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My Gym Bag Essentials ~ #SuaveBodyWashes #SuaveBeauty #FindYourScent

What's in my gym bag? There are absolutely a few must haves and my Suave body wash is one of them, but read on to find out more!

OK, I am not going to lie to you; I do not go to the gym as often as I should. There is always one excuse after another why I didn't make it that day, and while there are no good reasons why I'm consistently absent, the one thing I can never say, is that I didn't have the time. My gym opens at 0530 and closes well late into the night. Is it because of lack of motivation? Actually, no! There are lots and lots of motivation; after all, there's 40lbs of weight that needs to be gone for my health and wellbeing. So why can't you find me at the gym, and why are the excuses so abundant, when it's time to go there? Here's the simple and honest truth. I hate the sweating and the stinking that it all entails. There you have it. It's not that my gym doesn't have a women's locker room that includes an amazing shower. It's just that I'm once again too lazy. However, when I do go to the gym, there are a few essentials that you will always find in my gym bag, and Suave has always been on that list.

So what's in my gym bag? As a minimalist, here's what you can find.

I never go anywhere without my cell-phone. Not only do I need it in the event of an emergency, but it also contains my workout playlists. Personally, without music, my workout will perish. My cell-phone takes care of the music, and everything else just falls into place.

Now there is no need to have your music on high volume for the other person on the bike next to you, to hear. Walk with a pair of wireless or wired headphones so you can keep that playlist all to yourself. I dislike being encumbered by wires, so a pair of wireless headset works great for me.

Water Bottle
In order for me to work out the way I should, I need water to keep me hydrated. Whenever I do hit the gym, I can be there for hours, and when it's all over, my body is usually drenched in sweat. With me losing water by sweating, I replenish what is lost by keeping a water bottle handy filled with water or some form of electrolyte.

No the towel is not for me wiping the sweat from my brows. The towel is for the locker room after my workout because there's going to be a shower involved. There's nothing worse that getting in your vehicle (whether you have leather or cloth seats) and sitting in your car with sweat dripping down your body. If you're going to the gym with me, you're going to shower before you enter my car.

Shower Shoes/Flip-Flops
Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ever enter the locker room showers without a pair of shower shoes or flip-flops. Remember, this is a public bathroom and not your own shower at home. There may be germs lying around that you may not know about. Be safe and protect your feet.

Body Wash
So what are you going to shower with? I always have my Suave body wash. My oldest son says that it's pronounced "sua-vay". I have been using Suave for as long as I can remember. As a young mother with very little money, Suave was the one product that I could afford back then. It was very economical and still is to this day. I don't even bother comparing it to other brands because to me, there is no comparison. Suave always wins hands down. I have written about Suave quite a few times here on my blog, so you know this isn't a hoax. With so many different scents to appeal to your senses, it might be hard choosing just one.

Deodorant & Body Spray
After a shower, just as it is at home, I always use a deodorant and body spray. While the body spray isn't entirely necessary after using the Suave body wash, having the extra boost of scent leaves me feeling refreshed.

Extra Pair of Socks & Shoes
After working out, I know my feet are usually sweating in my shoes. I don't know about you, but I appreciate wearing a fresh pair of clean socks. Taking an extra pair of shoes so that they can be switched out after a workout is also a must.

Extra Clothing
You don't want to leave the gym after a shower wearing the same clothes you had on, right? Oh no you don't! So always walk with an extra pair of clean clothing, which includes, underwear and outerwear. I tend to walk with shorts and a tee, weather permitting of course.

I recently took the Suave Body Wash Quiz to see which fragrance they would pair me with. I have to admit that I took it three times. As you know, I am originally from the Caribbean so love fragrances that remind me of home. While I'm typing this, I am dreaming of dipping my toes in the Caribbean Sea, while drinking from a fresh coconut, so my favorites were obviously Tropical Coconut and Ocean Breeze. However, I'm a big fan of floral scents too, upon arriving at the store to pick up my scents just couldn't resist getting Sweet Pea and Violet after taking a whiff. Oh man! I'm going to tell you, that it may be difficult just choosing your favorite scent so pick them all up! After all, they're fairly inexpensive, but they'll freshen and brighten up your day.

And here's an incentive for you to get a bottle or two. Take the quiz to find your own favorite scent and get a cash back offer from Ibotta. Win-win! So what are you waiting for? Keep a bottle in your gym bag like I do and in each bathroom in your home.

