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Start Your Own Orchestra With B.Toys Rockestra

Hey Madison here and today I'm reminded of Shakespeare's famous quote "If music be the food of love play on". I'm a huge fan of music and can sing, well talk sing quite a number of songs. Mommy said that when she was pregnant with me she would listen to all types of music. Do you know that my  mommy is kind of old school. On her iPod you can find classical music and one of her favorite album is actually the Phantom of the Opera. I think I've listened to the theme song as much times as I've listened to her talk. I have a very musical family and here in Colorado the public school system still has an active music program.  My older brother learned to play the trombone while my younger brother learned to play the keyboard but my big sister is very good with a guitar, together we can form a band. I know that when I grow up I'm going to play some sort of instrument as well, in the meantime however I can start my own orchestra with B. Toys Rockestra.

The B. Toys Rockestra is geared towards pre-schoolers from age 3 but is perfect for anyone with an ear, or not, for music. This toy gives kids a whole new way to explore music. With 6 musical instruments and vocals, you get to hear each sound incorporated into 15 different songs. The Rockestra comes complete with batteries already included and a booklet that has the lyrics to the songs.

It is super easy to play. Just turn on, press play and put the instrument you want on the stage. You can put one, two or even all of the instruments for more musical combinations. The fun is seeing how much combinations you can make. It's also fun singing along to the songs. The Rockestra includes tempo, demo, and volume control buttons, as well as learning buttons that teach kids more about instruments and their role in a band.

The Rockestra's sound quality is pretty amazing and I love the fact that each instrument has the name etched into it to teach kids the identification of the particular instrument. While my sister plays bass guitar, I had no idea there was a difference between a lead guitar and a rhythm guitar which I learned just by playing with my Rockestra. The mini instruments included are bass guitar, rhythm & acoustic guitar, lead guitar, strings, keyboard, drums and vocals.

There's fun music and lights so it does look and sound like you're conducting an orchestra band. The B. Toys Rockestra will provide hours of fun for your little ones and the good thing is that since there is a volume button you parents would certainly enjoy having the option of lowering the volume. I know mommy was happy to be able to do that after a few minutes of me playing and singing.

If learning instruments wasn't enough, it's also a great way to learn colors. So let your pre-schooler rock out  and let their musical genius shine through, and you can even join in the fun. After all it's been said that children who loves music tend to do really well in school and it's never too early to start that love of music.

Just check out the video of the Rockestra by B. Toys:

You can purchase your very own B. Toys Rockestra at Target or at select specialty stores. Here's something to think about. Every B. Toy you buy helps free children from poverty. Free The Children received 10c from every B. Toy purchased. That may not sound like a lot, but as dimes add up, they change the world. Find out how at

Let's discuss: How do you encourage the love of music within your own children? 

Here are the ways you can connect with B. Toys:

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Annmarie John
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  1. I love this toy! Anything that plays melodies, music or any type of sound is actually very welcomed in our home. I feel that music make S life much more Magical.

  2. I LOVE toys like this! It's so important to introduce kids to music from a young age so they can develop a love for it. I remember loving musical toy when I was a kid <3

  3. This makes me think of the toys that I had when I was a child that the batteries would mysteriously disappear from ^^ It looks very cute though, and I think music is such an important part of a child's development.

  4. That looks awesome - but how bad is it that I'm glad my kid doesn't have it? I'm so not into the noise-making toys. She's almost 5 and it seems like every year the toys get more obnoxious! Can't wait till she can read so I can buy her just nice, quiet books :)

  5. My little grandson would love this! His dad is a drummer and his older brothers play guitar and piano. Sounds like a great Christmas gift. I need to head to Target and check it out.

  6. We love the B. Toys line of toys. We have a few of their items, including a keyboard that the kids absolutely LOVE! I love that their toys are so affordable and fun!

  7. What a fantastic looking toy - I bet it makes hours of fun, playing away on it. x

  8. Well you certainly do have your own little band there! Toys like this is how they make Rock Stars~!!!

  9. Such a fun and colorful playset. I love toys like this that encourage such open creativity and exploration - so many important things happen for little brains when they get this kind of stimulation.

  10. Hi Madison! Des would LOVE to do this for hours. It happened when I was pregnant with him too. All kinds of music! And still!

  11. This is the kind of toy I love to give to my little nieces and nephews because it really sharpens their motor skills! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love toys like this! This allows kids at an early age to get interested in music and creating music.

  13. This looks like so much fun. My kids love music and are always putting it on the tv, or my phone and dancing around. We have a keyboard, and just yesterday got a brand new guitar for them to learn and hopefully get lessons with! Music is so important! - Jeanine

  14. This is an excellent toy to keep the kids musically inclined. They would also enjoy plying with the rockestra.

  15. This would make a great gift idea for my niece's kids and my little nephew. They all love music and I do believe music is something every child should learn. I love how it show the child what instrument is what and which one does what. Awesome toy indeed.

  16. My kids loved musical toys when they were younger. This looks like a fun one for kids to play with.

  17. She's getting a head start on her instrument playing now. This one requires far less patience though, and it looks pretty fun. :)

  18. i love b. toys and this looks like so much fun!

  19. This looks so cool, and my little ones would have LOVED this when they were younger. Who am I kidding? They would probably still play with it!

  20. I was just searching on the web and I land on this blog. And right now my expression is like WOW. Already I have read many articles and specially I like this one. This is a great gift idea. Thanks GrowingUpMadison. :)

  21. Hi Madison! It's a very helpful and fantastic post. My little one LOVE musical toy and probably still play with it.


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