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Quick Meal: No Yolks Noodles and Sausage ~ #NoYolks #NoOtherNoodle

In just a few short weeks it will be Thanksgiving and I am already dreading being in the kitchen. While I love cooking, Thanksgiving and also Christmas is the one day that I can spend hours prepping and preparing, since it's the one time that we make tons of food, and quite a variety as well. Today's post comes courtesy of No Yolk® Noodles, and we share how you can make a quick meal without spending hours in the kitchen, all with only three ingredients.

I love to cook, but I hate the time it takes to prepare meals. Being from the Caribbean, there are lots of traditional dishes that are generally made in my household. However, my kids are all American so they like their American dishes, which is why there are so many dishes on the blog that are not from the Caribbean, however, there are plans to change that. When the kids come home from school, there is always the usual "I'm hungry", "What is there to eat?", or the infamous "There is NOTHING to eat". I can never understand that one. The refrigerator might be packed with food, pantry stocked with the essentials including No Yolks® Noodles, yet there is always the complaint that there is nothing in the house to eat.

I have been teaching my eldest son Kyle how to cook, but I try and make it simple. He's a big fan of sausages and likes it in every which way. Today's dish is one that he enjoys making all because he can do it all by himself. It's rather simple and takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish, but it's absolutely delicious!

Here's what you'll need:

No Yolks Noodles and Sausage


12oz No Yolks® Broad noodles
Sausage of your choice
Pasta sauce of your choice
Pinch of Basil


1. Prepare your noodles according to the instructions on your package. Once done, your noodles should be fluffy yet firm.

2. Slice your sausages into small pieces and sauté in a pan with a little bit of oil until brown. I find that oil spray tend to work best.

3. Add your pasta sauce to your sausage and heat.

4. Serve your sausage with pasta over your noodles.

5. Sprinkle with a pinch of basil for garnish and enjoy.

This is one of my son's favorite dishes because it's so easy to prepare. No Yolks Broad Noodles makes this dish even more delectable because their pasta just fluffs up to perfection. They are also a healthy egg noodle alternative, made from egg whites,  contains no cholesterol and are low in fat and sodium. They are easy to prepare and you get perfect noodles every single time. No soggy noodles ever! I generally purchase mine at my local Walmart and I keep my pantry stocked with them. No Yolks Broad noodles is not just for stroganoff and soups, there are so many uses, all it takes is your imagination. I have even colored them on occasion for Madison and given her "pretty noodles". You can find No Yolks in Fine, Broad, Extra Broad, Dumplings, Kluski and even Stir-Fry.

To make your very own No Yolks Noodles and Sausage we have a No Yolks Coupon for you to give No Yolks® a try.

How would you like to win a $100 Visa Gift Card? All you have to do is enter the No Yolk® Sweepstakes. There will be 5 winners.

No Yolks® Sweepstakes

I-C will randomly select 5 winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes.

Annmarie John
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  1. I am a big No Yolks fan and this meal truly looks so easy to make and delicious, too using my favorite of No Yolks. So adding to my list to try probably after we return from Disney ;)

  2. No Yolks are a lifesaver in a pinch! This sounds like a yummy dinner idea.

  3. That looks so good! Recipes like this are why I love No Yolks. They are tasty enough that you don't need to drown them in sauce to make a great dish with them. Om nom nom.

  4. I've never heard of No Yolks noodles but they look delicious. It must be so rewarding to see your son cooking for himself- such a milestone! Will have to try this recipe when I need a quick pasta fix!

  5. NICE! This is a new and different recipe that I can make for my boys. They love sausages and pasta.

  6. This looks so delicious! I love to use sausage in pasta dishes, and this would be an amazing recipe for dinner. My husband will love this!

  7. This is such a simple dinner, but it sounds delicious. My granddaughter would just love it.

  8. That was an easy dish to make! I am sure it would taste great too. I've been reading a lot of great reviews about the No Yolks Noodles. I have to get some soon and try it for myself!

  9. We eat a lot of noodles in this house! We love the No Yolks brand. This recipe is so easy and looks so good!

  10. This looks awesome! My family would definitely like the sausage. We're liking the No Yolk noodles a lot too.

  11. I didn't think anybody could cook with those No Yolks things - but it does look good, so.... :)

  12. I've always used chicken with these noodles. Never thought about doing sausage like an Italian feel. Love it! Sounds delicious!

  13. I am a sucker for simple dishes lately because they take less time to make. This looks so good and I love the noodles that you used, they're healthier and definitely better for my diet. Thanks for the quick and easy recipe! No wonder your kids like it.

  14. That sounds so easy to make. It could be something to mix together on a busy night!

  15. This looks like a super yummy dish! I will have to try and make this one!

  16. This look so good! A perfect weeknight meal for mt family!

  17. 20 minutes is great. That's about the time I like to spend on getting dinner ready. I'm not a fan of cooking though...even though I do it every day. ;)

  18. I would love to win a $100 gift card. These noodles look good!

  19. This looks so easy and delicious! I am going to try this recipe for dinner...Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Nice and easy meal to make - your photos are beautiful by the way! Thanks for sharing

  21. The sausages look divine! We eat pasta once a week so this will come in handy! Plus, how easy it is to prepare? These days I'm running on low so any help is welcome!

  22. We eat a lot of pasta here. We have used no yolk pasta before but no often. I have never used it with sauce so this would be a first.

  23. Yum this meal not only looks easy to make it looks like it tastes amazing too

  24. This does look delicious. I am curious as to how the sausage tastes with the noodles. It does sound like something I would love to try at least once.

  25. My daughter would love this dish. Pasta and sausage are two of her favorites.

  26. Whoa. I really love pastas and noodles. and this quick meal no yolk noodles sausage looks delightful and really tempting. I will not hesitate to try this recipe.

  27. pasta is awesome! I know I would love this dish for dinner and I'll have to plan on making it for the kids and I soon! thank you for this idea ; )

  28. This looks delicious! I love noodles with different types of sausage.

  29. I totally love No Yolks and we use them for everything. This recipe is making my stomach growl. Your sausage looks so good! I'd love to know the brand so I could add it.


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