Annmarie John
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  1. Luckily I live about 30 seconds from my gym, so I can go home to shower. My boys use Suave products - they love them.

  2. These are all great things to carry in a gym bag. Although, I don't own a gym bag. I workout at home, so I can hop in my own shower when done.

  3. I love Suave products. I've been using them for years. I go to a really nice gym, and I actually love showering there and getting all clean before going home.

  4. These are all great picks. You really do need to shower at the gym if you don't want your car to start smelling like a giant, sweaty armpit. Suave is awesome stuff. Good choice!

  5. I haven't used Suave shower soap in forever but I love their deodorant and their conditioners.

  6. I really like the Suave products. They are gentle enough that we can use them with skin allergies.

  7. I am with you and make more excuses why not to go versus to go. But I will keep Suave in mind for when I actually do make it back to the gym here now. Thanks :)

  8. Suave definitely has some nice products. I don't go to the gym anymore (I workout at home), but if I did I think these are all essential items to carry in your gym bag. A water bottle would be my must have item. Thanks for sharing your take on these products!

  9. I work out at home but that's the shower gel I definitely use the most! I like the cocoa butter one the most. Working out at home I always have to have my water bottle. Ice cold water!

  10. I always forget a towel for when I'm working out. I even have one monogrammed, it's so cute, and I still forget in at home far too much!

  11. I exercise pretty regularly but I don't belong to a gym anymore. But I do remember those gym bag days. I definitely agree about bringing your own soap and hair products. The stuff they provide at the gym is usually nasty.

  12. Suave products are really good and such a good price point. I don't feel like I am pouring money down the drain when I use them.

  13. I work out at home so thankfully I can take my shower in my bathroom but all of these are a definite must for the gym bag! I would rather over carry than under carry, can't be too prepared.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  14. Can't go to the gym and not have a hygiene kit! These are things that I also have in my gym bag. I am loving these scents from Suave. I love the beach and it would be nice to have something to remind you of it! I'll be getting myself a couple of bottles of these!

  15. Body wash and/or soap is an absolutely must have for the gym bag! I totally agree! I always end up needing a shower after a hard workout at the gym. I mean, I don't want to stick all day after my workout so I definitely need soap to shower!

  16. These tips are amazing and so helpful! Best products to bring to the gym or to use afterwards to smell amazing! Love Suave!

  17. We have really nice showers at my gym, so I don't mind showering there. Having body wash and a bath scrubbie is a total gym bag must have!

  18. I didn't used to shower after the gym because I was just so ready to be out of there. However, I have found it makes me much happier because then I get all that sticky off. Suave is my go-to as well!

  19. I don't go to the gym to exercise. I am not allowed strenuous exercises (as per doctors advice). However, I do love to go swimming and these items would be in my bag for sure. I remember using Suave body wash before, and I guess it is time to get these new variants. Like you, I cannot choose just one. I will get all three!

  20. These are all the things I would carry in my gym bag! I haven't been to the gym in a while and really need to get back. I love Suave body wash but that stays in my shower!

  21. I'm an online quiz addict. This one actually sounds helpful so I can nab the best Suave products for me. Is it just me or is it more fun to go the gym when you've got new gear?

  22. I love their body washes! Each imparts a beautiful fragrance while softening the skin. It is affordable luxury at its finest!

  23. I love all the different choices that Suave has out now! This is the perfect gym bag.

  24. Great suggestions! We are moving at the end of the month and our new neighborhood has a community gym. I'm so excited to not have to drag everything with me to the gym because I'll be a 10 minute walk from my house!

  25. I'm in awe of you having a gym bag! LOL I haven't been to the gym in a while, so no gym bag here, but I'm sure I would have a lot of those same essentials.

  26. Absolutely yes to the flip flops. Ewww imagine walking with your bare feet ... no no no. I always have my flip flops with me :) I love trying out different body washes!

  27. It looks like you got every need covered! I am like you, packing an extra pair of socks in my gym bag. Thanks for suggesting Suave Body Wash. Those new scents must smell lovely! I will have to pick some up when I get to the store

  28. I love the smell of Suave body wash! It's super sensitive too and I love how it works well with every skin type!

  29. Ok, I took the quiz! I got Suave® Essentials Milk & Honey. No surprise there!
    I love Suave products. From the start, my parents stock their farmhouse bathroom with the shampoo, conditioner and body wash. It's yummy and a fraction of the price of other brands.

  30. I agree that Suave is a definite must-have. It's amazing to see how their products have evolved over the years...we can't keep enough body wash in our house!


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