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Must Do FastPass+ Rides at Walt Disney World for Pre-Schoolers

Wondering what rides you should use your FastPass+ on while at Walt Disney World if you have a pre-schooler? Today I share a few suggestions at each park.

I have been to Walt Disney World more times than I have fingers and never by myself. Each time I've visited I have always had my children with me, each in a different age range since my oldest are all 4 years apart, while Madison the youngest, is 8 years younger than her youngest brother. Walt Disney World is the one place where it doesn't matter how old you are, there is something for everyone. I decided to take Madison when she was first 2 years old and everyone thought that she was too young, but she enjoyed herself and since then, we've been back every year. At age 2 she was too young to do most of the rides but now at age 5, there is so much more she can do and of course she enjoys it so much more.

Now the reason I have decided to do this post, a few people have asked, "what rides should I use my FastPass+ on if I have a pre-schooler?". You're only given 3 FastPass+ passes per day per park and unless you're staying at a Walt Disney Resort, the earliest you can book is 30 days in advance (60 if you're a Walt Disney Resort guest).  I'll be doing a post exclusively on FastPass+, what is it and why you should use it. However, today I want to share with you my must do FastPass+ rides at Walt Disney World for pre-schoolers.

Must Do FastPass+ Rides at Walt Disney World for Pre-Schoolers - Magic Kingdom

I almost always start at Magic Kingdom whenever we visit Walt Disney World. If this is your first time visiting, you may want to start here. It's the only place you will be able to meet Cinderella and of course her castle is also here. This is by far Madison's favorite park as well since she just LOVES the Mad Tea Party ride and Prince Charming Regal Carousel. So let's get down to which rides I think will be best.

The Barnstormer - 35"+
This is by far one of Madison's favorite ride. We like to call it the baby roller coaster and is a great way to introduce your little one to a roller coaster. It's perfect for those little ones who aren't into big thrills. The ride isn't too long and before you know it, you're back to the beginning. Lines can be long since this ride is great for younger kids so having a FastPass+ would come in handy for a second ride.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - 38"+
If you want to kick up your roller coaster ride a notch then the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is definitely what you're looking for. I have seen lines for this being as much as 120 minutes. This is the one roller coaster that will have you hanging on to your seat. You have to be quick on this one as FastPass+ service are usually limited. It's rare to get it for the day that you want, so when you see it, grab it.

Tomorrowland Speedway - 32"+
Think of it as a bigger version of their power wheels. Kids get to drive their very own gas powered car around a race track. Kids over 32" can drive on their own while those under will need an adult to ride with them, but they can be in the drivers seat. The track is designed to look like a real speedway and Lightening McQueen fans will have a blast driving 7mph racing against each other. Standby for this ride can sometimes be 60 minutes and up so having a FastPass+ for this will come in handy.

Peter Pans Flight - Any Height
This is another that can have very long wait times. The last time I was there, there was a 75 minute wait time. Sit in a pirate ship and fly around Neverland meeting all the characters from the story. Once again children love this and Madison wanted to do this one twice.

It’s a Small World - Any Height
Now if you're looking to just sit back and relax, then It's a Small World is the perfect ride for you. You sit in a boat while going through the different countries while listening to It's a Small World continuously. While adults can find it painful to sit through, kids just seem to love it.

Must Do FastPass+ Rides at Walt Disney World for Pre-Schoolers - Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom I feel has always been one of the most underrated park at Walt Disney World, but it has also been one of my favorite. It consists mostly of character meet and greets and shows. While most people tend to think of it as Walt Disney World's Zoo, because of all the wildlife you can find, there are a few rides that are available for your little ones to try.

Kilimanjaro Safari - Any Height
This is my favorite ride at Animal Kingdom and another that has very long wait times. Travel through the Kilimanjaro Safari on a tour that showcases the animals of Animal Kingdom. See Lions, Giraffes and the African Elephant. Now since these are animals in their almost natural habitat, depending on when you get your FastPass+, you may see different animals throughout the day.

