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What is Thanksgiving? by Michelle Medlock Adams

It's Tuesday and it's the day that we highlight the books we've been reading. If you've missed out on any of the books that we've done recently, you can take a look at our books reviews section. There you will find a few you may already own or will want to own. This week is a very special week since it's Thanksgiving week. One of my readers recently asked us if we recommended any books in particular for Thanksgiving and I do! Today I want to share with you one of my very own. This one was purchased by mommy for me last year and it's one that we read every Thanksgiving. It's called "What is Thanksgiving" written by Michelle Medlock Adams and Illustrated by Amy Wummer.

While this book does have a religious feel to it at the end, it does teach kids that Thanksgiving is not all about food, parades and football.

It is told with illustrations that your little ones will enjoy looking at and rhymes that they'll laugh at as well. The verses are easy to read and even your youngest of tots will understand what Thanksgiving is all about thanks to Michelle's words and Amy's illustrations.

Here's an excerpt from the book:
Is it about the football games?
My daddy watches those.
And all the while he munches snacks -
That's why his belly grows. 
At the end you realize that Thanksgiving may involve parades, lots of food and even football which can be lot of fun, but it isn't what Thanksgiving is all about. It's about showing your gratitude and giving thanks for all your blessings.

I truly recommend this book for those with little ones wanting to learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It's a really great book and so easy to understand. Your little ones will love it just as much as mommy and I do! This gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Recommended age: 2-5

Annmarie John
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  1. Aww! What a cute little book!
    I need to get some new books for Thanksgiving.
    The kids would love it!

  2. what a cute book Thanksgiving books seem harder to find and it I such an important holiday to teach the kids thankfulness and sharing I love it

  3. Cute book! Love the quote you took from it. Sounds like my dad, too. :)

  4. I appreciate the meaning but non religion about the book. Scarlet asks so many questions about Thanksgiving! So many! And she has a lot of opinions about it too.

  5. I love reading the kids a story about a holiday. It gets them in the mood and answers so many questions. Thanks for this book idea.

  6. Looks like a really cute book! What a great way to celebrate the holiday!

  7. I dont think there is enough done about teaching our kids about thanksgiving too much emphasis on presents and christmas. Looks like a cute book.

  8. What a cute book. It's so nice that you've started a tradition with reading.

  9. This looks great! I love the illustrations.

  10. Great little book. Love finding a Thanksgiving one.

  11. This book is adorable! I bet the kids love it!

  12. I am so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I bet the kids love this book!

  13. Oh I collect children's literature and also have many board books. This one looks great.

  14. I wish I had this book! My son is having a little trouble with understanding what the holiday is all about. I bet a book for kids his age would help.

  15. Such a sweet book, it looks like your daughter is really enjoying it. We have been breaking out our classic Thanksgiving books as well.

  16. We just read a Thanksgiving book this morning. :) I love holiday-related books, and this one looks great!

  17. What a sweet book. My kids would definitely love this one!

  18. What a cute story. That looks like a darling book!

  19. I love seeing you reading about the holiday and the great book that is illustrating what this holiday means. I always choose the same kinds of books for my little ones! Happy Holiday!

  20. I absolutely loved the illustrations depicted in this post. I have learned that children understand more when rhyming is involved so I love that this book rhymes. Also the line about that is why daddy belly's grows is hilarious.

  21. Now this is great. A lot of kids don't truly understand the meaning of Thanksgiving. This is a great way to teach them that.

  22. What an adorable little book! I love the pictures-perfect for little ones!


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