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Father's Day Gifts Dads Want ~ #Shutterfly

We are sharing some gift ideas that dads will just love and appreciate this Father's Day with the help of Shutterfly.

I'm a big believer that dads don't really want socks and ties on Father's Day. I also believe that those gifts are just plain lazy and while dads appreciate them, it's not what they REALLY want. I know for a fact that my husband would just say "thank you" and you'll NEVER see him wear those socks and he'll definitely not wear that tie. So how about this Father's Day, giving dad a gift that he truly wants? I love personalized gifts, I mean come-on, who doesn't?  Giving a gift that's personalized means that you really put some thought into it and you really care about what you're giving.

When it comes to personalized gifts I always check out Shutterfly, because not only can I get unique gifts, but the site is so easy to use as well. Yes, Shutterfly isn't just only for photos and photo books. They have a whole lot more. With Father's Day quickly approaching, I knew that I wanted to get my husband items that he'll not only love but were also practical. Gifts that he will use, and feel good using. I didn't want "fluff" items as I like to call them, that makes me feel good about purchasing it, but aren't really practical for his everyday use. Jerrell works really long hours so I wanted items that he would really appreciate. So on to Shutterfly I went, with a few ideas in mind, but the selection totally blew me away. So what did I end up getting? Here goes, and these gifts are ones that I'm sure your own dad, or husband would enjoy as well.

(BTW since he doesn't read my blog, he'll be totally surprised on Father's Day.)

Portable Chargers

Dads just love their cell phones and we need them to stay in touch with us during the day and night. Now how can they do that if their cell phone battery is dead? Jerrell generally works 12hr shifts and usually before his shift is over, the battery on his phone is dead. So imagine me trying to reach him in an emergency and not being able to reach him until he's had a chance to charge his battery. Now he has no excuse! This charger is a lifesaver and I was able to personalize it with his initials and a photo of one of his favorite people in the world, his daughter Madison, from a trip to the beach. It's slim and will fit perfectly in his pocket and weighs very little. I feel good knowing that he will be able to now keep his phone fully charged. Shutterfly has quite a few selections of portable chargers and cell phone cases too!

Playing Cards

Dads can be lots of fun and Jerrell enjoys playing games with the kids. This is a gift for everyone where dads can teach their little ones how to play a game of Go Fish, Crazy 8's or how about War? Do you remember playing those games yourself growing up? Get the entire family involved while playing with your own personalized deck of playing cards. I just loved the quality of the cards which comes in a protective case to keep them all in one place. No more missing cards!

Ceramic Mugs

Moms always have all the cool mugs, but now dads can have their own too. I personalized this one with pictures from our trip to the beach. Jerrell can have his coffee, tea, or whatever he's drinking at home and while drinking, reminisce on his time spent with the kids having fun.

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

Once again, another practical gift for dad. I'm all about practicality. How many dads leave the house at the crack of dawn to get to work, sometimes forgetting to grab that cup of coffee? Now dads can have their coffee on the go in a stainless steel personalized mug. I know that Jerrell is going to enjoy this. As I mentioned, he works really long hours and having his coffee to keep him up will be very much appreciated. However it doesn't just have to be coffee since this mug is able to keep drinks both hot and cold. It makes the perfect gift!


I have always loved the look of a flask, but my husband isn't a fan of whiskey, which everyone associates a flask with. However, he does love his brandy and vodka. And who says that a flask only has to contain whiskey? While dad is watching the ball game, or enjoying a BBQ this summer, this is a great way to keep his favorite drink safe. The kids know that it belongs to him and won't dare touch it, and he'll be the hit of the BBQ with his own personalized flask.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are all the rage, and there's so many ways to present them. You can fill them with chocolate, flowers or his favorite drink. Personalize a mason jar and give it to dad this Father's Day. I decided on this particular mason jar because he's truly a legend to his kids.

Fleece Photo Blankets

Does dad love sitting down and cuddling with the kids on movie night? Does he fall asleep on the couch while watching T.V.?  How about covering him with some extra softness with a fleece or Sherpa blanket personalized with photos of the kids? Madison loves sitting with her dad while they watch TV, but most of the time the TV ends up watching them. This will be used to cover them both, keeping them safe and warm, just like dad does. Madison wanted to give the blanket a test run and said she LOVED it!

