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This Is How We Family - #HowWeFamily

I have received information from the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

They say family is not "Who You Love but How You Love" and they couldn't be more correct. For those who don't know, I have a blended family and it can get crazy at times. From the constant bickering and fighting between siblings to even the arguing amongst the adults. When the kids were younger it was a lot easier, but as they got older, they got their own ideas of how things should be, how and who they should listen to and why. It can be tough having a blended family and I'm sure that some might even say, well that just goes with the territory. One thing I can say is that we all love each other. No matter what, we have each others back. This year has probably been one of the most difficult year of my life. I lost my mom, my career with the army ended and divorce court was looming right over the horizon. However with therapy, LOTS OF IT, we are coping and that's why I say, it's not who you love but how that makes us a family. This is How We Family!

Vacations has always meant a lot to us and we have taken more than our fair share. However jobs and obligations sometimes keeps us not being able to take them together but that doesn't mean that we're not a family. We cry together, we laugh together, we fight together but in the end we come back together as one, because we love each other. This is going to be the first year that one member of our family will not be with us for Christmas. My oldest is celebrating in Canada and I have to remember that she's growing up and will soon be on her own, but she knows that we love her and we'll be celebrating together with her in mind.

For over 60 years, nothing has mattered more to TYLENOL® than the well-being of your family. To celebrate all families, the TYLENOL® brand created the #HowWeFamily program which showcases the story of 11 real American families, including one from spokesperson Gabrielle Union, which can be seen at

I took a look at the following video and which shows a compilation of real moments from real families that showcases joy, laughter, surprise, and unconditional love. The one that truly touched home for me was the soldier in the box surprising his son. Having just retired from the US Army I remember the days of coming home right before Christmas and surprising my own kids. Being away from your family can be tough, but being away for months on end with limited connection can be even tougher, especially when you're uncertain if you'll ever see them again. It's why I show my kids unconditional love, how much of a family we are and why family means so much to me.

No one family is the same but there will always be that one thing that will keep you all together and that thing is Love. Remember it's not who you love but how! This is How We Family!

Let's discuss: What does family mean to you? 

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Annmarie John
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  1. Family is everything. I can not imagine life without them.

  2. Family means those that are not necessarily related to you but those that are the closest to you and the ones that are always there for you.

  3. My Family drives me insane, but without them I wouldn't be who I am today!Great Post.

  4. It's hard to explain exactly what family means to me. It definitely means being there for each other.

  5. Your tree and decorations look great. Hope you have a great Christmas! family is the best!

  6. Lovely.

    I have moments (ahem - today) when I wish I could have solitude because my family drives me bonkers but I love my family more than anything and they light up my world.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I definitely like spending as much time with my family as I can. Some of them live a long way away so weekly talks on the phone is part of how we family.

  8. Family is the most important thing. We may fight and argue, but when push comes to shove we love each other.

  9. I love this post. Family can drive you crazy sometimes but things wouldn't be the same without them. There is nothing quite like the love of a family!

  10. I couldn't go a day without my family. We try to do everything we can together. When my daughter goes to college in 2 years, it's going to be really hard on us, I'm sure.

  11. Having a blended family myself I totally get it. I remember one day my daughter screaming at my husband "YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER", it can be rough and at times I want to give up but we've stuck it out. That quote is so correct, it's truly not who we love but how. I'm eternally grateful for my own family.

  12. You have a wonderful family! I am sure that you had a great vacation and time with each other.

  13. You have a beautiful family and family can drive you nuts but it's love that certainly keeps you together. I just love Tylenol and always keep it on hand for whenever anyone gets sick in our family.

  14. My family is very important to me. I don't know what I will do without them.

  15. Family is the most important. It's everything, so I couldn't ever go any time without my family. You have a beautiful family! Being a family means being there for each other, being close and always having them by your side! - Jeanine

  16. My kids and i are very close. After we lost their father four years ago we became a very strong unit. We spend as much time as we can together. Now that they are both in College it can be hard to find time when we can all be together.

  17. Family should be taking on new meaning/shifting for me, I suppose...since I'm going through a big divorce here too, but it doesn't. It still means the world to me, like it always has... it's just the circumstanes that are different, not the relationships and the people :) It's def. odd to think of holidays not as one big unit though, the minus one is felt.

  18. Beautiful story. And I love the Disney photo, of course! Glad to hear you are all coping together! That's so awesome. It's not easy.
    Also, I couldn't love this video more. I get tears every time I watch it and share it.

  19. Family is very important to me too. I miss that most of my siblings and parents are overseas. However, Skyping is our way of keeping in touch.

  20. Oh love the set up! Very pretty and traditional! Love the colors, I'm sorry your year was so tough, but family always has your back and it'll get better. Time will heal all wounds, and together you all will be that much stronger! Love and and blessings!

  21. Family is everything. I got a little teary-eyed watching this video.

  22. family means love, understanding, and friendship. You know your family is always there for you. The family bond will never be broken either. This video makes me totally tear up. I love it


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