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Black Hair Care Protective Styling for Kids

So I've been asked this question a few times. How do you do Madison's hair? What do you use to keep her hair moisturized and what about protective styling? What exactly is it? I'm going to say that I'm not an expert when it comes to hair, not even "black" hair which I've had all my life. I actually decided to go natural a few months ago and did the "big chop". The big chop is where you cut all your relaxed hair off. In my case I shaved my head bald and decided to grow it back naturally. It's a process but I've learned to love the hair that I was born with and natural is truly the way to go for me. I've been wearing a lot of protective styling myself, from wigs to weaves to braids and I love it! But today I want to focus on Black Hair Care Protective Styling for Kids.

Luckily for Madison her hair has always been natural but she has a mixture of textures. Living in New York City, I've never had a problem keeping my hair moisturized. Unfortunately for us here in Colorado, the altitude with lack of humidity keeps our hair really, really dry so I've been having to use products that highlights moisture as one of the key factor and also do styles that keep the moisture in.

Now one way that I've been helping to keep the moisture in after a wash is by doing Bantu Knots. These are really easy to do and you can find numerous YouTube tutorials that teach you how to do them. Right now I have been using the Just For Me Hair Milk Collection which I've found has been working really well for her. After you do a wash, you dry and add moisturizer to the hair and especially to the scalp. You detangle and part in as many, shape or size you want and twist and seal with rubber band. Super easy and if you take the knots out you can leave it out for a day or two in a super all natural curly style.

Now this is by far one of the easiest. I was taught how to corn row by a cousin of mine and practiced on my dolls until I got it right. There are so many styles you can do and while I'm not a professional, I tend to do a lot more up-do's because they are super easy to do. You can also do them as small or big as you want. Corn rows can last for quite some time. I usually tend to keep them in for at least two weeks and they are perfect for vacationing. No need to worry about getting your hair done on a daily basis.

Now the newest thing to hit the scene are crochet braids. I've been experimenting in Madison's hair with these. The hair is braided with corn rows beneath the crochet braids and while it's almost like a weave, it is not sewed or glued so it's a little bit easier on your natural hair. Also a lot more natural and perfect for kids.

Now there are tons of YouTube channels on how to take care of black hair. Lots of all natural products that are suggested but to be honest, it's what works for your hair. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa. We've tried lots of products and some work and some don't. Since Madison's hair is a lot different than mine I use a different product than she does in my hair. My hair tends to be drier than hers is so I really need the moisture. Here's something else that works, a spray bottle with water and leave in conditioner that you can spray as often as you want. Not only does it feel good on a hot day but your hair would love it too!

Let's discuss: How do you protectively style your hair? 

Annmarie John
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  1. I get keratin treatments to get rid of my natural curls, but in the process it protects and moisturizes my hair. Win-win.

  2. I have curly hairs and I love it. It gives my hair a natural body to it. I love the picture with her hair down.

  3. I've always sported a short hair. To protect it, I get hot oil treatments once a month.

  4. Her hair is amazing, what some gorgeous hair styles as well. I really need to try and take more care of my hair. x

  5. These are great ideas and I love those styles. I never thought of the spray bottle and leave in conditioner solution.

  6. Actually I never thought of protective care my hair. I do the basics but leave my hair wild as can be

  7. She looks adorable.
    I am sad to say, my hair care is very basic. This should influence me to do better.

  8. I really love the Bantu Knots. They are so pretty and it is so important to care for Black Hair because it is beautiful and healthy.

  9. Whenever I style my hair in the morning I have to use some sort of protector, otherwise my hair gets damaged.

  10. Her hair is gorgeous! I like the crochet braids.

  11. I absolutely love the Bantu Knots. It would be easier to maintain though it would probably take a lot of time to get it done.

  12. I admit that I don't style my hair at all. I just use conditioner when I wash. I'm so low maintenance :P

  13. So many cute hair styles. Love all of them but the crochet braids are so beautiful. It is so important to keep your hair conditioned well, especially if you are styling it a lot. I do use a spray in conditioner.

  14. I like the corn rows on your daughter. I wish I knew how to do that because it would be a really nice hair style to sport in hot and humid weather.

  15. I don't style my hair all that often. My girls can be difficult so I have to use lots of detangler and pretty much put it up or it looks a mess 24/7! - Jeanine

  16. This is a great idea and love those styles! my niece would haves an curly hair it is perfect for her, i would pass this to my sister so she can do for her daughter

  17. This is a great idea and love those styles! my niece would haves an curly hair it is perfect for her, i would pass this to my sister so she can do for her daughter

  18. My Daughter used to love having her hair in french braids. We used a leave in conditioner to help stop tangles.

  19. I My kids had fine hair when they were younger. I loved using detangler after the bath so i could comb their hair without trouble.


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