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How To Bring More White Into Your Home

The color white is a popular choice for many home renovation projects.  While some people claim that it is a “boring” color, it actually does a lot more for your space than you realize.  The color white creates an optical illusion as light bounces off white walls and furnishing, making a room seem both bigger and brighter.  Dark colors, on the other hand, absorb the light, making the room look smaller.  White is also a timeless color.  It is both classy and modern. Using white in your decor also creates a blank space to work with.  The color will go with anything. You don’t have to worry about clashing with any theme, as white gently complements any hue.  Not surprisingly, white is a very marketable color.  Having white features in your home will raise its value.  The color will also make a room look crisp and clean.  The classy color (as long as you do keep your home clean) will make your home look more elegant and expensive. Read on for ways to bring the elegant and soothing color into your home.


The exterior of your home is the first thing that people will see.  There are two ways to use white on the outside of your home to make it stand out.  The first is to use white as the base color, and then use a different color as an accent.  Contrast the white siding with a soft grey roof, by painting your front door a bold color, or by painting your garage doors a dark color to make them stand out. The other way to use white in your exterior is to do the opposite: paint your home a dark color, such as blue or dark grey, and then accent your home with white by painting the trimmings around the roof, doors, and windows white, as well as any columns.


Before we break down individual areas that you can bring white into your home, we are going to discuss a way to use white as a gentle theme throughout, by using your walls.  White walls will make your home look bigger than it actually is.  By using a white-wall theme, you can tie your entire house together, even if you decorate each room very differently.


White window decor is also a way to bring light, neutral fixtures into your home.  There are many different options for white window decor, from white blinds, faux wood blinds, shutters, shades, and curtains.  We recommend using white plantation shutters as a classy window treatment.  Plantation shutters will go with just about anything, and they also are a great stand-alone window trimming. The durable material will also make it so that you will not have to replace your window treatments for a long, long time.

Living Room

The living room is the first space that people walk into, and also the space that most visitors (and residents) will spend their time in.  Decorate it with white couches, coffee tables, end tables, shelving, etc.  You can then decorate the living room per season without feeling like your christmas tree clashes with your sofa, or your 4th of July decorations bog make your coffee table look awkward.


The kitchen is another space where people spend a lot of their time, and also a place to brighten and enlighten with white. You can get white quartz counter tops to make your home feel more modern. Place a white dining room table in the center of the room that can be decorated with any table cloth, table runner, or holiday centerpiece (without clashing!)  Install stunning white cabinets to brighten up your space, give it a clean look, and make your kitchen appear larger — a favorite suggestion is to couple the white cabinets with deep, black granite countertops.  White cabinets in your kitchen allows you to bring in other woods that you would not be able to do if you had stained wood cabinets.


Your bedroom has incredible opportunity for the color white.  You can use it as an accent in your furniture, with white bed frames, dressers, nightstands, etc.  Or, for a personal favorite, purchase a white comforter, and accent your bed with a brightly colored runner and matching pillows.  Another idea is to place a plush rug in the center of the bedroom.  White is always a good choice for guest bedrooms, as it will make the room feel more clean and inviting.


A white-themed bathroom will make it feel new and luxurious.  All-white bathrooms make you feel like you are in a spa, but are also easy to complement with any color.  If you like change, a white bathroom is perfect for you.  You can change the accent towels, rugs, and shower curtain as often as you’d like, and have a new bathroom with minimal work.  White is also a great wall color for small bathrooms, as it will make them seem larger.

Let's discuss: Have you thought about adding a bit more white to your home? 

Annmarie John
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  1. As you know, I had a fully white house as a kid! These days, we're more cedar-like, but you know we invited a white cat into our home! So therefore, white would be ideal for all her imminent shedding.

  2. oh I wish. I try to bring as much white in as I can but with 3 young kids, it's just not possible. I'm definitely going white crazy once the kids are grown!

  3. I've always wanted an all white kitchen! My computer room is currently this really ugly pink and puke green color. We are going to paint the walls (at least one) all white! It makes things appear so much bigger and brighter!

  4. Maybe when my are older - right now, I need it dark to cover the little boy messiness.

  5. I really like white window decor. It looks so clean and airy.

  6. I have such a hard time with 'white'. Our kitchen cabinets are an off whitish color and oh my gosh... the dirt, handprints, and grime. If I was childless, I'd dig it but these kids and their dirty hands.

  7. Nice tips. I love the open look that white can give a room.

  8. These are great ideas. It would be nice to make my house look a little more modern with more white accents and maybe even some chrome decorations.

  9. Wow, this is an impressive article that is loaded with good tips on the utilization of the color white in the home. I especially like the look of white kitchen cabinets with very dark counter tops.

  10. White represents a lot of positive things. So it is a great color to add in your home.

  11. I've always loved a white themed bathroom. These are awesome tips.

  12. Too much white and the house looks sterile. I love color and don't think I would ever do an all white house. They are lovely,just not my taste.

  13. Now that my kids are almost grown up i have been adding more white in my home. I have white cupboards and i love them. It makes the kitchen look so much bigger.

  14. What great ideas. I wish we had more windows downstairs, it would definitely give more light / white in our home.

  15. When you have kids you tend to stay away from white especially white couches. I do however like the look for when the kids are totally gone.

  16. I would never dare to do a white livingroom. With my kids and pets it would not stay white for too long. I've always loved a white kitchen though. It makes it look so much more bigger and airier than it really is. Great for those who want to sell.

  17. I've never been a fan of white walls. I just love color.

  18. Thanks for the ideas. I have 2 very messy dogs that I can't keep off the furniture. I need some new ways to work white into my decor.

  19. I love the kitchen with the white marble. It really makes it look more modern and like a place where you want to chef it up.

  20. These are fantastic ideas! Our kitchen is mainly white because we do have white cabinets, but I'm in the midst of adding in more white to the master bedroom and the living room. I love it!


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