Egg Hunting? Yes, Please!

Today mommy and I decided that since this is going to be my first official Easter celebration we were going to do a bit of egg hunting over the weekend.

A quick trip to Walmart got us plastic pastel easter eggs to fill with candy and a cute little metal pail with bunnies and rabbits. I've only had candy once before when my big brother decided to give me a taste of his lollipop and boy did I love it. This was going to be my first big girl taste of candy.

I have my first dentist appointment in 4 days so mommy is making an exception. Lucky me!

We bought 96 eggs and an assortment of candy and with help we were able to finish filling up our easter eggs. Mommy is going to hide them around the house and I'm going to find them. YES I AM! I know all the hiding places since I've been hiding things myself and it's taken everyone quite some time to find them. I'm the best when it comes to hiding things.

This is going to be a great Easter and I'm so looking forward to my first egg hunt.