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Choosing a Baby Gift

Even though a healthy and happy baby is the best present a new Mom can ask for, you will also want to commemorate this occasion by handing over an extra special gift. But seeing as there are an abundance of different things a little bundle of joy could benefit from, picking the right option can be tricky. So, with this in mind, here is a quick look at some baby present ideas, and what you should consider before making a purchase.

Baby clothes

Despite the fact that infants grow at an incredible rate, this is all the more reason to buy baby clothes. Any Mom will appreciate receiving a cute dress or adorable baby grow, as long as they tick the right boxes. First of all, you should always pick organic materials such as 100 per cent combed cotton, as a baby’s skin is very sensitive. Choose clothes that are easy to put on and remove too, such as trousers with an elastic waist. Finally, avoid the clichĂ© of choosing pink for girls or dressing a boy in nothing but blue. Have fun with colour and look for pretty patterns or prints. You can find plenty of baby girl clothes at Tesco as well as many options for your little man.

Bedding and blankets

Not only a handy and practical present, bedding and blankets can also be very personal. Every time Mom puts baby to sleep, she will be reminded of this special sentiment. What’s more, these two items can be equally important in a child’s development. Babies need plenty of peaceful sleep in order to grow, while security blankets provide some much needed comfort. As with clothes, be careful with your choice of material. Although all babies are different, several like the sensation of touching silk blankets and fleece bedding.


This gift idea might not be overly unique or even live long in the memory, but you will struggle to find a Mom that won’t be appreciative of receiving diapers as a present. Nearly every Mom underestimates just how many diapers their child will go through and how much it can end up costing too. For these reasons, it makes a lot of sense to opt for practicality over sentiment. If you still want to add a personal touch, think about purchasing some decorative storage for all those diapers as well.
When you browse for baby presents, it will be tempting to buy something like a lovable cuddly toy. The only problem is these tend to be quite popular, and not that practical either. So, if you want to get the perfect baby gift, choose something that will come in handy, but will also bring joy to both mother and child.

What gift do you usually buy for a new mom and her baby? 

Images by xopherlance and Maren Lie Malmo used under the Creative Commons license

This is a contributing post made possible by Tesco. 
Annmarie John
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  1. If the person I am buying for is not registered, I always get a supply of diapers and wipes for them.

  2. I usually like to get a new mom something for her baby but then definitely something for herself as well. I learnt this when I had my first child. My girlfriend got me a really nice at home spa kit and it meant so much in those days.

  3. Baby clothing as a gift is always a great idea. We also buy a lot of diapers. They always seem to run out of diapers in

  4. Diapers are always welcome for new moms. Clothes that aren't outgrown easily are good options too

  5. I go with practical items always. Nobody really needs a wipe warmer.

  6. I usually end up buying blankets and stuffed animals. I love all those cozy, comfy items.

  7. Diapers were one of my favorite gifts when the kids were little. You can never have enough of them!

  8. Great ideas! I've always found this super hard. I always hope that they have a registry but often they don't. Diapers are a great item, but everyone I kno cloth diapers so it gets costly! - jeanine

  9. I like to give a few packs of diapers in the first three sizes they come in for a shower gift. These are great gift ideas.

  10. Awesome tips, I love choosing baby gifts! I always tend to go for a stuffed animal.

  11. Haha, I love the idea to buy diapers. They all need it.

  12. Those are great tips. I usually buy clothes and blankets because we never have enough of them

  13. Diapers is always a great one! Can't lose with that

  14. I like to buy practical gifts.. May not be the most fun, but I know it is something that will get used and not feel like it was a waste.. Wet Wipes is one :)

  15. These are some really good ideas. It can be difficult to pick just the right present when shopping for a baby.

  16. I always give diapers and a personal gift for the mother


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