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Monster Fingers

Halloween is almost here and the ghouls and the goblins come out to play. You may be almost done with your decorating and if you're having a Halloween party, how about scaring up the fun with these spookactular treats. They are very easy to make and will delight the goblins who come out to play. Not to mention that they make a fun treat to eat as well.

Here's what you'll need.


Almond Bark

Green food coloring

Red food coloring

Pretzel Rods

Sliced Almonds


Depending on how many fingers you are making will determine how much bark you need. I used 8 oz. of bark and made around 30 fingers.

The pretzel rods were about 6 inches long. I broke them in half. It doesn't need to be perfect, you do however need different lengths when arranging them to look like actual fingers on hands.

Melt the Almond bark according to the package directions.

Add food Coloring 7:1 ratio green to red. For the 8 oz. of bark I used 14 green, 2 red.

Roll the now broken Pretzel rods one at a time into the bark. Roll them and using a fork pick them up letting some of the excess drip off. Carefully lay the coated pretzel onto a sheet of waxed paper.

Apply a sliced almond to the end of the pretzel while the coating is still melted.

Before making the knuckle lines, let the pretzel set about 2 minutes. Using a toothpick make three lines in the middle of the pretzel. I started with a straight middle line then curved lines above and below, like parenthesis around the middle line. I recommend wiping the toothpick off after each line. If the coating sticks out after making the lines smooth it by running the toothpick gently down the side.

Let the coating set completely. Store in an air tight container in a cool place.

You are now set for a spooktacular Halloween treat!

Annmarie John
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  1. Those are SO cool!! I totally want to to make those for my boys!

  2. This is cute! I'm sad though, this year our school will not allow anything that isn't store bought so I don't get to be creative for the class party!

  3. Tis is such a fun idea for Halloween! They would be perfect for school parties or just to surprise the kids.

  4. That is so cool! You did an awesome job. When I first saw those, I thought they were a store-bought prop!

  5. That is one AWESOME craft. You've definitely got skills!

  6. Those are so creepy and cute! What a perfect Halloween treat!

  7. Those look incredible! I pinned it and I'm totally making those!

  8. Oh my goodness, these are so stinking cute! I didn't realize this is how you made them. I'm so doing this for my boys!

  9. Very cute and so creative. You make it look so easy too! My kids would love these. My little cousin is having a Halloween party and I know just what I'm going to make. Thanks for the recipe! :)

  10. I had not idea that there pretzels at first, what a creative way to use two of my favorite food crafting ingredients.

  11. Wow, great job! These look wicked scary and perfect for Halloween!

  12. Oh my goodness I had no clue that these were pretzels! That is like "good make-up so to speak". Cool!

  13. Love the idea of those fingers, very creative! Time really flies, I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner.

  14. Super cool! I have done pretzel rods with the almond bark before but never thought of this!

  15. i LOVE it. halloween has such FUN foods!

  16. Oh wow, these look so real. I think the color is perfect and that is what really makes it look real!

  17. I cannot believe these are edible! And not only that, good edible.
    I think you did an outstanding job.

  18. Those are awesome!!! My son will love these; I can see his little face scrunching up now, "Eeeeeuh!" Hahah

  19. What a great idea, my boys would love this project, especially the part where they could eat them!

  20. Oh my gosh, these are so incredibly creative and simple to make! We are definitely trying these out this year.

  21. What a riot! I love your monster fingers... they are truly scary... Hahaha!

  22. That looks like a fun and delicious dessert snack for the family all year long!

  23. Oh what a cute idea. My kids would get a kick out of them

  24. Those are too freaky. I'm not sure if I would be able to eat them but they would be great to scare the kids with. I can pretend that my fingers were chopped off lol

  25. Wow!! These look real. Sure to be a huge hit at any Halloween party.


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