment on shoes boxes but this one I just had to. On the bottom of the box they have a little note saying:
You don't have to throw this box away! Reuse, re invent it, get creative, it's your box now. Keep TOMS in here, photos, toys, art supplies or even lunch - whatever you want!

Their box is made of 80% recycled post consumer waste and printed with soy ink. Not only are they helping out children in need but they're a responsible eco-friendly company to boot.

How about making your next pair of shoes a TOMS?