Canvas Prints

Dad would appreciate a personalized portrait of the kids or of his significant other. In this case, this gift is for both of you. I decided to get him a portrait of me, the mother of his children so he can hang it in his man cave, that way he can see me every time he sits down to watch his favorite show or play his favorite video game. I just know that he'll also appreciate seeing his other favorite person.

Are you surprised at my list? Did you have any idea that Shutterfly had such a great selection of personalized gifts for Father's Day? I just know that he's going to love them because I sure do. Every item was perfect as expected and I couldn't be happier, and I just know that he's going to be happy with gifts on Father's Day as well. So now that you know about Shutterfly's Father's Day selection, I suggest getting dad a gift that he'll not only use, but also love from Shutterfly.

What's your favorite gift idea? 

Annmarie John
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  1. So many great gift ideas here for dads. Thinking my husband would like either the flask or mason jar 😉

  2. He doesn't read your blog?!! He should!
    That said, at least he has great surprises coming his way. You know I think of photography gifts for everyone. It's what I do!

  3. These are great ideas. Shutterfly is my favorite place to get photo themed gifts. They have SO MUCH STUFF.

  4. We love Shutterfly gifts! I love also that you decided to get him a photo of just you-such a great idea and so meaningful!

  5. This is exactly why I love Shutterfly. They have so many creative ways to use your photos. I love these ideas.

  6. I love the personalized portable charger! That's an awesome idea. I think it's good to get gifts people would love than gifts just because it's some "holiday"

  7. What cute ideas. I love that you can personalize them and make them meaningful. Instead of another Dad your #1 mug, he can get one with the kids photos on them! I have no clue what I'm getting my husband for Father's Day, but thanks for all these ideas!! And hi to Madison!

  8. I must admit I love the idea of giving personalized gifts for Father's Day. Personalized gifts are my favorite, I think I am leaning towards the fleece blanket option though to to be honest!

  9. I love the idea of the fleece photo blankets. Actually, photos in any form are always a great gift for family.

  10. You can never go wrong with personalized gifts. My husband would love the flask and the travel water bottle best.

  11. I love the idea with the playing cards! How creative and cool! I think most dad's would love all of these!

  12. I love the fleece blanket. I also love the portable phone charger. May look into that for my hubby.

  13. I love the portable phone charger, I havent found a good one yet as some are either very bulky or some dont last vert long. Would give this a shot.

  14. Personalized gifts are always great, and I love the mason jar. The phone charger is also a great gift as I know how much I hate being out of battery x

  15. I know my husband will love that portable charger. I'll try to find one for him. He'll be happy!

  16. I love shutterfly, they have so many great gift options. I made my husband a photo collage last year from them.

  17. I like these ideas - they always say that the home-made gifts are the best for Dad.
    Plus, you look great in that picture! :)

  18. What great ideas. I love shutter fly but I'll be honest before this post I never would have thought to look there for fathers day. Now I will! - Jeanine

  19. Shutterfly has so many great options! I love the photo of you!

  20. These are some cute ideas! And I love that blanket!

  21. These are great gifts for dad! I ma digging his studded cap :-)

  22. My husband is just like me in the way that he loves to collect coffee mugs. So, that coffee mug wold be the winner for him on this list.

  23. I did know Shutterfly had some great items. I love to buy my picture items from them too. Your husband is getting a lot of great gifts this year.

  24. I absolutely love personalized gifts, especially with the photos on them! Such great items with great memories.

  25. These are great personalized gifts! I love that photo canvas with a picture of you. Father's Day is the perfect time to spoil dad with all those special gifts sharing favorite memories together!

  26. I love these type of gifts! I haven't purchased a Father's Day gift for my husband yet, but he loves anything music-related like band tees. :)

  27. I love all these spins on the traditional "photo" idea! Perfect for Father's Day (or birthdays, etc.)

  28. I will have to check out Shutterfly! This looks like a great site to browse around for personalized gifts. The mason jar and the fleece blanket look like something I would be interested to purchase.

  29. I love Shutterfly! Photos say a thousand words and is a great gift for dads!

  30. Shutterfly has so many cute gift ideas for birthdays, graduations and holidays. These are some great ideas for Father's Day!

  31. Dads can be hard to buy for so I love the idea of creating personalized gifts for them. Shutterfly has so many great options to chose from.

  32. I had no idea Shutterfly had so many great gift options. I love the idea of creating a personalized Father's Day gift that dad can have for years to come.


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