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Leg&Go - Everything A First Bike Should Be

There's nothing worse than having to shop for a different bike at each stage of your child's life. First they start off with a tricycle, then comes the training wheels, followed by the big kids bike as we like to call them. Over the years I've spend hundreds of dollars on bikes for all my kids. Lately the balance bike trend has evolved and luckily my pre-schooler was able to learn to ride and by pass the tricycle and balance wheel stage. What if I told you that you can bypass them all together with the new Leg&Go bike. The Leg&Go bike is geared for toddlers age 8 months to kids 6 years of age and can be modified in 8 different ways. Yes you read that right! 8 different ways!

The Leg&Go starts out as a rocking elephant for those too young to ride and can also be  3 types of balance bikes, a regular bicycle, tricycle, downhill version with footrest, and a polar bike with skis. It is made from birch plywood which gives it the flexibility and durability that you need. Since it is made of Birch Plywood it provides amazing suspension. Also the wooden frame makes it a lot lighter than metal.
We loved the fact that it is fully size adjustable with no tools needed. Don't you just hate having to have a tool just to adjust the seating of your little one's bike? The Leg&Go can be taken apart for easy carrying making it great for travel. Think of not having to rent a bike when you get to your destination. Perfect for those who love traveling. The Leg&Go also features 14" wheels in the front and 12" wheels in the back making it easy for your little one to have a more precise and smooth ride.
One of the main design that I loved is the steering limiter. This prevents younger children from turning the bike too sharply preventing falls. This can be removed as your child becomes more experienced and has a little more control.

Right now there is nothing like the Leg&Go on the market. This is a great way to get your kids up and moving but they need a bit of help. In order to get Leg&Go into every home they've started a Kickstarter page. You can be one of the first to get one of these unique and amazing bike. Check out the video below.

There is nothing like the Leg&Go on the market and will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. I'm only sorry this wasn't around years ago. I know that it would have surely saved me. You no longer need to buy many bikes, just one. Right now you can get the Leg&Go for the low price of $179 on their Kickstarter page. After the campaign is over the price will be a lot higher.

Here are the ways you can connect with Leg&Go:

Annmarie John
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  1. This is such a cute design for a child's first bike. I can tell that a lot of thought went into designing this product.

  2. This is such a cool looking bike. I wish I had one of these when my kids were learning to ride their bikes.

  3. These are so very cool! We never had these when my kids were small. We had an old fashioned cute Callow trike that we also adored. But this makes a lot of sense and the design is great.

  4. These bikes are really cute. My twins have the trike and pretty soon they will ask for the two wheeled bike. I will check this out.

  5. That looks like a cool looking bike, very modern! Amber N

  6. What a lovely little first bike! I adore the look of it and it sounds like the perfect starter :) x

  7. Wow that is a really cute looking bike. I had never seen anything like this before. Would love to check one of these out for my kiddos! - Jeanine

  8. I like the idea that it adjusts as they grow. That would have saved me money on my children's first bike, for sure!

  9. These are awesome! I wish I had these "stepping stone" bikes to start me off :P

  10. Thank you Emily and Tough Cookie Mommy for your kind words! A lot of thought went into Leg&Go designing indeed! However, support like yours motivates us and each positive thought helps to bring the Leg&Go into reality!

  11. Wow! Eight ways. That is so amazing. I do get dizzy by all the changes to make. This would be perfect to grow with my children.

  12. This is a neat concept. I like how the bike can be changed to different things.

  13. That steering limiter is such a smart feature. They really thought of everything in designing this!

  14. Now I like this one, what a cool bike to have for their first bike

  15. Amazing! I already purchased one. A must have!
    I want them all versions but so far seems like Kickstarter is offering 3 of them. They need more support to unlock other Leg&Go kits.

  16. What a gorgeous bike! I'm all about buying products that are meant to last!

  17. This definitely is must have product for kids.
    Really useful in a long term.
    Thanks designers for this great idea.

  18. Hooray! They cancelled the stretchgoals. All the versions are available now, we can order any!

  19. wooow. Thanks for sharing this. I find it really useful.

  20. There's nothing such as the Leg and Go available on the market as well as could save you countless bucks over time.

  21. I purchased a Leg&go to support the Kickstarter project. They could not meet the first ETA for the trike components we needed for my Son to actually used the bike. The provided a second ETA which was 3 months later, still could not deliver the goods paid for by that ETA. The 3rd ETA was 1 year later than the original so I requested a refund. I followed all instructions to ship goods for return biased on the promised that I would be refunded in full plus postage and when it came to the refund they short changed me $55USD for postage. Do not bother purchasing this bike as by the time you get it your child will probably have outgrown it!


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