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L’il Critters Gummy Vites - #MC #HealthyFusion

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for L'il Critters. I received product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

When it comes to eating a well balanced diet it's something that I don't pay particular attention to. Mommy on the other hand is always making sure that I do. If left to my own devices I would only eat peanut butter and jelly all day. It's one of my favorite snack. I also love cheese but mommy says that I can't live on cheese and peanut butter and jelly. I'm not a big fan of meat products but I do love fruits and veggies. When we were accepted in to the L'il Critters Gummy Vites campaign mommy was more excited than I was. Here was a way for her to get me to have those vitamins that I may be lacking. While this is a supplement it doesn't mean that I won't be eating, quite contraire. This is only meant to supplement my diet as I mentioned before and is quite beneficial to me.

Before I go into what I received and how they are I want to share with you 3 simple tips about getting your toddler to eat healthy.

  • It all starts with you the adults. Set an example! If we see you eating healthy choices we are more likely to do the same. Don't expect us to eat salads if we see you eating burgers everyday. 
  • Get us involved in the shopping process. We usually love eating what we chose at the supermarket. So give us choices. There isn't much difference between choosing the cantaloupe, watermelon or even the apple. They are all fruits and remember we don't have to always eat them. Think smoothies. That's a great alternative to eating your fruits and veggies. 
  • Make mealtime fun! Would you prefer to eat a plain sandwich or one cut into the shape of a heart? Get some cookie cutters and make it fun. Make smiley faces with your food and experiment with the colors. Your kids would actually enjoy the process and so will you. 

I was sent the L'il Critters Gummy Vites Complete and the L'il Critters Calcium + Vitamin D3. As soon as I saw them I asked "is that candy?". Mommy said no, they're not candy, they're vitamins and they're good for you. While these come with a child proof cap you may want to put them away from those who have figured out how to open those caps. The gummy on the right in the photo below is the Calcium Gummy while the one on the left is the Gummy Complete. They are made with all natural flavors and made right here in the USA.

The serving size for both Gummy Vites Complete and Calcium is 2 Gummy Bears but mommy decided that I would do 1 in the morning and another in the afternoon instead of both at the same time. The gummy complete has a chewy texture and taste just like your typical gummy bear candy treat, while the Gummy Calcium has a more milky taste. Both taste surprisingly very good. I really love that it so much more easier for me to take compared to a capsule or tablet since there is no water needed. Also a lot easier for me to chew and swallow.

I do want to share the vitamins and percentage for those wondering what's included. Some of the precentages daily value are less for four years and up.

  • Carbs 4g 
  • Sugar 3g 
  • Vitamin A 2100 IU 84% 
  • Vitamin C 20 mg 50% 
  • Vitamin D 400 IU 100% 
  • Vitamin E 16.5 IU 165% 
  • Vitamin B-6 2 mcg 286%
  • Folic Acid 140 mcg 70%
  • B-12 6 mcg 200%
  • Biotin 60 mcg 40%
  • Pantothenic acid 5.2 mcg 5.2%
  • Iodine 42 mcg 60%
  • Zinc 2.7 mg 34%
  • Choline 40 mcg
  • Inositol 40 mcg 

The L'il Critters Calcium supplement actually contains as much as a 5oz glass of milk. That's great for the ones who are lactose intolerant or those who just plain hate milk. 

Overall L'il Critters offer an essential blend of vitamins and minerals in a form that kids are sure to enjoy, it is also a beneficial supplement to your little's one's healthy diet routine. A made in the USA product that I can truly say "hey you gotta try this because it's just good for you. Just don't call it candy!"

L'il Critters Vitamins are available for purchase at drug and grocery stores nationwide including: Costco, Walmart, Target and CVS.

You can find out more about L'il Critters via the following ways:

So how do you get your little ones to eat healthy? 

Annmarie John
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  1. Firstly, I just love how this post was written from her POV, very cute touch. Secondly, I try to lead by example- I watch what I eat in terms of balancing healthy with junk. I also try to eat fruits and vegetables every day, and have a good amount of calcium. Another thing I try to do is to not be a food hypocrite- if I won't eat, I won't make my kids eat it.

  2. Honestly, I sneak veggies in when I can. Like in my pasta sauce - it's full of veggies and the kids never even know it :)

  3. I also sneak in veggies, but with smoothies. The trick is to not make the smoothie any funny colors.

  4. I'm lucky in that son never minded eating veggies but we did have issues with vitamins till we discovered gummy vitamins.

  5. We love this brand! We do their Immunity vitamins.
    I will say that Scarlet loves vegetables when there is butter or cheese slathered on!

  6. My girls love gummy vitamins as opposed to the chewable hard ones! I've never encountered this brand though.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I agree when you started off with saying kids need to see us eating healthy choices as well. I believe this is the best approach, as if I won't eat it or I'm not doing it do, she never understands. I'd end up fighting a losing battle!

