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Things to do Over Christmas Break

Can you believe that the holidays are right around the corner? That means you get to look forward to having the kids at home for a few weeks. Although it’s nice to spend the holidays with family, having the kids at home all day long for two straight weeks can be tiresome, not just for you but also the kids as well. To help keep everyone in the family happy and getting along, you need to find creative ways to keep your kids active and engaged. The busier they are, the less time they’ll have to argue and get into fights with their siblings! That's why I've put together a list of things that you can do over the Christmas break.

One of the best ways to keep your kids busy this Christmas break is to set up some sleepovers. You can let your kids invite a few friends over to spend the nights. Your kids will be so busy playing with their friends that they’ll forget to fight with siblings. You can also let your children go over to their friend’s house so that you can have a night with your home all to yourself!

Craft Time

Another great way to keep your kids busy this Christmas break is to give their hands something to do. To do this, set up a daily craft time that all of your kids can participate in. The craft could be something as simple as gluing macaroni noodles to paper and painting them. You can also set up complicated crafts that will take days to complete. By giving your kids crafts to do with their hands, you’ll keep them from being bored and acting out as a result.

Play Outside

Don’t forget to send your kids outside this Christmas break! Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that they can’t play outside. Simply bundle them up in all of their snow gear, including snow pants, boots, coats, scarves, gloves, and hats. If they’re unsure about what to do outside, encourage them to play in the snow. They can build snowmen, make snow angels, and even “paint” the snow with squirt bottles full of colored water. The more they have to do outside, the busier they’ll stay!

Trip to Grandma’s

Kids love to visit Grandma, so to help keep your kids busy and happy, plan a trip. Whether their grandma lives a street over or a state away, you can set up a trip so that your kids can stay for a few days. Your kids will get to have fun away from home, while you get some peace and quiet. It’ll be a win-win for everyone involved!

Keeping your kids busy over Christmas break isn’t too hard. Simply fill their days with different activities and play dates so that they’re too busy to get in trouble.

What are some ways you keep your kids busy over Christmas?

Annmarie John
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  1. Those are all great ideas. The only thing I know for sure is that we are going to the aquarium over the vacay.

  2. What great ideas! We always try to visit with friends, craft and bake when we are off for Christmas break.

  3. We use to have organized neighborhood sports. Since I worked for the school district and we lived in a warm weather state, we would have baseball games, street hockey and basketball games set up. We did movies and the occasional trip up t Big Bear to see the snow.

  4. Thank Goodness my Kid is grown... but when the Grandkids come.... look out. I need all the help I can to keep them busy. I like doing craft time with them.

  5. I do not have any children so I do not have this problem. Sending them to be spoiled at Grandma's sounds like a great suggestion to me. And playing outside with their friends is something they will never forget!

  6. I am a big fan of allowing children to go out and play with their friends. I realize it is not as safe as it used to be when I was growing up--but they really need that somewhat unwatched socialization. Of course having Grandma babysit or take them out--or have them sleep over--nothing quite like being spoiled by Grandma!! Sleepovers can be fun but they are a lot of work!!

  7. We like to do crafts at Christmas to help ring in the season. We made advent ornaments this year to go with some bible stories. We also do some food crafts closer to Christmas, the best part is just enjoying time together.

  8. We're on Hanukkah break since we're Jewish and we plan to play outside and go to a pottery studio to paint some pottery.

  9. There are so many good movies being released, we'll basically be living at the theater!

  10. We like to head to the $1 theater. It's always a good way to kill a few hours in the afternoon!

  11. We'll be checking out what is on Netflix and hanging out with friends. We try to stay busy when we can.

  12. These sound fun! My daughter is a little young for sleepovers at Grandma's or with friends, but otherwise, we just have playdates with friends and do a lot of Christmas crafts and we spend tons of time at the library checking out holiday books! :)

  13. That's funny because are definitely doing playdates and sleepovers, and definitely a trip or seven to Grandma's house is in the cards!

  14. We like to do crafts over break time, we also travel to see family. I think because we homeschool we have more flexibility with what we do over Christmas break.

  15. I enjoy spending time with my boys during the Christmas holiday. We go on outings together and take advantage of every moment.

  16. Kiddo doesn't usually stay with us for Christmas break. Since she lived with her mom she would stay with my mother-in-law a few days during the break. Now, we are getting custody and things are all over the place. She'll be spending a lot of time at my mother-in-laws due to all the work schedules. We do love our crafts and do those when the weather permits us from leaving the house. Or, we just don't want to!

  17. I love Christmas break, it gives us time to enjoy being together in a lot of ways. We love to keep busy with crafts and play dates.

  18. Crafting is a great way to enjoy the Christmas break. We usually go outdoors and play together. After all the park is year round. I hope you're having fun in the Caribbean. Can't wait to see you back.

  19. Those are all great ideas for the Christmas break. I don't want to lose my mind this year either lol

  20. I am no good at crafting but that is something that I would love to try next year and get more into. Great ideas here.


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