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Outdoor Games Perfect for the Summer - #TRUPowerUpFun

Looking for some summer fun in the sun? Get your kids away from the screen and outside with NERF blasters!

Summer is practically here and that means lots of time is going to be spent outdoors. Play equipment and trampolines only go so far when it comes to keeping the attention of little ones. There are several outdoor games perfect for the back and front-yard this summer. Games perfect for the entire family. This summer, Toys"R"Us, Hasbro and Duracell are teaming up and want you to share in the summer fun with Nerf! The kids got to experience the NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster and the NERF N-Strike MEGA Mastodon Blaster, and what fun they had. Today I want to share 5 games that you and your family will want to play while outdoors.

Kick ball

Playing kick ball is fun for kids of all ages. If they are really little, you can start by teaching them how to kick a ball. Older children can enjoy playing kick ball by kicking the ball back and forth to each other.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a classic game that kids have played in their backyard for years. It’s very inexpensive and lets your kids get rid of ton of energy.

Obstacle Course

Setting up an obstacle course for the kids in the backyard is the perfect outdoor game for the backyard this summer. You can use what items you have to make an obstacle course in your backyard.

Red Light Green Light

Get those kids active and let them have fun while playing Red Light Green Light in your backyard this summer. Designate one person as the “stop light” and they are in charge of telling others ‘red light’ or ‘green light.’ If the player keeps moving after the stoplight has said STOP, then the person is out.

Tag With Your Nerf Blasters

This is the perfect game to get your kids involved in. Allowing them to run around and play tag is great exercise and awesome time filler. You can even mix up the traditional game of tag by adding your own rules to the classic outdoor game. How about getting it even more intense and get those Nerf Blasters out!

The NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster is one of the hottest toy on the market right now. It features live video feed and remote controlled blasting. Comes with 18 Nerf Elite Darts and can also record your battle. Mikael had a blast but mostly kept his eyes on the screen while his good friend Jaiden ran around with the MEGA Mastodon Blaster. Together they tried tagging Madison with their blasters while she ran around trying to dodge the darts.

The MEGA Mastodon Blaster is also another great toy rapid fires 24 darts up to 100ft from a rotating drum. While it is slightly heavier, it's a lot of fun! You can find these and all Hasbro Nerf Blasters at Toys"R"Us.

However, in order to keep the tag going you're going to need Duracell batteries which you can also pick up at Toy"R"Us along with your Nerf Blasters. Duracell batteries are available – and on sale 6/11-6/17 – at your local Toys"R"Us, so when you pick up the hottest toys for summer, don’t forget to pick up the Duracell batteries! And be sure to check out a Toys"R"Us near you for great offers the week of 6/11- 6/17, which includes: Buy 1 pack of Duracell batteries, get the 2nd 40% off.

Today we have an amazing Toys"R"Us prize package for one of my readers. This prize package includes:
(1) $250 Toys"R"Us gift card
(1) Duracell Coppertop AA pack of batteries
(1) Duracell Coppertop D pack of batteries

The winner will be randomly selected by PromoSimple and will have 48hrs to respond to the winning email. Failure to do so will mean forfeiting your prize and a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

What are your plans for the summer? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Duracell/Hasbro/Toys'R'Us. The opinions and text are all mine.

Annmarie John
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  1. These are fantastic outdoor games. I love games that can be operated and controlled through remote controls.

  2. I'm sure the kids are going to be occupied with that nerf blaster! It's pretty cool and it's definitely going to be loads of fun! I am loving your other ideas as well, it's good to come up with different games to keep the kids active this summer.

  3. I absolutely love the idea of setting up an obstacle course! You have so many fun ideas here!

  4. I need to get that tank for one of my husband's Father's Day gifts. He has Nerf wars with my son outside all the time, and he loves it just as much as my kid!

  5. Those are some great traditional summer games and pastimes. I remember playing games on my block and those carefree summer times. Those Nerf guns are not like the ones my son played with, my nephews will love them.

