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Preparing for Out of Town Guests with Kids ~ #ThanksPampers

The holidays can be stressful, especially if you're hosting and have out of town guests coming in. When those out of town guests have kids, it's always best to be prepared. Thanks Pampers at Sam's Club for sponsoring this post today.

One of the things I love about the holidays is being able to spend quality time with family and friends. Getting my home ready for said guests, however can take quite some preparation. It isn't just cleaning the house and making sure that everything is in its right place, but that I have everything that is needed and nothing's been forgotten. I tend to overstock and nothing's wrong with that, and thanks to Sam's Club I'm able to do most of my preparation in one place. I detest running out of the house to grab things at the last minute, due to the fact that I know the stores are going to be crowded. So how do you prepare for your guests who are coming in with little ones? Here are five easy ways.

1. Child proof your home
Before your guests arrive with their little ones, there are a few things that need to be done. Get your home childproofed. Cover all exposed electrical outlets and lock away household chemicals. Be sure to keep all medicine out of the reach of children and get a safety gate if there are stairs. However, you don't want your home to be sterile, so purchase a few toys that the little ones can play with while away from their home to make them feel comfortable.

2. Make your guest bedroom comfortable
Everyone likes a comfortable room to sleep in. Place clean sheets, pillows and blankets on the guest bed. Having some extra pillows is not only great for when your guest wants to read in bed, but it's fun for the kids who love building pillow forts. While it's great to have candles, when there are kids involved, it's best to have LED candles to prevent burns.

3. Stock up on bathroom supplies. 
Clean your bathroom and stock up on extra bathroom supplies. One of the most forgotten items when traveling is generally a toothbrush. I know that I have forgotten mine on numerous occasions while traveling. Having extra toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner and other necessities on hand will make it easy for your guests in the event that they've forgotten their own. Don't forget to have special toothpaste for the kids.

4. Stock up on food
While the holidays are all about food, family, friends and fun, be prepared for allergies. Speak to your guests about allergies beforehand so you can avoid the foods that they are allergic to. Have kid-friendly meals available as snacks and keep your refrigerator and pantry stocked with your guest's food preferences. Show your guests around the kitchen and let them know where they can find everything they need, and let them know that it's OK to help themselves.

5. Have extra diapers and wipes on hand
There is no such thing as having too many diapers or wipes with little ones around. I remember the day when I traveled with Madison as a baby - packing extra diapers and wipes not only added weight to my suitcase, but also wasn't very practical. I would walk with a few in my suitcase, but would purchase whatever I needed once we arrived at our final destination. When you have guests visiting with little ones, having extra diapers and wipes on hand will make such a difference and will be greatly appreciated. I stock up on wipes all the time since I use them almost daily for my own needs. I LOVE Pampers and it's my go-to brand. Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes’ Softgrip texture is perfect for baby's skin, and they are perfume-free and hypoallergenic. Pampers Swaddlersare Pampers' softest diaper and offer up to 12 hours of overnight protection. Get a few sizes to make sure your guests’ babies will all be covered.

Now is the right time to stock up on Pampers diapers and wipes, because from now until November 30, when you shop at Sam's Club or, you get an Instant Savings of $10 AND free shipping or Club Pickup (where available) when you buy 2 packages of Pampers diapers or wipes. The savings are automatically calculated when you check out at the register in-club, with the Scan & Go App or on

The Sam's Club Scan & Go App makes it easy to shop. You can skip the checkout line and save time by downloading the app to your mobile device and scanning your items with your phone as you shop in the club. Check out with the app, your receipt will appear on your phone, and you're on your way! Download the app for Apple or Android. You can also visit or use the Sam's Club App to have your diapers delivered straight to your door with free shipping, OR have them waiting when you arrive at the club with Club Pickup.

This conversation is sponsored by Pampers at Sam's Club. All opinions are my own.

Annmarie John
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  1. Thanks for this awesome tips. As I'm an Aunty to young kids I need to get my house kid proofed for this coming holiday.

  2. A lot of our friends we would visit always had a kid our kids' age lol. They were always stocked with extra stuff if we needed it!

  3. I love buying in bulk. It makes me feel less stress to have too much of something than to potentially run out.

  4. Great list! Although I think the number one tip really is childproofing... I think it's just a safe way to get rid of a lot of bad luck situations if you know what I mean.... Especially if the kids that are going to stay are not the quiet type!

  5. Definitely couldn't agree more and thanks for the reminder on what to have on hand this holiday season when family with younger ones do come to visit now.

  6. I always bought diapers in bulk whenever possible. In fact, that's why I initially got our Sam's Club membership!

  7. Sam's Club is such a great store. We have an entire section of our garage devoted to the bulk buying that we do there. It's a HUGE savings.

  8. You are so organised and I love the little personal touches you've added into your planning, like the extra pillows for the children to play with - that's really sweet! I am sure your guests are going to have a great time visiting you!

  9. Definitely agree with childproofing your home! A lot of hosts forget about this, and there can be a lot of dangerous places in the house for kids. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

  10. I really need to get a Sam's membership! My daughter goes through diapers like crazy

  11. These are all great tips! I never thought to have diapers and wipes on hand. There are so many times the parents have to run out to the store, this will save lots of time! We love our Pampers

  12. I agree, holidays do mean spending quality time with kids. I like your tips, especially stocking up on the diapers. My favorite for kids are pampers too, I have a subscription of the diapers, it is so easy and I do not have to bother about no diapers left.

  13. We'll be having one guest over for a while soon and we'll need to stock up and prepare! Getting some bathroom supplies will be a good idea.

  14. These ars such good tips. I don't have kids so I would have never though of this.


  15. These are fantastic tips for preparing for out of town guests. How perfect to stock up on wipes and diapers to help out guests who have babies!

  16. I love having guests over for the holidays. It's been a while since we had a little one that needs nappies. I think it's awesome that Sam's Club is offering discounts for diapers! That's something worth taking advantage of!

  17. Such great tips when you have kids and have guests visiting for the holidays. We loved Pampers when the kids were little.

  18. Great tips! We have lots of family coming to stay and lots of little ones will be there. I definitely need to stock up on diapers and wipes. It will be a big help for my nieces and nephews.

  19. Pampers is the only brand diapers we buy and I love having them handy for family relatives over the holidays! These are great tips!

  20. I love going to visit my sister. Even though it means a cross country trip with kids, she just "gets it." She always has supplies on hand so I don't have to pack all the baby stuff. It's such a stress relief!

  21. I don't think there's anything wrong with overstocking. You never know when it comes to the holidays.

  22. It's fun to host friends with kids! You can never go wrong with extra diapers! I hope you have fun with family for the holidays.

  23. Being prepared is always important, especially when we have unexpected guest visiting us like kids.We need to stock up essentials like diapers. Thanks for the tips.

  24. I agree with all these! I always make sure I stock up wipes and other kids exxentials when I am having guests with kids. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  25. That app sounds really cool. Yup, these steps are perfect for prepping for all those guests. Never considered the child proofing step. That’s a great idea actually. You never know!

  26. Long gone are the days of diapers but not of wipes! I mean.. kids and all.
    That said, now that there are three new babies expected in the family, I do actually have to stock up on Pampers. Quite a bit!


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