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Tips for Carving a Pumpkin with Kids

When you think of fall, you probably have images of colorful leaves and pumpkins dancing before your eyes. If you do, you’re not alone! Fall is all about having fun and enjoying all of the activities popular during the season, especially carving pumpkins. If you’re planning on enjoying this particular activity this fall, here are some tips you’ll need for carving pumpkins with your kids.

Use Child-Friendly Tools

Carving pumpkins is a fun activity everyone in the family wants to try out, however, oftentimes the adults end up doing most the work with the carving knife. To make it safe for everyone in the family to carve their own pumpkins, invest in some child-friendly carving tools. This will help minimize any injuries your child might have while using the sharp tools. If you have very young children, you can keep them involved by letting them paint their pumpkins instead of carving them.

Store your Pumpkin Inside

If you've ever carved a pumpkin, you know how cold your hands can get trying to scoop out all of the insides. To help keep your hands toasty warm, store your pumpkin inside the day before you carve. This will help bring your pumpkin up to room temperature so your hands can get a break.

Cut Out the Bottom

When carving pumpkins, most people cut out the top and go from there. Although there’s nothing wrong with this, it can get frustrating reaching in and lighting the candle in your pumpkin every night. A great way to get around this is to cut out the bottom of the pumpkin instead. When you cut out the bottom, you can simply place the candle or LED light on the ground and set the pumpkin on top of it. This makes it easier to light the candle each night since you simply tip the pumpkin to gain access to the light.

Use Pumpkin Stencils

It can be hard to carve the perfect pumpkin, especially if you’re not very creative. There is hope, however! Simply use stencils to help plan how you will carve your pumpkin. This will also give your kids a map to follow as they work on creating their masterpieces.

Carving pumpkins is a fall tradition every family should have. Not only is it a great time to bond with your family, it’s a ton of fun!

What are some of your tips for carving pumpkins with your kids?

Annmarie John
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  1. Definitely sharing this with Kevin as he is our master pumpkin carver here!! :)

  2. I'm so glad you wrote this post. Every single year, I watch my husband carving the pumpkins with our boys for Halloween. Just looking at them gives me the chills because I always worry that they are going to cut themselves.

  3. I have never tried carving a pumpkin with my niece or nephew. We usually get them done already because I'm too scared that something would happen. I'm happy to read this and will have to pin for future reference.

  4. These are some great tips. My dad was a great pumpkin carver. I remember carving pumpkins with him every fall to decorate our steps. Those were the good old days. I haven't done it in quite some time.

  5. Very useful post and tips. This year I will do it together with my son, I hope it wil become a very nice tradition!

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  6. oh my gosh! I would have never even thought to cut a hole out of the bottom, terrific advice!! I'm totally going to do that this year. It is annoying always having to reach inside to replace the candle.

  7. That's a good tip about carving the bottom first! I'm not sure what we're doing this year but I look forward to finally getting our pumpkins and getting started.

  8. We used pumpkin stencils last year and loved it. It was so much easier!

  9. When we did celebrate Halloween when I was really little, I don't remember us ever carving a pumpkin. I will have to say even though we don't celebrate now, I still want to carve one just so I can try Tamara's soup and put it inside!

  10. We actually haven't carved pumpkins in several years. I really want to do something fun this year though so I will be sure to come back and check out these tips before we start!

  11. Great tips! I'm so happy Fall is finally here and we can carve pumpkins :)

  12. Hey, that is a good idea about carving from the bottom!! I'm going to do that with my pumpkin this year. :)

  13. I've never been pumpkin picking/carving. It seems like so much fun. I want to take my son this year, but I think he might be too young. Great tips!

  14. My youngest love carving pumpkins, but my oldest is just interest in eating pumpkin pie :) Love the tips, these will be great when working with my youngest!

  15. I honestly would never have thought to cut the pumpkin at the bottom! That's a really good idea! Looking forward to carving our pumpkin this year! =)

  16. Once we figure out how our pumpkins should look I leave the carving part to hubs since I am too busy cleaning up the insides for the seeds and getting them roasted.

  17. These are great tips for carving a pumpkin. I think we are going to do this but carve a sweet smiley face on it. :)

  18. My son LOVES to paint so we will do painting and glitter this year. stickers are a good tip to keep things less messy!


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