Kali River Rapids - 38"+
Be prepared to get wet! In the heart of Asia, get on a river raft and get ready to go whitewater rafting. Travel down a waterfall, while you bob and spin while getting splashed. We had a blast on this ride although Madison wasn't too thrilled to get wet in the end. Get your FastPass+ for this and also a poncho.

Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain - 44"+
This is the only roller coaster at Animal Kingdom and a must. Madison was finally able to do this last year and what a thrill it was. Be prepared to go backwards in the dark and with a few drops. There were lots of screams, even from adults. This is also one where you'll have your photo taken while on the ride, so have your memory maker or magic band ready to purchase your photo at the end. This is another ride that can have very long wait times so FastPass+ is definitely recommended.

Dinosaur - 40"+
This one is perfect for your dinosaur fans. Travel back in time to the prehistoric age and try to rescue an Iguanodon. Since this one is done in mainly the dark, it can get a little scary for very young children and Madison wasn't too much of a fan. However skipping the line with your FastPass+ for those who want to ride is recommended as standby lines can also get pretty long for this one.

Must Do FastPass+ Rides at Walt Disney World for Pre-Schoolers - Epcot

This is probably one of my favorite parks, there is so much to do here and so much to learn. While there aren't a lot of rides here at Epcot, this is where you will meet Anna and Elsa in Norway at their home and for the one ride that is almost impossible to get on UNLESS you have a FastPass+.

Frozen Ever After - Any Height
This is actually the most popular ride at Walt Disney World and one of the most difficult to get a FastPass+ service for and you truly have to be quick about it. Standby times can be as long as 2hrs and more. Madison and I still have yet to ride this and we've been to Walt Disney World 2 times in the past 3 months. We're hoping to be able to ride it this summer. We've been told the best time to get on the ride is close to closing and the magic morning hours.

Test Track - 40"+
Kids will have a blast designing a car and putting it to the test in terms of speed and maneuverability. This was a hit with Madison and my boys although they're older just loved it. This is one thrill ride that everyone will love.

Soarin’ - 40"+
Strap in and take flight on a simulated air adventure over cities that you dream of visiting. This ride has been revamped from years gone by. You can now not only see the sights but smell it as well. I have to say that is by far my favorite ride at Epcot and Madison's as well. We actually ended up doing this twice. Make sure to have a FastPass+ for this as this is another that has very long standby times. 

Living the Land - Any Height
Get a behind the scenes look at the greenhouses that provide most of the food right there at Epcot. See firsthand how horticulturists are making great strides and new techniques that are implemented to grow fruits and vegetables. You'll even get to see fish farms. This can be done right before making your way to Soarin'. Kill two birds with one stone and do them both since they're right next to each other.

Mission: SPACE - 44"+
For those interested in science and outer space, Mission SPACE is the place to be. Little ones would have a blast pretending to be an astronaut in a space simulator blasting your way to Mars. There are two levels of intensity, Green and Orange. Green is less intense and doesn't spin while Orange does. If you suffer from motion sickness, then your best bet will be the Green team. This is one experience you may not want to miss.

Must Do FastPass+ Rides at Walt Disney World for Pre-Schoolers - Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is just like the name it portrays, is very much like Hollywood. Filled with lots of hit shows with a few rides sprinkled in between. Most of the shows can have long wait times very much like the rides so I will suggest a few that I just think you should see with your little ones.

Star Tours - The Adventure Continues - 40"+
This is one 3D ride that every Star Wars fan will love, even if you aren't a Star Wars fan you'll still love it. This ride is motion simulated so you'll feel like you're flying off to a galaxy far, far away. With special effect and music, you'll even get to the meet the great Darth Vader. Standby times for this can get excessive so this is one you will definitely need a FastPass+ for.

