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Outside Spring Activities for Kids

Spring is finally here! Your kids have been cooped up inside all winter long, so start planning some spring fun outside. Not sure what to do? Here are a few outdoor spring activities you can do with your kids.

Blow Bubbles

With the warmer weather that comes with spring, it’s time to break out the bubbles! Your kids have been waiting for months to be able to be carefree outside and bubbles give them the perfect excuse. You can have even more bubble fun by setting up bubble machines around the yard so that your kids are surrounded with fun.

Plant a Garden

Another great spring activity you and your kids can do outside is to plant a garden. Your kids will enjoy getting dirty as your prepare the ground for your spring flowers. They’ll also have a blast picking out the flowers they want to plant in their new garden.

Build a Stick Fort

After a long winter, your yard probably looks a little rough. Leaves and sticks probably litter your yard, revealed after the snow finally melts. This spring activity will help you get your yard in order, all while letting your kids have fun outside. Tell your children that you’re going to build a stick fort. Your kids will then need to collect all of the sticks from the yard. You can then weave yarn between the sticks to help build a small stick fort that your kids can play in.

Dance in the Rain

We all know that, “April showers bring May flowers,” which means that you can plan on a lot of rain in the spring! Take advantage of this and the next time it starts to rain, head outside for an impromptu rain dance. Your kids will love dancing in the rain and splashing puddles during this spring activity.

Spring is a fun time for kids. They’ll love their taste of freedom after a long winter indoors.

What are your favorite spring activities to do with your kids?

Annmarie John
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  1. Kick a ball. :) The past two evenings it's been cool at our house, but I've taken my son outside to run and kick a ball around so he'll be tired for bedtime. It works like a charm!

  2. I used to love to splash in puddles and just be outside with my friends. We would spend hours in the playground and if armed with chalk--HOPSCOTCH

  3. These are some great ideas! My kids have played in the sand box a ton and have been riding their bikes a lot!

  4. My favourite here is "Plant a garden". Apart from kids enjoying getting their hands dirty, they also are very faithfull in the after care of the plants monitoring the progress. If it's a vegetable (kitchen) garden, they impatiently look forward to reaping time.

  5. The blowing bubbles reminds me that Cassidy went to Brazil and visited tribes along the Amazon River. There were lots of children and so he blew bubbles at them. They looked so intrigued in the photos!
    Some of these things are truly universal childhood things.

  6. Awww lovely ideas! We have definitely seen 'some' spring weather unfortunately it has been slightly unpredictable this week - we had hail yesterday and today! Can't wait to properly get out though! Sim

  7. These are no doubt some great ideas.Thanks for this.I would gonna suggest my cousin your post for her kids.

  8. My s on got a bag of outdoor games which have been useful And fun. We also haveo our tent up in the back yard.

  9. I want to build a stick fort too! Sure it's prolly not age appropriate, but it sounds so much fun!

  10. I use to do these as children. Water fights were good as well

  11. Great article and it is a great help.
    I will make my kids work for garden

  12. As a kid, I loved (and still love) blowing bubbles, painting, reading and sleeping!

  13. The dandelion reminds me of the video that went viral... The dad was blowing the dandelion and the baby went hysterical! It was really sweet. And yes, the activities for kids are definitely better than them looking at the iPad all day!

  14. We have already started blowing the bubbles outside and inside. Even our little shih tzu got in on the fun.

  15. Blow bubbles check, plant a (veggie) garden check, dance in the rain check, build a stick fort? Now this one we've got to try! Thanks for the new idea! Never even thought of that.

  16. Planting in a garden would be great! I miss doing it. I haven't planted anything in a decade now. And yeah, dancing in the rain would also be great! hahaha

  17. Outdoor activities are now very rare for kids. Especially nowadays that gadgets rule their time! I am glad my kids still look for outdoor activities once in a while.

  18. Wonderful suggestions Amanda!

    We planted our garden this week. The kids love helping with that!

    I love blowing bubbles and bringing out the sidewalk chalk.

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Blowing bubbles, my kids fave any season of the year, lol. She do it inside and outside the house though

  20. Bubble machine.. That is what my daughter had bought a few weeks ago. Her little toddler really digs playing with this burst a bubble stuff.

  21. plant a garden sounds absolutely fun! other than flowers, can also plant some herbs and veggies too?

  22. Spring is the best time for tons of outdoor fun for kids. I love your ideas and I look forward to seeing kids running around outside again.

  23. These sounds totally like what I do when I was a kid.. Though my mom got us to plant tomatoes instead of flowers!

  24. aww this is such a cute post. Planting sounds like a super fun activity.

  25. When my son was little, one of our favorite spring activities was to take nature hikes, collecting various things we would find, then, we would turn them in to art projects :)

  26. Yeah kids really look forward to spring and the activities that you listed out definitely will make it more enjoyable for them!

  27. Thank to admin for your effective suggestion. It will help us.


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