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Introducing the Stride Rite Snoot!

Madison here! *Let it snow, let it snow.... the cold doesn't bother me anyway.* Yes I know I'm singing it wrong. No one knows the Frozen song quite like I do, but today I wanted to introduce Stride Rite's Snoot! Is it a sneaker? Is it a boot? Why can't it be both?! Well Stride Rite thought just like I did and made the sneaker boot and called it the original name of the Snoot! I am so loving the name. Stride Rite's Snoot is the perfect combination of both and oh so perfect for the cold weather that I know is coming soon. Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to experience it in the snow as yet to share my experience with you, it came way after all the snow had melted. I live in beautiful Colorado Springs, and it's been said, if you don't like the weather, wait an hour it'll change. Well while everyone has been complaining that it has been super cold, we have been experiencing rather mild weather, weather that's perfect for shorts and sandals which is why I've been singing, "Let it Snow".

While these awesome Sneaker Boots come in a variety of colors and designs I decided that I wanted to get them in the Frozen design. After all the Frozen craze hasn't quite worn off in my house, even though mommy thought it was a great idea to hide the movie from me. Here is what I just love about these snoots!

I am only 3 so I still have no idea how to tie laces. These come with no laces to tie which makes it super easy for me to pull on and off. They also have an adjustable strap and the opening is wide enough for me to put my foot in. I have to say that I have very wide feet and these fit me really really well.

Notice how different the two photos above are? Well it's still the same shoe but it's very versatile. I can have it in two completely different looks. I can keep them up which is perfect for the really cold days, or I can roll them down for when it's not that cold as it is right now. They are designed to keep water and snow out, and they come with a really plush fleece liner that has an antimicrobial treatment that not only keeps my feet warm but also stinky free.

Since the Stride Rite Sneaker boot is also made like a sneaker, it has the outsole of a sneaker. With added traction that is great for me running around. I'm sure it'll be great in the snow too and I can't wait to try it out. It is also pretty lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy on my feet. That's what makes it great to play in. No-one likes to have a heavy boot to run in.

The best thing about these Snoot's is that I can throw them in the wash in cold water whenever they get too dirty. I love shoes that are washable and these sure are. There aren't that many kid shoes on the market that you can throw in the wash so mommy was extremely happy to know that these could be washed.

All in all these are amazing! Finally a sneaker and a boot together and there is no longer any need for two. I can have the best of both worlds. Great for all day play and I'm sure they'll be perfect for this coming winter. I'll be sure to share my pics of me playing in the snow in my Stride Rite Frozen Snoot. These definitely get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Let's discuss: What are your thoughts on the Stride Rite's Sneaker Boot Snoot? 

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Annmarie John
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  1. OMGeee!! Those boots are too cute and I have a Frozen fan here at my house too. With winter coming I've been looking for the perfect boots and I think I've found them. Boots that are washable? That is so up my alley! I have a Stride Rite store not too far from me, I'm going in this weekend to get a pair, if they don't have them, I'm definitely ordering. Thank you for your review as usual.

  2. Cute! We Love out Snoots Too. They are perfect when she goes to school as well during rainy weather. The Soles have some good traction to prevent slips. They've held up very well@

  3. I totally love these! They are super cute. I wish we could use these in Hawaii but there is no need. I think the Stride Boot Snoot would be out go to if we ever took the kids to see snow !

  4. I think this is such a great idea! They are so cute. Oh and the snow should be on the way soon :)

  5. Frozen!!! Bella would freak, you seem to have found a good pair of boots and sneakers. The trick would be to get her out of the boots/sneakers. Very cool looking.

  6. The cutest things really know how to find the best stuff Madison! Olivia would l.o.v.e. these!!! Great post by the way! Will share and keep on reading for your usual recommendations...these Stride Rite shoes look amazing.

  7. I love these! They are perfect for kids in school because they can wear these and still be able to play! They are also perfect because you don't have to worry about kids running around while playing and getting hurt! So cute and who can resist Frozen?!

  8. I love it. Scarlet has certain days of the week in which she has to have sneakers, and we often have to pack boots every day for recess and for after-school play. It's a lot of back and forth and I love the idea of having a two-in-one.
    These are so awesome! Also, running in boots is hard otherwise!

  9. The boots are so cute! They also look comfortable.

  10. I love Stride Rite. These snoots look lovely.

  11. I love how they look like sneakers. So you know she's comfortable but with the support of a boot for snowy days! Cute.

  12. These are such cute little boots. The fact that they are Frozen themed probably just makes them more popular with the kiddos.

  13. Those boots look so cute, warm and comfy. I bought all of my son's shoes from Stride Rite when be was little. Catherine S

  14. Those sound perfect for active kids. I love how versatile they are for all sorts of weather.

  15. Wow! That foot rocks! It looks awesome on your adorable kid. Thanks for sharing this post.

  16. I wish I had thought of the Stride Rite Snoot. Funny name too! Their prices is super affordable and I love the color choices!

  17. Oh my goodness I can't handle the cuteness! My daughter needs a pair of these.

  18. The Snoot is a perfect blend of sneaker and boot. Great for this time of the year.

  19. I love these boots. I do like Stride Rite it's a great quality.

  20. I know someone who would totally love these Snoots. Anything with Frozen is always on her list. I am loving that they are light and not too heavy either. Will be checking these out the next time I'm at the mall.

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