Toy Story Midway Mania - Any Height
Kids will have fun blasting their way through the Toy Story game in 3D. There are a few games to play and you'll have fun trying to beat the other's score. There are even 4D special effects so don't be surprised if you end up getting wet. You've been warned. Madison really enjoyed this one and most kids do.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - 40"+
One of the most popular ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios and one that can have really long standby times. Madison was scared to do this one but I did this on our very first visit as a family. Mikael was about 3years old at the time and he was able to ride with us as a family. It's a haunted elevator ride and there are a few drops that can get scary, but if your little one is a thrill seeker, they would love this! I'm hoping that Madison will go with us, when we go back this summer as a family.

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration - Any Height
This isn't a ride but a show and one that is very much in demand as all the other Frozen attractions at Walt Disney World. This live show is 30 minutes long and is filled with sing-along song. It's also 4D so be prepared to have "snow" fall on you. Madison just LOVED this and I have to admit, so did I. 

Disney Junior Live - Any Height
This is another show and is right outside the Disney Junior character meet and greet station. You can either visit with the characters beforehand or after the show. It's an interactive show where the kids get to join in and play along with their favorite Disney Junior characters that they love. Sophia, Doc McStuffins, Mickey and friends and more.

Now while there are many more shows and rides that you can use your FastPass+ service for at Walt Disney World, the ones I suggested are more suited for your pre-schooler. If you can think of any others, I'd love to hear of them.

Can you think of any other rides that you can recommend for pre-schoolers? 

Annmarie John
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  1. This is a great list. Whenever you have little ones, you can be guaranteed that a trip to Disney will involve long lines. FastPass is perfect for maintaining sanity.

  2. We've been to Disney several times, and after the first time, we've ALWAYS opted for FastPass. I will not go to Disney without it. It's that awesome.

  3. Ok - first off I am missing Disney seeing all your fun and happy photos! Second - what a really helpful post for those with a little one in guiding them on which rides to hit up with their FastPass!

  4. We will probably be heading here for a family trip around the time my kids are just preschoolers! Bookmarking this to check it out later

  5. Disney is something that truly is fun for all ages... that's the best part. We brought our kids for their 4th birthday and it was the perfect age.

  6. I've never been to WDW yet but I love all these suggestions. Here in CA at Disneyland very few rides have fastpass, maybe one day they will adopt the fastness + program.

  7. There is so much for preschoolers to do at Disney World! My boys are now all tall enough for all the rides!

  8. I have not been to Disney in YEARS! I would love to take my kids. I heard the Fast Pass was the way to go.

  9. I think you have the bases covered for sure! The Fast Pass is a must have. I really think my kids feel spoiled because of it but it makes it fun to walk up to a ride and get right on!

  10. I'm laughing at you calling the Barnstormer the "baby roller coaster" because I did that in my 30's and I was scared! The Mine Train was a much bigger thrill but felt better on the adult-sized body. We all loved it. Scarlet wasn't tall enough for Expedition Everest last year and she's still annoyed by it!
    Peter Pan is a must for FASTPass!

  11. This is such a great list! I went to WDW for the first time this past fall, but I didn't have my preschooler with me. We're hoping to take him in the near future (and I have to pin this to keep track for our planning!)

  12. I like the sound of the legend of the forbidden mountain, it sounds like something my nieces would enjoy and the nephews too. Great list of rides to use a fast pass on! Thanks x

  13. I had no idea that there was so much for preschoolers at Disney. I haven't been in ages but I bet my granddaughter would have a ball.

  14. I'm going to have to agree with you on these. I only rode the Seven Dwarves Mine Train once and never again haha

  15. You chose some of the best rides! My daughter loved Soarin', but I missed it.

  16. I love this happy post! I am not a roller coaster fan, but I can tell you are! Fast passes are the way to go.

  17. We have not been to Disney yet, but I can see where the Fastpass would be handy.

  18. As the mom of twin four year olds, this list is much appreciated! I can't wait to plan our trip and plan of attack on the park!

  19. Totally agree with you! Our daughter was 4 on our first trip and without fast passes (although done differently back then) it would have been an awful trip, and wait times!

  20. The FastPass+ really is a nice option to cut down on waiting times. I'm glad they have a lot of rides smaller children can go on!