  8. What a cute little girl! We take whole food vitamins, not quite as cute as these Lil Critters. You're so lucky to have such a pretty little model and review helper. I love to use my kids in my reviews too.

  9. Only 3 grams of sugar in those Gummy Vites That is really good. My Grandson loves taking vitamins, especially if they taste good

  10. Setting a good example for children is the best thing parents can do for their kids. My girls are older and have access to unhealthy choices but when they are here, they see good options being offered.

  11. I wish Gummy VItes had been around when my kids were little. They seem like a great way for kids to get the important vitamins they need.

  12. My 8 year old tends to try everything at least once so I don't have as much trouble getting him to eat healthier. My older son, on the other hand, gives me more of a challenge.

  13. I sneak veggies in on my kids all the time :) They are pretty good though about eating spinach and broccoli, they love both of them which makes it much easier!

  14. My youngest asks for these every day. He loves his gummies as we all them and I love that it is not a battle to get them into him.

  15. My kids hated taking vitamins when they were little, now that they have the gummy ones, they take them with no issues, and my nieces and nephews even ask for them. It's crazy lol

  16. I never forced my kids to eat things they didn't like BUT they had to at least try it first. Most of the times it ended up that they loved them. Love these tips though very helpful ideas.

  17. eating healthy is a process that has begun since the kids started eating
    sure they like candies like the rest of us, but we encourage fruits for sugar. We keep working tricks like this

  18. My son is on this 'no veggies' kick.. so I think it's about time to introduce vitamins. I think he would actually like these gummy vitamins. But I try to sneak healthy foods in when I can. :)

  19. It is always beneficial to take vitamins at any age! I take biotin for my hair and nails and it works wonders!

  20. My son is such a picky eater that I need to get him some vitamins. He likes fruit but no veggies!

  21. I had two good eaters and one picky eater. It was impossible to get her to try new foods. She would eat maybe 6 different things, total.

  22. These are a smart way to get kids to get the essential vitamins they need.

  23. I try a lot of things but usually end up bribbing them *sigh* I know that's not so good but lately they are doing much better with fruits. I will be looking into these vitamins as well :)

  24. My little ones are now big ones and I still don't have a handle on getting them to eat right! I love your suggestion about making the food fun and to make it look more appealing.

    These vitamins look like they are tasty and I can see what kids would like to take them.

  25. My kids aren't too picky and basically eat everything. I have 1 picky eater and I get him to eat vitamins and chop things very very fine and small to hide in food when hes being picky.

  26. I think my kids may actually eat these. Thanks for letting us know about these. Amber N

  27. Nice. What a clever way to take vitamins.

  28. I've only just started taking vitamins myself (I'm 32!) and the ones that I found are gummies as well. LOL

  29. I hated taking vitamins as a kid unless it was the Flintstones one, lol. I still dislike taking vitamins, but I know they're good for me. Gummies are better :P

  30. Thankfully, my kids love taking vitamins and eating healthy. They always ask to snack on cucumbers or lemons instead of sugary treats or chips.

  31. I wish my future kids will love taking them as much as I do, lol

  32. I give these vitamins to my daughter and son! They love them! Who wouldn't love them? They taste great!

  33. We're pretty lucky with the older three kids. The little one we have to be a bit more sneaky with, and we give both of the ones still at home vitamins.

  34. My daughter is not a fan of veggies at all, but this is the brand of vitamins that we buy for her, and she likes them!

  35. My kids are older so they can make choices for themselves. What I did a year ago when I switched to raw veganism, I cleaned out the fridge and pantry of all the junk and processed foods and replaced with fruits, veggies and nuts. Now they have no choice. My oldest is mobile and works so she still eats badly on occasion. I have been giving my son only natural RAW supplements

  36. This makes it a lot easier to get kids to take vitamins. I like your idea of twice a day.

  37. I'm glad that my daughter loves fruit and veggies. It a really great idea to offer kids smoothies instead of plain fruit. The gummi vites look really delicious and I'm sure my daughter would love to take them.

  38. When my son was younger, we didn't have a lot of problems to get him to eat healthy. The issue started when he was around the age of 3. He became really picky with his food. Hadn't thought to give him vitamins before. He some how got better last year and started to try new things. I also found that I can sneak veggies into his favorite meals without him knowing!

  39. My sister-in-law always buy gummy vitamins for my niece and nephew since it's so much easier for them to take and they think it's candy lol. I have actually tasted them and they do taste good. Yes Madison we see that you're enjoying your gummy vitamins like a big girl.

  40. I personally need to get back into taking vitamins and giving them to Jaiden. He can't have gummy though because of his spacers. But he is okay with taking the other ones. Thank you so much for sharing!!! It is a great reminder that we should take our vitamins! =D


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