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Share a Mothers Day Jar with Someone You Love - #MoreThanAMom

This shop, A Mother's Day Jar, has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MoreThanAMom #CollectiveBias

Meet Joyce, my next door neighbor, and Madison's "adopted" grandmother. The story of how Joyce and Madison became close is one I have shared before, but will gladly share again. As a military family, we're almost always away from our family and friends. I personally cannot tell you how many mother's day I've missed with my very own mother, and also with my family. I was based at Fort Carson, in Colorado when Madison was born, and my family, except for my husband and kids, were all in another state. Just like most military family, being in a state with no-one close by can be slightly depressing. Most of us have learned to live with it over the years, and we tend to adopt those that are close to us. Other military families become our families, and we learn to cherish the friendships that we make. Over the years, we have learnt that family doesn't always mean blood relatives. When we purchased our home, we happened to live next door to an old lady who had just lost her husband. Madison, being the friendly child that she is, decided to go next door to introduce herself to Joyce who was in her yard at the time, and a friendship began on that day. Since then, Madison would go next door every morning to make sure that Joyce was up, sometimes wanting to go as early as 8am, and Joyce, being the kind lady that she is, would welcome her with open arms. Their love bypassed age and race and knows no boundaries, and Madison has adopted her as her "grandmother" and Madison is her adopted "grandchild".  So with Mother's Day approaching, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I knew exactly where to go!

My local Post Exchange (PX as it's known in the Army) has everything that I need and I tend to shop there quite often. It also helps that it's also tax free. Madison and I decided that we wanted to get Joyce a card for Mother's Day, after all she's like a mother to Madison, and I also wanted to make her something very special, as a way to show my appreciation for being such a sweetheart to Madison.

When we went into the card department, we were amazed at how many cards, there were for Mother's Day, but American Greetings had an amazing sale of buy 3 cards, save $2 (4/17 – 5/14). With the card selection there was, it was even more difficult choosing which 3 cards we wanted, but Madison found the perfect one. American Greetings also had gift bags, tissue paper and even bows. Everything I wanted was right there. All I needed to do was find some items to make my special gift. Madison's card reads:
Beauty is...
a generous heart,
a kind spirit,
gentle wisdom,
true understanding,
love that makes all the difference.
Beauty is everything you are.
Happy Mother's Day.

We were so excited. We got our cards, our supplies (gift bag, ribbon and tissue paper) all from American Greetings and other supplies to make our Mother's Day Jar. We couldn't wait to get home to put it all together. Joyce was going to have a great Mother's Day this year. After all, she was "family" and what better way to celebrate family? I decided that I was going to make a Mother's Day Jar that she would enjoy. Something to pamper and make her feel just like my own mother would on Mother's Day, HAPPY!

A Mother's Day Jar

Mothers's Day Jar Supplies:

Mason Jar
Travel Size Body Lotion
Travel Size Shower Gel
Travel Size Body Lotion
Nail Polishes
Shower Sponge
Tissue Paper
Gift Bag


Step 1:- Add your travel sized items and nail polishes on the inside along the glass of your mason jar.

Step 2:- Add your shower sponge in the middle to fill it out and keep your other supplies intact.

Step 3:- Get a piece of your tissue paper to add a bit of pizzazz on the inside at the top.

Step 4:- Place the cover of your mason jar back on and use the ribbon to give it a little bit of sparkle. Tie it in a knot and let it hang.

Step 6:- Place in your gift bag and add the rest of your tissue paper and don't forget your Mother's Day card.

I know that Joyce is going to have an amazing Mother's Day this year. Madison and I are going to make sure that she does, thanks to American Greetings!

For more inspiring Mother's day gift ideas, and to take a look at other American Greetings card options, check out this site!

Annmarie John
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  1. Aw, I love the story of Joyce and Madison. So, thanks for re-sharing it here today. Also, love the little gift you put together for "Grandma" Joyce and now wishing her a very, Happy Mother's Day!! ;)

  2. My mom passed in February, so this year is going to be a hard one for me. I am going to get cards for my MIL and my grandmother, but I think I am going to stay off the grid for the most part.