  21. We went to Disney back in Dec and were able to use Fastpass on a few places for our three year old. It was great.

  22. Thank you for this post. I will share this with my eldest niece. They will be going on their first Disney trip as a family in March. The Fast Pass would be great for them to have. Thanks for the list of fun rides for preschoolers too. I will have to check them out when I take my grandchildren on their first Disney experience.

  23. Omg these all sound like great rides! I'm actually taking a trip up to Disney in two weeks and I'm so excited!

  24. I love reading about your adventures with your little princess, she's such a little cutie! You two have such a lovely relationship - and it looks like your had a wonderful time at Disney!! x

  25. Seems like you had an absolute ball! I've only been to Disney once and unfortunately couldn't afford the Fastpass :(

  26. I love all of these rides! When we last went, my oldest was just 1, so we mainly went through the baby swap, it worked out really well. The one ride that she seemed to enjoy the most was Pirates of the Caribbean :-)

  27. i love this post. looks like a lot of fun!! i wish i can bring my kids there!

    - Our Family World

  28. These are really great suggestions! Can't wait to visit Disneyland again!

  29. WE always try to get fast passes for the tea cups as well, they always have a super long line! WE managed to get rockin roller coaster ones for hubs and I last time, but not really for the littles lol.

  30. I am keeping this post in mind when my kids and I go to Disney in March. My son is pre school age so this helps a lot. You guys look like you had a blast!

  31. This sounds awesome. We've never done Disney, but if we ever do I'm so happy for articles like these to kind of go off and know what to do and what no to do! - Jeanine

  32. Terror of Tower definitely is scary! :) I really like your pictures, including this one.

  33. It sounds like a really great option! And I never knew they had so many great rides for younger kids!

  34. Enjoying Disney with a FastPass is a totally different experience. I love that there are so many rides for younger people too!

  35. My family and I have never been to Disneyworld, but I have heard nothing but great things about the FastPass! Hopefully we'll get to vacation there one day get get the FastPass experience for ourselves!

  36. We rode the Kilamanjaro Safari when we went there a few years back. I had lots of fun and I would love to ride it again. I would recommend it to anyone going to Disney World.

  37. This looks awesome and is great info for those who have young ones as Disney can be a bit restrictive for the really small! Fastpass is such a great idea

  38. I've never been with kids so can't really comment on which they should use, but definitely fast passes are the way to go! And stay at the resorts to use fastpass+, book in advance and take advantage of the extended opening hours for resort guest!

  39. I didn't know Anna and Elsa had a ride there. You have some good tips here! Fast Pass is def worth the time to schedule. Love your pics!

  40. The last time I went to Disneyland I ended up going on the rides that most preschoolers go to. I just love the class It's a Small World! I think I went on it twice!

  41. I don't have any kids yet however, my husband and I have plans to visit here. We definitely plan on using the fastpass as we have used similar things to it at other parks and we loved it.

  42. You guys are so cute! I haven't taken my kids to disneyland yet, but I will keep this list in mind!

  43. I've only been to Disney once about 14 years ago & loved it. I cannot wait to go back. I loved Fastpass when I was there helps so much on the crazy lineups

  44. I haven't been to Disney World in years. I had so much fun when I was younger and I can't wait to take my little one when she's a little bigger!

  45. Fast Passes are great if you don't want to wait! I loved the ride Soarin, it was my favorite and we always got fast passes for that ride!

  46. I feel like fastpass must be genius with little kids who have zero patience!!! Great tips!

  47. Thank you for the recommendations!! I am saving this for our upcoming trip!

  48. So much fun. I hope to get to take my kiddos to Disney some day. It is definitely on our list!

  49. We recently went to disney with my preschooler and she was scared of all the rides. We finaly got her on the little mermaid ride and the nemo ride in Epcot.

  50. What a great list! I have to say…you and your daughter's matching hair is too cute! As a huge animal lover, Animal Kingdom is one thing that I'd like to explore.

  51. I don't have any recommendations since my family and I haven't been to Walt Disney World yet, but I'll definitely keep these rides in mind for the future. Thank you for sharing!


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