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How to Reward Your Child For Losing a Tooth ~ #WalmartSnacks2Go

All Madison wants for Christmas is her two front teeth. Learn how I reward Madison with TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks for her missing tooth.

Madison is now five and while she's grown up before the world's eyes, I still can't believe that she's grown up this much. With growing pains comes tooth loss and Madison has been losing her teeth since the age of four. At first I was concerned because I've never had a child lose a tooth that young before, but I was reassured by her dentist that it was very normal indeed. Apparently, the younger you are when your baby teeth erupts, you run the risk of losing them sooner rather than later. With the loss of her tooth I wanted to reward her with something else besides money. After all while I think it's great to give kids cash for their tooth, she's still at the age where money has no value. She is also of the age where the belief in the tooth fairy is real, which is great, but I wanted other options. So what did I come up with?

Here are 5 easy ways to reward your child's missing tooth.

1. Place a fun snack under their pillow.
Your child has lost their one of their tooth and as long as it's not cavity related and your child loves brushing, then giving them a treat should be no problem at all. Have you noticed that you're given a lollipop at the dentist office after a visit has gone well? One snack that we just love is the mom approved TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks. The bear-shaped snacks contains no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or colors and is made with quality ingredients such as milk, eggs and chocolate. They are also tooth fairy approved.

2. A reward certificate.
There's nothing that says congratulations on a job well done, like a reward certificate. For the child that still believes in the tooth fairy, personalize a Tooth Fairy Certificate with their name and have it signed by the tooth fairy. They'll be so excited and pleased with themselves, all at the same time.

3. Buy a new book
I believe in the power of reading and have even written about the benefits of reading early to your child. There are so many benefits besides the bonding that you'll incur by spending quality time together, but speech and communication skills can be greatly improved upon as well. You will now also have a new book to read at bedtime.

4. Let them choose a favorite meal
Now at this age you don't have to go out to a high end restaurant to celebrate and I personally wouldn't recommend it. However, you can cook their favorite meal and have them join in on the cooking as well. Kids love when they can help, and I've found that they tend to eat more of what they've 'made' with no complaints.

5. Take them to see a movie
Spend some one on one time with your little one at the movies. Madison has been going to the movies since as a toddler, and I shared some tips on taking your toddler to the movies. However, by the time they've lost a tooth, they'll be in Kindergarten so will be more equipped to handle a longer movie. Don't forget to walk with some snacks such as TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks, in your bag as you can get hungry while there. They are small enough for little hands and you can save the popcorn money towards buying that new book.

I have to admit that even though these TEDDY BAKED SOFT Filled Snacks are made for kids, they are so good that I even eat them too. My favorite is the vanilla but chocolate is of course a very close second. That's why I keep so many of them on hand. I pack them in Madison's lunch box as a snack for school, and also when we're on the go. Since they're so soft, they're the perfect snack for her with her missing tooth. I pick mine up at Walmart in the cookie/cracker aisle. You should give them a try!

Here's your chance to give them a try, by entering the following giveaway and winning a Walmart gift card.

Nabisco Snacktime Sweepstakes

I-C will randomly select 14 winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes.

Annmarie John
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  1. Omg, I cannot get over how fast she is growing up. But love your tooth reward idea. We are still losing teeth here and might have to use this idea now for my girls, too! Thanks :)

  2. I especially like the motivational reward of buying the child a book as then then you could have nice discussion as to what the book is about. Then not only would you have a nice mommy and me time but also a time of intellectual stimulation

  3. Oh goodness, I do remember how difficult it was trying to get the boys to pull their teeth. I really like why the ideas as you have for this dilemma their faces every mother.

  4. When my girld lost teeth, we took them to their favorite places (the park, or the waterfront to feed the ducks) and a book each. Thanks for your suggestions.

  5. After having ice cream, going to a movie would be so much fun! Then having her favorite meal when coming home!

  6. I think it is quite nice to motivate the child on every important phase of their life. Glad to know about your lists where you can reward at even such a young age, kudos!!

  7. Teeth and dental care is so important, my kids both had and have braces so it is important to give good dental care and promote good habits. Rewarding really helps.

  8. She is adorable! And I love the idea of doing something to celebrate beyond just leaving money under the pillow. :)

  9. My kid is afraid of the tooth fairy, so we tried it once and then never again. He just couldn't get over the fact that some strange person would be coming into his room while he slept. I like the idea of food rewards instead of money though. We are going to have to implement these next time!

  10. I really love these ideas. My youngest child didn't much care for getting money for his lost tooth over the past nine years, or five I guess of actually losing teeth. The tooth fairy started leaving a matchbox car or a tiny trinket, love your ideas. I never even thought about a book!

  11. These are such great ideas for a big milestone. Those snacks look delicious, and I love that they're so soft. Congrats to Madison!

  12. Cute idea for sure! Rewards are always a great idea and oral hygiene is very important!

  13. What a great idea! I would love to start this type of tradition with my kids. We usually do the tooth fairy but beyond that nothing really special we have so many kids and they are always losing teeth I'd love to make it more special! - Jeanine

  14. Those snacks do look delicious! We are always on the lookout for something new to try. And I love the idea of a certificate when your child loses a tooth! I might have to try that for my middle guy who is bound to start losing teeth soon!

  15. What a wonderful post with different ideas on how to reward kids for losing a tooth! I especially love the book one. My son would be all over this. Maybe the tooth fairy can mix it up each time and give one of your suggestions each time =)

  16. She looks SO cute! I used to LOVE these snacks when I was a kid, and gave them to my boys as well!

  17. She has the sweetest toothless smile! I think rewarding a child when they lose their teeth is a GREAT idea!

  18. What an amazing post. I love all your suggestion. When my girls were losing tooth it was the tooth fairy and an ice cream treat. I’m passing this post on to my friends with younger kids, such neat ideas.

  19. I love the idea of the reward certificate! I don't have kids yet, but I will definitely do this and buy a new book when I will have them :)

  20. I have done a few of your suggestions when it came to the tooth fairy. But I think the certificate would have been really cool to do. I think my daughter is just a bit too old for that now, but that does sound special and unique.

  21. I really like these ideas. Scarlet is eight and has only lost two teeth! It's tough to know what to give. Her best friend has divorced parents and they both give different amounts. I feel like she is starting to get suspicious..
    These are all meaningful ways.

  22. I agree! Almost children are shocked losing their first teeth. However, if the adults ourselves know how to deal with it properly, it is easy for children to overcome. Btw, I prefer the "favorite meal" one.

  23. I am still a child myself, teenager to be in fact, yet I find these ideas extremely smart, especially the certificate one. As for myself, if I had got that on the day I'd my first tooth and not me getting made fun of by my parents, I wouldn't have cried so much. Great content!

  24. Omg how cute is Madison with her front teeth gone!!!! These are some really great suggestions! I might just need to use the certificate idea when my daughter eventually loses her first tooth

  25. These rewards are cute though. I remember downloading some cartoon movies for my kids and giving them snacks. Then they forget about their lost tooth.


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