  3. This is a great idea! I am obsessed with Mason Jars but I never thought that I can use it this way.

  4. The story of Joyce and Madison is so touching! I love the mason jar gift too!

  5. I love this jar so much. What a great idea! I shopped at the exchange for my cards as well. I love the coupon deal.

  6. What a gorgeous story, and such a lovely idea! We had Mothers Day here in March, happy mothers day!

  7. This is such a beautiful, honest and pure story. I love it. It is really touching to hear that your daughter has been there for this lady at a time when she really need it. What a sweetheart. And i absolutely love her hair! I have mixed heritage children and am always looking for hairspiration!

  8. What a sweet, sweet story about Madison and Joyce! Friendships like this one warm my heart. When my kids were little there were special neighbors they gravitated toward as well. I bet she loved the gift!

  9. This post is really cute and love the Joyce and Madison. My grandma is far away from me and I talk very rarely to her. Love the gift you made too!

  10. I love this idea. I may just have to do that for this mothers day. Who would have thought about Mothers day jars.

  11. Its a beautiful gift idea. And a great teaching opportunity as well.

  12. Your daughter is absolutely adorable. And the jar looks like an awesome gift for someone special. It does get the creative juices flowing thinking about what to get my mother.

  13. It is so cute. it is such a wonderful cute story. I love the photographs too.

  14. What a lovely thoughtful idea, you only have one mother and it's important to treat her while you can!

  15. Perfect gift for the perfect day. Beautiful

  16. The jar is an amazing idea, I think I will inspire myself with a girt for my friend I am putting together, the jar unifies it nicely :)

    Chokers are still a hot trend, why? And how to wear them now? link

  17. What a sweet story about Joyce! I LOVE card shopping. And I love making creative gifts. I think Joyce knows just how much you care for her and she probably feels so special!

  18. What a good ideas, I love these gift ideas and I would love to buy some gifts for my mom on mothers day

  19. The mason jar ideas is so cute! But I really want to know your skincare regime because you look about twenty years old! Share please:)

  20. That's a pretty cute idea! My mom would love one of those. Maybe I can get a perfume in there for her since she loves them.

  21. Wonderful story and very thoughtful gesture. Happy mothers day

  22. That story is just so lovely. I don't exactly have a close relationship with my family but I have people who I consider family in my life and I would love to make them feel special on Mother's Day (at least my friends who are mothers or act like one). Giving them a card that will show them how special they are to me would be lovely.

  23. What a beautiful friendship. Joyce definitely deserves to be showered with love and appreciation this Mother's Day! It's a delight to be able to make something this special for her. I'm sure she's going to love this gift.

  24. This is so adorable and touching! It's so great that you've found people in your life that you aren't related to by blood but you still feel like they are family.

  25. That jar is really pretty, and it's a nice gift idea as well. I think it's really sweet of you to prepare something like this for Joyce. The love that she shares with Madison is priceless and she deserves to feel appreciated. Those cards are beautiful as well. That's a really good deal!

  26. Madison and Joyce's love is priceless! I think it's really sweet of you to arrange something like this for her. It's also nice to add a card with a personal note inside for her!

  27. Well this is quite brilliantly beautiful. Its remarkable the creative wander that can come from the simplest, yet most powerful of relationships. Good for you. Outstanding.

  28. What a beautiful thoughtful gift, all women be it in your family or not are all mothers. What better way to share this amazing day be it with a neighbour or family member than with this amazing jar.

  29. Aww it's so beautiful to see your daughter and Joyce's relationship. I just love the mothers day jars...I'd love to do something like that for my mom and even for my friend's birthday coming up.

  30. They need to make a Disney Princess with Madison's hair! It's absolutely gorgeous! I'm also in love with this DIY mother's day gift! A perfect way to give any mom-figure a little pampering in a fun size!

  31. What a lovely gift :) I think I will do SPA treatments for mothers day, the perfect mommy-daughter day :)

  32. Love the story of Joyce and Madison! The mother's day jar idea is super-cute!

  33. That is such a sweet story! It is so true that we can find family wherever we are. I also love the jar idea! There are so many little things in it that are very usable!


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