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My 2014 Toddler New Year Resolutions Update - Did I Keep Them?

I don't usually post on Sundays but today is different. At the beginning of 2014 I made a few, well actually 10 Toddler New Year Resolutions and I really tried my best to keep them. This year I decided that I was not going to make any resolutions. Not only are they hard to keep but I'm too young to be kept accountable for things that I say I'm going to do. After all I'm only a toddler and we very rarely remember what we did the day before. Having to remember to do something all year long is too much responsibility for me. So I bet you're wondering, did I keep those resolutions? Well I promised an update on whether I did or not and today I want to share them with you. I also want to share a few photos that I took for my 3rd birthday so while I tell you about my resolutions, enjoy my birthday pics. Here goes:

Resolution #1: Totally Own the Potty

Well while I didn't totally own the potty in 2014 I finally did own it in 2015. Actually right after I turned 3 I decided that it was time. I'm now fully potty trained and mommy couldn't be happier. I'm happy too and I just love showing her my handiwork in the toilet after it's done before I flush.

Resolution #2: Smile More.

For those that visit me on an almost daily basis you can tell that I didn't keep that resolution. Actually just looking at my birthday pics is living proof that I don't like smiling. Believe it or not it takes mommy quite some time to get my photos on the blog just the way she wants them. I'm talking about 50 photo shots just to get one good one. Well maybe I'll finally get around to smiling one day.

Resolution #3: Learn to Say Yes!

I think mommy is finally regretting me making that resolution because now everything is YES even when I mean NO. Take for example:

Mommy: Madison are you having a good time?
Me Crying: YES

Get the picture? Yes has become the word of the day, the hour and the minute. It's now my most favorite word.

Resolution #4: Take More Naps.

Now this is one that mommy would have really loved for me to keep. I still hate taking naps and I've discovered the wonderful world of YouTube. That means that if I fall asleep I miss out on those awesome kid videos of people unboxing toys and opening those eggs that have toys on the inside. I can watch those videos for hours. Unfortunately mommy has also now discovered that there's YouTube Kids which comes with filtering and time limits, so now maybe I'll take a nap after my limit runs out. 

Resolution #5: Wake at a Reasonable Time in the Morning

Here is another that mommy would have really loved to have happened. Since I don't take naps that means that I go to bed pretty early. Even if I try to stay up late it never happens. Since I go to bed early that also means that I wake up pretty early. Sometimes I'm up as early as 5:30am, even on the weekends. Now maybe someone can tell mommy a way for me to sleep in late, until then I'll be her alarm clock. 

Resolution #6: Expand My Palette

This is one that I actually did do. I've learned to eat a few more items besides the Pediasures that I used to consume. Right now I'm in love with fruits and not so much veggies any longer, although I do love Broccoli. I'm always willing to try new foods but make sure you have a trash can close by because I usually end up spitting it out. I did try didn't I? 

Resolution #7: Play With Own Stuff

Back in 2014 everyone's stuff was my stuff and it did take a while for me to understand that wasn't so. I really loved going into my sister's makeup the most and trying them on. My brothers room was off limits for a while because I would go in there and play with their stuff which at the time was my stuff. Now my stuff is my stuff and no-one is allowed to touch my stuff. Am I saying stuff too much? I just love that word. 

Resolution #8: Be More Assertive

Oh I was always assertive but I've become even more assertive to the point where I'm almost a bully. Maybe being assertive should not have been on that list. Now I have to learn how to tone it down and be nicer. At least I'm not a pushover. Girl Power! 

Resolution #9: Put Away Toys After Playing

This is also a work in progress. I still don't understand why I have to put toys away if I'm going to be playing with them in another couple of minutes or hours. That's really just more work for me and I would prefer to leave them right where they are. Unfortunately mommy makes me pick them up and put them in my toy box. Maybe the fact that she almost falls over them doesn't really help my cause but one day maybe she'll get it.  

Resolution #10: BE A TODDLER! 

I truly enjoyed my toddlerhood. I am now considered a pre-schooler ever since I turned 3 years old. I had a lot of adventures during my second year and it was a lot of fun. I went to the State Fair, the Zoo and even a Renaissance Fair. I did a lot of fun things, met a lot of great people and I intend to continue doing that. 

While my 2014 New Year Resolutions weren't a complete bust I did manage to get a few done. This year as I mentioned I didn't make any resolutions. I do however intend to live without regret and have a lot of fun while doing it. After all You Only Live Once. YOLO!

