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Ways to Decorate a Kid’s Bedroom on a Budget

Getting that new look for your child’s room can add up over time. It’s important that you find a way to decorate your kid’s bedroom without breaking the budget. I want to share 5 ways to decorate a kid's bedroom, while still keeping some money in the bank.

Hand-me-down Furniture

A lot of people decorate their child’s room with the furniture they had as a child. Furniture can always be repainted to make it look a certain way or you can go with the vintage look. Using furniture you’ve had since your childhood is one way to decorate a bedroom on a budget.

Head to a Restore

There are places called “re-stores” out there. The basic concept of these stores is to sell second hand items. A lot of these second hand items are donated to the re-store, so the store gets full profit and can help others with the cash earned.

Get Creative

It’s easy to pay big bucks for an item when you are going for a big name like Spiderman or Frozen. Stick to a theme that isn’t a big name and watch how much money you can save. Go for a general princess themed room or a universal super hero room. You’d be surprised at how those savings truly add up!

Thrift Shopping

One way to decorate a room on a budget is to make it a scavenger hunt at thrift stores. It may take a little while to put all the pieces of the room together, but it will be totally worth it. Create a list of items you want for the bedroom and then take several weeks to find the items. Thrift shopping is one way you can decorate a kid’s bedroom, while still staying on budget.

It’s All About the Color Scheme

It’s true that what is in a bedroom can make or break the look, but the paint job is what can really make the room look golden. A killer color scheme is one way to stay on budget while decorating a bedroom. You can save on paint by buying it when it’s on sale and stocking up or you can head to a store that sells used paint (you might need some luck on that last one).

Nothing feels better than giving your child the bedroom they’ve always wanted, however, it’s important to stay on budget. These 5 tips will not only help you stay on budget, but they will help you give your child the room they could only picture in their dreams.
Annmarie John
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  1. I think thrift shopping is an awesome idea. You can find some real treasures at thrift shops.

  2. it is hard to find good deals on bedding etc. Hand me downs are great especially if you are decorating for a younger child.

  3. Those online yard sales are fantastic too for this

  4. Great ideas! Decorating kids bedrooms shouldn't cost a fortune.

  5. I like the idea of Second Hand Furniture as they can be easily transformed to look new. I'm not too keen on the Beding as this mist have health risks

  6. Fantastic ideas. Lots of great looks even on a budget.

  7. Re-stores tend to have some good things. I also borrowed some items from my family!

  8. I love thrift stores for inexpensive furniture. There's always great pieces to be had.

  9. You've got some solid tips here. I love the idea of finding a restore! And you're right, paint can make or break a room.

  10. These are great tips. Hand e down furniture is great because you can always repaint it!

  11. restore is one of my favorite places to find great deals for the house. Also, local yardsale groups can turn up treasures too

  12. I never heard of re-stores, interesting concept. I really do like the idea of redoing or refinishing you old furniture-not only will that save you a lot of money but you are helping the environment as well!

  13. We are thinking about redoing the kids rooms this summer. Right now its all Spiderman! Great tips!

  14. We use Vinyl wall hangings to give son's room a new look. That and pictures we picked up at the Dollar store.

  15. Those are great tips! I love the vases on the wall in that picture. I can't do much right now, but when we move I'm going all out on my kids' rooms.

  16. Great tips! We can't really decorate much since we are in an apartment but it would be fun to do when we get a house.

  17. You are so right when you say color scheme can make or break a room. For both my girls I painted a color which they would not outgrow for at least some time. To keep to my budget, I also change the color of the furniture (instead of replacing furniture) to match the whole look.

  18. I love getting cheap furniture from thrift and yard sales, sanding them down and painting them fun colors for the kid's bedroom. I always let them pick the color though, so they can feel like they had a hand in doing some of the decorating.

  19. We like to shop thrift stores and garage sales. It's something I have done my whole life so I have gotten really good at making things new again. A few years ago kiddo wanted a loft bed so we watched Craigslist and got an Ikea one for $100. We spray painted it , made curtains and turned her little girl pink princess room into a pre tween little girls room.

  20. I love thrift shopping and restore stores. Giving new life to old items is an awesome way to save as well as helps the environment.

  21. A fun paint color can make such a huge impact in a room for sure!

  22. We do a lot of thrift shopping for things the kids want. Their taste change so often that it makes it easier to change with them.

  23. I totally love what you did. I'm going to borrow the idea with the vases! That is brilliant!

  24. Thrift shopping is my weakness! I can't help myself. I love looking for all the treasures!


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