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10 Tips for Teaching Your Child About Recycling

Recycling seems like such a big task, but when you break it down, it’s actually quite simple. Learning to recycle as a family is a big deal and you can show your kids how to recycle by following these ten tips!

1. Research the purpose of recycling- Kids don’t always understand a concept, unless you explain it to them. Take the time to research with your child what recycling is and how it helps the earth.

2. Start your own recycling station at home- It’s easier to show your child how to recycle, when you are actually completing the task at home. Set up several different recycling containers to help make the concept of recycling easier on your child.

3. Teach your child about reusing- Recycling products is one thing, but you can also teach your child to recycle by reusing various items around the house. Refill that water bottle instead of throwing it in the trash.

4. Use less trash- Humans create a ton of trash every day, teach your child about recycling by teaching them to use less trash. For example: using your own bags at the grocery store, instead of the plastic ones they offer.

5. Make green decisions every day- It’s up to humans to create a trash-less society. You can teach your child to make green decisions every day that will impact their daily living. Using less water, picking up trash off the road, or even planting a garden in the summer are all great examples.

6. Do a craft about recycling- Recycling is about more than just putting plastic into a recyclable container. Completing a craft that shows children about recycling is one way to really get the point of recycling across.

7. Visit a recycling center- After you’ve gone through the process of teaching your child how to recycle, visit a local recycling center. See what happens long after the plastic and cardboard leaves your house.

8. Cleaning recyclables- Did you know that before placing a recyclable item in the recycling bin, you should clean it as much as possible? Help your child understand the process of this by walking them through the cleaning process.

9. Create a compost- You can do more than just recycle items in your home, you can also recycle food. Creating a compost is one way you can reuse the extra food your family will not be using.

10. Buy items that are created out of recycled products- Teaching our children about recycling also starts with consumerism. Show your child how to watch out for items that are made out of recyclables. You’re helping to create a healthier planet by buying smart.

What are some tips you have for teaching your child about recycling?

Annmarie John
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  1. Great tips! I am horrible at reusing and recycling. I am a huge waster and really should stop.

  2. Thanks for these tips! My daughter is 4 now and I think its about time that I start talking to her about recycling and why it's so important. I think a craft is a great way to start the conversation about recycling.

  3. We are horrible about recycling in our town, but it is the town - not the people. The pick up guys find ANY excuse they can NOT to take the bucket.

  4. My son has been all over me about recycling since learning about Earth Day at school. I really love the idea of a recycling station. I need to put that on my to-do list!

  5. These are all great ideas. We teach our kids about recycling and it's required to recycle in our neighborhood so we start our sorting n the house with several trash cans.

  6. This is such a useful post! I like it a lot. I will use your tips and try to start it with my son.

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  7. I think if you set the right example, your child will follow suit. And you absolutely are!

  8. That is a lot of different recycling bins. Fortunately our town is just one bin for everything.

  9. We recycle, cans and bottles and my daughters school has a recycling program. But its hard for them to know why they should do it. These are great tips.

  10. we recycle can and paper. Son is a big help especially this year with Environmental science projects.

  11. Great tips!! I just talked our 5 year old about not wasting water while brushing his teeth. He surprised me by mentioning that I should turn off the water the following night while washing dishes. He was listening!!

  12. I am big into recycling. I have tried to teach my kids about it and get them into it as well.

  13. You are so right .. Recycling is so simple. Since they have started to clearly Label the Recycle Bins .. its a lot easier

  14. This is awesome! My kids know how and what to recycle because we've always done it! Great tips!

  15. Very good tips. I agree it is very important to teach the importance of recycling..

  16. I have taught my children at a very young age about recycling. Incorporating it into science lessons in our homeschooling.

  17. I love the point about explaining to the kids just what it is they're doing. We've read children's books here, and the school has reiterated the importance of recycling in their own way too, and that helps. I like your list!

  18. It is important to teach children about recycling when they are young. It creates a habit they will follow all their lives.

  19. Great tips for all ages. We love our city's recycling program and it is great for the kids to help with.

  20. I love that my son is starting to get really interested in recycling. He's claimed sorting our recyclables as his own personal chore! (I think he's expecting allowance. :)

  21. We are trying to do a lot more with recycling in my community. My toddler loves to help!

  22. What wonderful tips and suggestions. All of these strategies really help teach our children about recycling and accountability for the environment.

    Great post my friend!

  23. We well known with the issue that recycling is the best way to convert a waster product into a used one and therefore in every regions and zones we have found several kinds of recycling programs which taught us to value the waste materials instead of throwing outside we should take those products for use. Here in this article we have also found some crucial facts about recycling and also taught how to teach our kids about recycling and I am sure they are also able to take positive step towards recycling.

  24. Thanks for the tips! I truly want to teach my children about all the benefits of recycling and how to recycle. Your post is very helpful for this purpose and shows us how to do it correctly. Best regards

  25. That’s great idea of creating awareness about recycling from childhood itself. Then only he/she will know how this recycling helpful for environment.


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