What about you? Were you able to get all your resolutions done? 

Styled by Gymboree

Annmarie John
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  1. I love the resolutions the are so cute YES is a big one here and YouTube

  2. I love her resolutions and yay to finally potty training! And by the way, we just found the kid's YouTube and so thankful, because our kids wanted to only watch the regular YouTube and honestly wasn't a fan that they would either.

  3. Madison, you are so CUTE! I love all of these resolutions. It looks like you’re on the right track for 2015!

  4. Madison, you have done a great job. Keep up the good work and your pics are cute.

  5. I think you have more successes than not! :) Potty training is a big one and more naps would be amazing (spoken from a Mom who has good nappers). Your photos are absolutely adorable, and you've got one beautiful model!

  6. So wonderful to see your progress :) I'm happy that you accomplished so much and cannot wait to see what 2015 holds for you!

  7. Yay for potty training! :-) And yes! I would love to see more pictures of you smiling really big!

  8. I think smiling more is a great idea. Your smile must brighten up any room.

  9. I like these things your mama is working on with you.

  10. What a smart little lady you are Madison! I love these resolutionS and it looks like you're on the right track!

  11. LOL I definitely understand number four. YouTube can become an addiction. Catch up on lots of sleep while you can! :)

  12. Congratulations on all your achievements! You are a very beautiful little girl and you don't have to give up all of these things just yet :)

  13. Aww I too want more naps. So far our goals have been met we got a car and money in our savings a huge stress release.

  14. No matter what time my kids go to bed, they are up before 6 am. And this is going on for 10 years now, so if you figure it out, let me know.

  15. Those photos are great. I love the one with the big blocks that say love. Even though she's not smiling she beautiful.

  16. I think maybe number 10 is the most important one and you nailed it!
    I think my son can relate to all of these. I think maybe your next resolution is to have professional photos taken by me! And smiling ones!

    1. Tamara we are so going to have to take you up on that offer. The next time we are on the East Coast for longer than a week, we are going to make it our business to track you down and get it done.

  17. I just realized this blog is being told from your daughter's POV. How cute! She is adorable and those are all very good resolutions!

  18. Adorable pictures!! I don't really make resolutions, I just pray about what I should change in my life. So far, I hope I'm doing what I should. :)

  19. Awww, this is just soooo sweet! Love the toddler resolutions and CONGRATULATIONS on owning the toilet! Woohoo! No more diapers!

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Congratulations on your potty training!! I bet Mom is so proud of you!

  21. Glad to hear you were able to own that potty! I hope you can get the smiling resolution because you are so cute when you smile! As for me I have not been able to keep some of my goals but working on them!

  22. ALL of those pictures are fantastic!! She's a little beauty queen. :) And hurrah for trying new flavors/foods...wish I could get that one done over here with the youngest. :)

  23. Such beautiful pictures and glad you were able to achieve some of those goals!

  24. What a gorgeous girl! I love the resolutions -- I'd love to resolve to take more naps too. I don't think it'll happen anytime soon, but here's to wishful thinking!

  25. How beautiful! Great job on potty training! I'm almost about to start that with my son! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Congrats on potty training! She's still beautiful even if she won't smile!

  27. You can't even get mad at her for spitting out new foods, can ya? At least she's trying them!

  28. Yay for potty training! It's on the horizon for us, I'm scared!!!

  29. This is such a great list. I make these promises to myself every week. Some days I keep them others ...

  30. I take a nap each and every day. I love the heart outfit!

  31. I love these resolutions! I think it's hard for anyone to really keep these praises for an entire year. We're human and we forget things and make mistakes. I never do them because I know I won't keep them! Now I love naps and I am yawning as I type this! lol Now the photos are darling! You are entirely too cute Madison but girl, you do need to share your beautiful smile more!! <3

  32. Keep it up! I love resolutions like these...what a cute young lady!

  33. I love your expressions! I can't wait to see a smile one day!

  34. I love all these fun resolutions. The pictures are so cute & amazing. Its great to see how you are progressing & wishing more success to come.

  35. Such a cute way of putting it. I love the photos. Your daughter is adorable. I would say my 3 year old still naps and is mostly potty trained and smiles for most pictures but the food is something she is still working on.

  36. Very cute post, and congrats on mastering potty training! I made resolutions, and haven't stuck to them, but I still have the rest of the year to accomplish one resolution...not looking too good for me, though.

  37. This post is just too cute! Yay for owning that potty in 2015!

  38. will always check here to see your smile


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