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Get the Kurio Xtreme 2 at Hammacher Schlemmer this Christmas

Most kids have a Christmas wish list and on that wish list is usually something electronic and that something electronic is also usually a tablet. Tablets have come a very long way since they first came on the market a few years ago. They've also come down a lot in price. I remember when tablets were so expensive, it seemed like you were about to purchase a brand new laptop or computer. While there are tablets made for adults there are also tablets just dedicated for kids. One of them in the Kurio Xtreme 2 which you can get at Hammacher Schlemmer. Dubbed the "Best Childrens Tablet", the Kurio Xtreme 2 takes up where the Xtreme left off. With its improved design, features and technology, the Kurio Xtreme 2 is the first tablet with multi-player body motion games allowing kids to play tablet games like never before! It is also recommended for ages 4+ but can be used with kids younger than that with adult supervision.

The Kurio Xtreme 2 comes ready to play straight out of the the box with over 60 apps from popular games such as Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers and Jetpack Joyride. There is also entertainment, video-on-demand, ebooks, educational content. And if you're not satisfied with what is pre-loaded, don't worry, it runs on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and has the Google Play store which will allow you to download even more. It also comes with 16 GB of internal memory (expandable up to 32GB) allowing kids to play to the extreme. There is also a front and rear facing camera for those selfies that kids like to take these days. It also has 2 built-in speakers and a music player.

One of the feature that we like was the included protective bumper. We all now how rough kids can get with their toys/gadgets. Kurio included this bumper which will help protect your purchase. They have even tested it from heights of 3 feet and the tablet sustained no damage, but we're not saying to do your own test, but it is good to know.

Setting up the Kurio was super easy. I signed in using my Google account and set up a child's account, in this case Madison's account. That way I am able to manage the apps she has access to. I can block any app I feel is not a good fit and allow the apps I think is.  I can also set a time limit, after all I don't want her playing all day long. The Kurio Xtreme 2 can be used for up to 8 different profiles and each profile can have time limits set for each one. It's great for those families who don't have the funds to buy a tablet for each child.

Another thing to note is the speed of the Kurio Xtreme 2 and also the touch screen responsiveness. Apps loaded extremely quickly and Madison had no problems playing any of the games that were in her profile. The touch screen responded quickly and easily and there was no tapping and bouts of frustrations. Even watching videos on the YouTube for Kids app was a pleasant experience for her. Battery life for us was also pretty good. She was able to play for about 6hrs (not nonstop) without having to recharge and there was still some life left, but according to Kurio battery life is only 8hrs when fully charged.

The Kurio Xtreme 2 also comes with 24/7 Live Support which you can access through their website or on your tablet but we haven't had to utilize that feature as yet. So what are my thoughts on the Kurio Xtreme 2?


  • We love the parental control feature and the fact that we are able to have up to 8 separate profiles all with their own parental control features. 
  • We also love that we're able to download apps from the Google Store and that the 16GB memory is expandable up to 32GB with a MicroSD Memory Card. 
  • When connected to your TV you can play the 18 exclusive Kurio Motion Games which are very similar to the Wii U games. 
  • 24/7 Live Support


  • Battery life according to Kurio is only 8hrs so if you're planning a very long road trip this might not be the tablet you want to take along unless you walk with a car charger. 

So if you're looking for a great tablet for your kids this holiday check out the Kurio Xtreme 2 sold at Hammacher Schlemmer, but that's not all that's available. Hammacher Schlemmer has a wide selection of products ranging from gifts for the home, personal care and even travel. Check them out today!

Let's discuss: What's your favorite feature of the Kurio Xtreme 2? 

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Annmarie John
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  1. OK I'm thinking 8hrs of battery life truly isn't enough when you have kids wanting to play all the time but besides that, this truly does sound like a really great tablet. I'm not sure if any of the kids on my present list has asked for a tablet but if they have, I might consider this.

  2. I have a niece who has been begging for a tablet but I wasn't going to plop down $100+ for one that wouldn't keep her attention for too long. Now this on the other hand sounds like something she would love. I love the motion feature that is similar to a Wii U. I think she would have a lot of fun with that.

  3. This looks cool. I am looking for a good tablet my twin granddaughters. I will check this out.

  4. What an awesome sounding little tablet - perfect for journeys ;) x

  5. I agree with Tiffany, The 8 hrs Battery Life will seriously affect my whole decision to buy this tablet since we tend to be Out and about A LOT, but otherwise the Kurio looks pretty great. Madison seems very into it.

  6. This is something I know my girls would love and use and become obsessed with. I will need to look into this.

  7. This is an awesome gift idea. I really like that it's easy and safe for kids to use. I love that it comes pre-loaded with apps too.

  8. Looks like such a fun gadget for kids, great for Christmas too!

  9. It is great that this has 24/7 support. Most people would probably need to utilized that, especially on Christmas Day. This looks like a great tablet.

  10. I have not heard of this product before. I bet my kids would love this on our long car rides in our travels!

  11. That looks like a great toy for kids. I know my daughter would love it for Christmas.

  12. This tablet is awesome. My little sister really wants to have a tablet and this one is perfect for her. I'm going to check this out.

  13. This looks like a fantastic tablet for kids. I will have to share this with a friend of mine. She has been looking for a tablet for her five year old.

  14. I love educational games like this one. If kids are going to spend time online and using technology, they might as well learn while they are at it.

  15. This will be a great gift for grade school kids. I no longer have small children but I will recommend this to my cousins with children in grade school.

  16. My little one wants to have her own tablet since my older one has it from her school. This one looks perfect and I like that it won't break the bank.

  17. Oh this looks like so much fun for the kids! My son would just love this.


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