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5 Things Every Child Needs for Winter

When the temperature starts to drop and snow is in the forecast, parents start scrambling to make sure their kids have the right cold weather gear. But the best time to prepare for cold weather is before the temperatures plummet. Take some time now to prepare for the cold and make sure you have the 5 things every child needs for snow days.

  1. Heavy Coat: Every child needs a heavy winter coat that will keep them warm in the snow. Tip: Check out the local thrift store for gently used winter coats. You can pick up a great play coat for a fraction of the cost of a new one in the main stores.

  2. Hat: Check to make sure the hat comes down far enough on their head to cover their ears and part of the neck. Many kids love the hats with ear flaps and a velcro strap to keep it down around their chin.

  3. 2 Pair of Gloves: Kids need a small pair of soft gloves for every day wear. These gloves are perfect to keep in their coat pocket and use on school days or when it is cold but they still need to use their fingers. The 2nd pair of gloves should be thicker and made for keeping their hands dry when they are playing in the snow.

  4. Snow Boots: Kids can't enjoy the snow if their feet get wet. Snow boots can be picked up at thrift stores or yard sales and should be a little larger than the size they are actually wear. Tip: If you have a large extended family or friends that often come to your house, consider keeping your child's snow boots that they outgrow. This will allow you to have plenty of sizes so everyone can find a pair of boots when they are at your home.

  5. Wrist Warmer: Traditional gloves don't cover the wrists. You can buy gloves with extra long wrist bands or create these yourself with an old kneesock. Just clip small slits in the toe of the sock for the child's fingers and then let them slide them on underneath their snow gloves. The long sock will create a protective layer on the wrist to keep the snow off the skin.
What essentials do you have on hand for your child's winter wardrobe?

Annmarie John
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  1. Those are all winter necessities and reasons I'm glad we now live in San Diego!!

  2. My kids start the winter with 10 pairs of gloves each. By the end of the winter, we're lucky if they each have 2 pairs left.

  3. We rarely got snow when the kids were little, but now we get a lot. No one around here knows what they need to buy for their kids, so this is pretty helpful! I need to pick up some snowboots.

  4. If they are my kids they need like 20 pair of gloves! My kids lose them constantly!

  5. These are all so very important for the cold winters which are right around the corner!

  6. Snow for sure, my kids just wait and wait for a snow day then we get 2 inches and we are out for 1 week

  7. Great suggestions. We live in Florida so our winter is shorts and flip flops, seriously! Wish it wasn't, would love the cold weather.

  8. Yes. Winter will be here before we know it and those are five things that children definitely need. A coat is always the hardest to find. I like your idea of checking the thrift store. Kids grow out of coats so quickly, I hate spending a lot of money on one.

  9. What a great list of winter essentials! I always make sure to stock up on gloves and mittens becasue like my daughter's socks, they often tend to vanish so I want to make sure I have a few pairs just in case!

  10. I agree with this list, and will pass it on to my mommy friends.

  11. Lots of gloves! My daughter loses so many! Plus thermal underwear!

  12. These are great tips. We are lucky if we ever get to use half of these here in Florida during the Winter, but when we traveled to the Northwest this past summer, we had to stop and buy snow gloves because the snow was so cold for the boys to play in.

  13. I like the idea of the wrist warmers. I remember snow getting in there as a child. It was awful!

  14. We're in a different boat because we live in Florida, but we definitely need a good coat!

  15. We had an incredibly early fall of snow in the first week of September, but it has tamed since, thank goodness! At the moment our front closet is filled to the brim with things for every possible weather condition.

  16. This is a great list. At my son's school I'd add ski pants, they won't let them play in the snow if they don't have them (at recess) and playing in the snow for a first grader is a must. ;)

  17. Since moving down to Virginia, winters have been SO mild. The oldest who goes to school has snow boots, but everyone else just deals with sneakers and jackets - but not even close to the type of jackets we needed in Maine.

  18. My mom is asking me this every week.. Have you got the kids warm weather clothes.

  19. I've never heard of wrist warmers! We definitely are lacking some things. Not ready for winter!
    By the way, my sister is in Vail right now and saw two moose in front of her hotel!!

  20. The idea of using old socks as wrist warmers is a really good idea.

  21. I usually get my niece and nephew a brand new coat every year. It's the one thing that they get from me and living in NY we have to stay warm. Last winter was horrible and this year is supposed to be worst. This is a help for those who are new to the cold.


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