  6. A drone nerf gun sounds so awesome! This is something I totally see myself getting my nephew when he's a bit older!

  7. There is nothing like being able to get out and about in summer, and playing in the fresh air. I love how cool that nerf looks! I can just imagine it being fun to shoot.

  8. What a perfect toy! My kids love NErf guns! They play with them all the time!

  9. My kids love to build a good obstacle course. I know my son is big on them thanks to Ninja warrior.

  10. Gosh I wish my boys were little again, they would totally be getting these :) For now we like to do jump rope and attempt dodge ball, usually that doesn't last long with just 3 siblings and 1 Mama :-D I remember playing four square as a kid outside too, so much you can do outside in the summer. NERF makes some pretty awesome products for outdoor fun and adventure!

  11. That is FULLY awesome! I have to get these for my and my son. We are going to WAR (as a family). LOL

  12. I haven't played kick ball in forever and don't think my kids know how! What a great opportunity to get out there and teach them. My kiddos would absolutely LOVE these Nerf toys! It looks like you guys had fun.

  13. Wow, Nerf is getting high tech! My son and his friend so used to love having Nerf battles in the summer.

  14. That drone blaster is the coolest toy I've seen all year! I want one for myself!

  15. I love all the classic games! I just love them.
    And Nerf guns are timeless. I get them for all of Scarlet's friends for their birthdays. I haven't seen this one yet but I KNOW I'll be buying at least two!

  16. My kids love all things Nerf. We have Nerf water guns and regular Nerf guns. I love when a bunch of kids are all running around the yards playing.

  17. I'm not a mum but this sounds like so much fun! I am partial to going to Toys R us around here though to pick up things for my niece and nephew and always get carried away by all the fun toys they have these days haha! x

  18. NERF certainly makes quite an array of toys! I know my nieces and nephews like many of them.
    This one in particular looks very interesting!

  19. Outdoor games are must during the summer! This is great and makes me really want to go out and arm our whole family with nerf! - Jeanine

  20. We love putting up obstacle courses. There's no end to the things you can do with them.

  21. We love NERF in this house with four boys! They love battling indoors and out and it's so much fun that the hubby and I even play.

  22. The nerfblaster looks like so much fun. It's toys like this that help get the kids outside any away from their screens.

  23. This is a FAB idea of lists. I am loving the NERF , my son who is 16 still runs around the house with them :) We are always thinking of outdoor games, so thanks for sharing!!

  24. There are some great ideas for outdoor summer fun, here. I'll be doing lots of them with Oscar this year :)

    Louise x

  25. I grew up ayong kickball and all the other fun outdoor games. It's great that your kids are playing outside and usong their imaginations. That is so rare these days.

  26. This looks like a lot of fun! My boys are big fans of Nerf guns. Although I'm not keen to nerf bullets all over the house, it lets them have fun away from the computer and with each other!

  27. I know my kids will like these things. So sad, summer is over here in our country. We'll do it on weekends so they can take a break from school tasks!

  28. Those Nerf games look like the would be so much fun! My kids love to play with them outside.

  29. I love all of these ideas, especially the obstacle course! Over the summer we do a lot of hiking and off roading.

    Michelle | She's Not So Basic

  30. Since the grandchildren live so far away,I am spending as much time as I can.

  31. Such great ideas for getting everyone outside. We do a lot of hiking and kayaking, but those Nerf games sound like a lot of fun too.

  32. These are all such great suggestions for getting everyone outside and running around! My husband and I were just talking about getting a kickball the other day... and we don't even have any kids haha!

    Caitlin • Blonde Seeking Ambition

  33. I love being outside in the summer and it is always great to have suggestions of new and fun things to do, especially with kids.

  34. My plans for the summer involve celebrating my birthday, my niece's birthday, and a fun camping trip with the family! :)

  35. My plans for Summer are spending time with my family!!


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