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Boost Your Kids Back to School Confidence ~ #StyleUp4School

Together with OshKosh B'gosh, I want to share a few ways you can boost your kids back to school confidence.

Madison begins her adventure in a brand new school and has been feeling anxious about the entire idea. Although she's been to pre-school and knows the routine, there has still been days of "I don't want to go back to school", and "I won't have any friends there". Days of crying because the thought of going to school and me not being near by makes her anxious. I never would have thought that my outgoing little girl, the one who responds to random strangers talking to her, within my presence of course, the little girl who could make friends with ANYONE, would be having such a difficult time. So how do you help your little one with their anxiety and boost their back to school confidence? Here are five very simple ways.

Words of Encouragement
Let them know that everything is going to be ok, that no matter what happens you will be there. If your child has attended school before, daycare or preschool, explain to them that it will be very much the same. You will drop them off at school, or maybe the bus will pick them up, but at the end of the day, you will be there to get them.

Don't Compare
If you have older kids or there are cousins they are close to, for goodness sake, don't compare the two. Avoid saying things "why can't you be like...". Each child is different so embrace their uniqueness. Let them know that they are special and once again give words of encouragement.

Consistently love and support them
Children who know that they are loved and supported generally have a higher self esteem than those who don't. Let your children know that you love them with words and actions. Consistently let them know that you love them and give your support. Listen to what they have to say, and please listen with your ears and not your mouth. Don't know what I mean by that? While your child is speaking, don't interrupt and focus on what they're telling you. You can then respond once they are done. If your child feels like you are not listening to them, they will then in turn stop speaking to you.

And I don't mean throw a wine party because you'll now have the house to yourself, but celebrate your child's big day. You can take them out to breakfast or prepare their special meal. Let them know that this is their big day and they are going to be awesome! Take them shopping and have them pick out a few outfits for back to school that they will feel comfortable in.

Have them express themselves
Some battles just aren't worth fighting (within reason of course). If your child wants to wear that pink dress with colors of the rainbow tights, let them. Go back to school shopping and have them pick out a few favorites. OshKosh B'gosh has all the styles that your kids love and you would feel good letting them wear.

Madison and I went back to school shopping at OshKosh B'gosh and got a few items that I was able to mix and match. For this I let Madison choose what she wanted, and boy was I surprised. Her budding sense of fashion is truly showing through. Gone are the days when I had to point out items that I loved, that I thought she would like. Now, she picks out her own outfits. Every outfit in this post was chosen by Madison. From head to toe!

As you know, we are big fans of OshKosh B'gosh. Not only are their clothing stylish but they are always age-appropriate. Once Madison found that "I'm Just Kitten" shirt she just had to have the kitten tights to match it. Now she's found one more shirt that she will constantly wear, and will never want to take off.

Every year since 2014 OshKosh B'gosh has their B'gosh Jeanius Campaign. It's a way to support the community with donated clothing and school supplies. Since their inception they have collected over $1.1 million and distributed more than 66,000 articles of clothing to impact the lives of over 260,000 students. Through September 18, you too can join in the effort by donating a new pair of jeans in-store or making a cash contribution in-store or online at And, share your “shop to give style” on social media using #BgoshJeanius.

Find your nearest OshKosh B'gosh by using their store locator and stock up on the latest fashion that will help boost your kids confidence with back to school this year. When shopping don't forget to use the following coupon to earn even more savings. While shopping online use promo code OKBG3352 and in store 036992 to save an extra 20% off  your purchase of $40. Coupon expires October 2, 2017.

OshKosh B'gosh wants to offer one reader the chance to win a $50 gift card so you can get your back to school shopping started. Winner will be randomly selected by PromoSimple and will have 48hrs to respond to the winning email. Failure to do so will mean forfeiting your prize and a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

How are you preparing for back to school? 

Annmarie John
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  1. This is my very first year experiencing the whole off to school thing and it is overwhelming for me. Not sure why my son is so eager! But this was great!
    P.S. Carters is my FAVORITE!

  2. It's our responsibility to help our kids boost their confidence especially if they have to face a new environment. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips! You're a great mom and you have an adorable daughter.

  3. I love her "I'm Just Kitten" outfit. I would totally wear it haha. Back to school is never fun the first few weeks, hopefully she'll settle in and love it!

  4. This is really great advice! Love, support and encouragement can go a long ways. My son has always known that no matter what, mom and dad are always behind him.

  5. I'm envious! I'd love to take this exact shopping spree with Scarlet sometime soon. I love to boost her confidence through time together, through words, and through awesome clothes. Madison is always awesomely dressed. May her flair live on forever!

  6. I love it! The one thing kids need above all else is confidence, and back to school time can really wreak havoc on that

  7. I love those outfits. Your daughter looks like nothing can shake her confidence!

  8. Great ideas for the young student in a new school. My son had a lot of freakouts at night when he went to a new school, but none lately. I will remember Osh Kosh this season, and use the promo.

  9. Omg, Madison looks totally adorable in her back to school clothes. She is seriously going to be the best dressed kindergartner! And I love your tips and just couldn't agree more with you if I tried ;)

  10. Madison looks so cute in all these outfits. I want the cat tights for myself, honestly.

  11. Establishing self-esteem is super important at that age! I love your strategies and the new OshKosh outfits are the cutest!

  12. What a great campaign! I'm loving the styles!

  13. I've caught myself in the past saying, "Well XXX does this, why don't you want too?". Then I realized that I'm setting my child up to be a follower and not a leader. I stopped that very quickly. You're right- every child is different and it's not right to compare.

  14. We love Osh Kosh. I need to get a few things for my daughter for back to school and know she would love those rainbows on the shoes.

  15. I would say that having your little ones get excited about their outfits is definitely one way of calming the fears. If they feel good, they tackle the world on a positive note. It's the same for adults. Your little one should be just fine!

  16. These outfits are so cute and great way to send your kids off to a new school year looking and feeling great. But no matter what they were, giving them words of encouragement will help them feel ready for whatever the year holds ahead.

  17. Love the fun shirts. My girls have liked shirts with words or statements pictures on them. They are great conversation starters with other kids at school.

  18. What a cutie with cool hair! I love her style and smiles!

  19. Such cute outfits! I love the I'm Just Kitten shirt. Super fun!

  20. oh my goodness! Your little one is just adorable. Love all the outfits and you are right, boosting their confidence is so important!

  21. She is just too cute! We love OshKosh here and that coupon will come in handy for sure. BTW I am just loving those tees. Graphic tees are the best!

  22. She is adorable. Love her outfits and to mention, her hair. Thanks for the advice as my daughter is soon to be going to school. Oh well my mom is an Oshkosh B'gosh lover since 2000. So I became too.

  23. She is so cute and looks amazing, as always. I am always in awe of her outfits. I am going next week to pick up all my kids back to school wardrobe, they start back in September! - jeanine

  24. Her outfit looks super cute! It's so hard to believe that it's already time for the kids to go back to school!

  25. Very good advice you've written in this post. My kids are grown, and you can just imagine how many times I would want to compare them with other people's kids but I did not. When they gave me problems, I would address the problem but would never compare. Parenting is a tough job, really.

  26. Consistently love and support them is one of my favorites. This is very important to do on a daily basis.

  27. WORK it Madison!! :) She's too cute, and I love her style! Yes, definitely encouraging them and not comparing are GREAT tips to speak confidence to your kids! This is something I do with the boys all the time.


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