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Just Right for Christmas

While it remains Tuesday it means that I have a few more books to share with you. Don't you just love Toddler Book Talk Tuesdays? Today I also want to keep the theme going. Earlier I shared a book about how teamwork  can make your Christmas merry and bright. The book I am going to share with you now teaches about gratitude and the gift that keeps on giving. You'll be surprised at how the little things can turn out to be Just Right for Christmas. Guess what? That's the name of today's book. Just Right for Christmas written by Birdie Black and Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw.

Just Right for Christmas tells the story of a King who one day saw a huge roll of beautiful red cloth at the market and decided that he would buy it to make a grand cloak for his daughter. He took it home to his castle where he gave it to his sewing maids. They snipped and sewed, and snipped and sewed until the had make the cloak for the princess. When they were done the king decided that they should put the leftovers scraps of red cloth at the back door where it was found by the castle's kitchen maid. She decided that it would be just right for make a gift for her mother, so she snipped and sewed and snipped and sewed and left the scraps outside her back door where it was found by someone else.

Here is an excerpt from the book:
Samuel Squirrel bounded past Bertie's house. Suddenly, he stopped. What should he see but a tiny bundle of beautiful bright-red scraps. "Oooh!" he said. "That cloth is so bright red and soft and Christmassy! It would be just right to make a pair of gloves for my wife!"
Who would have imagined that the soft, red cloth the King buys to make the perfect Christmas for gift his daughter would turn out to make other gifts that are just right for others.  Your little ones will love the repetition of snipping and sewing and before you know it will be repeating the words.

The illustrations in this book were beautifully done and the story was wonderfully told. I love the story that it teaches that what might be "scraps" for you might be just right for someone else. It's a story that celebrates the joy of giving which is just one of the things we love to do at Christmas time. It's a great book for babies and toddler and even the beginner readers. Just Right for Christmas gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Recommended age: 2-5

Annmarie John
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  1. I love the idea that one persons junk is anothers gold. We used to make a handmade item and swap with family at Christmas every year now we are all so busy and we buy but I loved that tradition such a great book and great concept

  2. This seriously sounds like a very cute book and I just adore the pictures. Again, I think Jaiden would love this book even though he's a bit older then the recommend age. He is learning to read and is loving everything about it. =) Thank you for sharing this with us Madison.

  3. This looks like such a cute book. I just added it to my Amazon cart!

  4. That sounds like a really sweet book! It's great to teach even the little ones about the true meaning of Christmas, for sure!

  5. How cute!! It just goes to show that one man's junk is another man's treasure. I think there's a lesson to be learned in this book

  6. Even though kiddo is older, I still shop younger kids books because I love the artwork. This one looks really cute and amazing.

  7. That sounds like a wonderful children's book. I want to get this for my kids :)

  8. This sounds like a great book to introduce the joy of giving to little ones. I like that it is a board book too. Not easily torn up by tiny hands!

  9. My Mom convinced me to stop at Barnes and Noble today because she wants to get her great grandbaby books! She did ultimately find one that is age appropriate and super cute. My grand niece is only 9 months old and I will be buying books for her for many years--I will be keeping this one in mind!

  10. My toddler is really getting into books and he walks around with his favorite. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for him.

  11. What a sweet book! They closed both of the book stores in the town closest to us, so now we have to drive a long way to the bookstore or order online. I miss seeing the books first, before buying!

  12. What a cute daughter ! I love sweet stories like the one described here.

  13. As a Reading teacher, I LOVE books! This is a sweet story with a great lesson. Thanks for sharing!

  14. This looks like such a darling book and look at Madison "reading". I love the theme behind this book, that one man's trash is another mans treasure.


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