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Ways to Enjoy Your Little Ones ~ #WhereDoYouprAna

Madison as the baby of the family can sometimes feel left out, and it's not intentional. As the youngest I would love to include her in all our activities, but unfortunately it doesn't always happen. However, there are ways that I can spend time with her one on one and enjoy her while she's still small, all while being comfortable wearing prAna.

Your baby isn't going to remain a baby forever, and before you know it she's graduating from high school and heading off to college. It's happened with my eldest and it's about with my son Kyle. I wonder, where did the time go? When did they become teenagers and young adults? While I would love for them to need me forever, I have to let go and give them their space and let them be independent. However, I want them to always realize that as their mother, I would always be there for them. With Madison, at the age of 5, I have been spending a bit more time with her since she's started Kindergarten this year. If you have little one's in your home, I want to share 4 easy ways you can enjoy them while they're young. I also want to thank prAna for sponsoring this post. As you know I wear a lot of their clothing because they're comfortable and I want to be comfortable when I'm out with my little one.

Read together
It doesn't take much to read your child. Books are relatively cheap and you can even get free books via download on your Kindle app. Visit your local library and enroll your child so that you can instill the love of reading. Reading not only will help build their language and vocabulary skills, but you'll be spending quality time together.

Visit a museum together
Another way to spend one on one time with your child is by visiting a local museum. Believe it or not, your child may actually enjoy the time spent more with you than they will looking at the exhibits. Answer their questions as best as you can and leave your frustration at the door. Kids will have a million questions and this is the time that patience will become your best virtue.

Take a trip to the zoo
Who doesn't enjoy looking at the animals? I know I do! Make it a learning experience. Ask questions about the animals that they see and if your zoo offers a "feed the animal" exhibit, encourage your child to feed the animals. Visit the petting zoo and have your child pet the animals that they can. You'll create memories that they can look back on.

Head to your local playground
Now if your low on funds, visiting the museum and the zoo (unless they're free) may require spending money. What better way to spend some one on one time with your kid than at your local playground. You can even become a big kid yourself. Join in on their fun. Go down the slide, sit in the swing if you can, and even play around on the monkey bars. Remember, it's all about having fun and enjoying your time together.

I do all of these and so much more, and I do them while wearing prAna. I have shared before how much I love their clothing and my reasons are still the same. I love companies that care about my environment, because I'm leaving this world behind for my future generations. I want them to experience a world that's filled with goodness and love. I want to do what's right for them and wearing sustainable, organic clothing is just one step in the right direction. Just take a look at the video below and see why organic cotton matters.

So join me and see what prAna is all about. Use code MHMAE15 and get 15% off your purchase.

Annmarie John
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  1. These are such terrific and not-hard, not-expensive ideas. I like getting playful at the playgrounds once in awhile. Need to borrow my sister's 5 year old.

    Looks like you and your daughter had some connecting and quality time together. Love it!

  2. I am very lucky to have my two girls who are so close in age. So usually no one really feels left out and we can do most of the same activities together. But like you I know that they won't be this young forever and try my hardest to enjoy as much of it as I can now.

  3. It's so important to spend time with your littles! Each one has different needs and attention needs. You're doing so good mama, and looking cute in those clothes while you're at it!

  4. I had not heard of prAna yet, what a wonderful brand to help spread around the community. I love your easy ways to enjoy your little ones, my youngest is 9 and I find he often feels left out. Lately his big sis and brother are buddies, now that they are in the same school and he's left back on his own so to speak which has been a huge sad change for him. I spend time reading and playing with him often!

  5. Those are great ways to spend more time with your kids. I love that you listed some free options as well. As soon as I saw those pants, I wanted to know where you got them, and had planned on commenting and asking. :-) Those are cute!

  6. I always liked going on zoo visits and doing simple things like reading with the kids. We were lucky enough to live right next to a playground too.

  7. I love supporting companies who use their sales to in turn, support us! We need our planet to be at its best!

  8. I love these pictures! You look so stylish and I love that prana clothes are so good for the environment.

  9. That is awesome. It's really important to spend time with the kids while they're young and these are brilliant ideas. Prana sounds like an amazing brand, I love how comfy their clothes look. And I just love that they use organic cotton to make the clothes!

  10. These are great ideas for spending time with your kids. We like to read together.

  11. Great ideas! We are trying to soak up the last bit of summer, and we will have to try out some of these fun activities. I will have to check out prAna too! Sounds like a comfy and conscious clothing line.

  12. Sometimes I feel like my youngest just gets dragged around to all of her older siblings' activities. It is hard to make sure everyone is involved.

  13. These are great ideas for spending time with the kiddos. I'm trying to soak up as much time with my babies as I can. It's all going so fast.

  14. I love spending time with my littles. After summer, I feel like I used up all of my ideas for family fun. I need to try your suggestions. We love the zoo!

  15. It is so important to focus your time on enjoying your little ones before they grow. I love this post. Your outfit looks lovely!

  16. These are such great ideas! I love reading with my little ones each night!

  17. First of all, I love your purple hair. Looks really stylish. I spend a lot of time with my 5 year old as well - reading and talking.

  18. PrAna is amazing. I would wear it anywhere.
    I love these photos against the backdrop of those mountains. Sigh. And I love the two of you with your hair color changes. No more purple for both?!

  19. I'm a big fan of PrAna. I love supporting companies who believe in sustainable clothing and helping others. Plus, the outfits are really cute and functional.

  20. I have heard of prAna before but haven't given it much attention. Thanks for sharing your post about these awesome sustainable clothing. I know I am doing the environment good if I purchase clothing from them.

  21. Aww, this is so great! Reading together definitely is so fun and it's super educational for the kids which is great. So many inexpensive things you can do to bond - love your ideas!

  22. It makes me happy to see photos of you and your daughter. It reminds me of me and my daughter when she was till that age. Thank you for sharing your insights too about clothing made from organic cotton. I will definitely have to check prAna out.

  23. Prana seriously makes some of the best clothing. I have a few pieces of theirs and I love them.

  24. Aw, loved seeing the two of you together! Your clothes look super comfortable as well!


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