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Ways to Entertain Kids on a Rainy Day

Madison's mommy here with another of our Throwback Thursday which means that I get to share a few old pics of baby Madison. It's been a while since I've actually done that. We have been having quite a bit of rain here and today's post will come in handy for those who are experiencing the rains like we are.

You look out side and see the rain clouds in the sky. It is summer and your house is full of kids, what in the world are you going to do?Try some of these ideas to make it a day full of fun and indoor adventure!

Arts and Crafts - You're stuck inside why not make a master piece with finger paints? Why not make it a fun teaching moment by mixing colors to see what new colors you can make? Before you mix them let your kids guess what color they think it will be.

Camp Out - Gather all your extra blankets and build an indoor tent or fort. Get some flashlights, turn off the lights and tell camp stories.

Bake - Not much is better than filling the house with the sweet smell of goodies baking in the oven. Except for eating those goodies that is!

Dress Up - Get out the play clothes and maybe some of mom and dads clothes. Let the kids come up with the silliest outfit they can.

Story Time - Grab some of your kids favorite books and snuggle up together and read those books together.

Movie Day - Make it a movie day. Pull out those favorite DVDs, pop some popcorn and maybe eve make some root beer floats. Just spend the day relaxing and hanging out together.

Have a Dance/Karaoke Party - Turn the music up and dance and sing around the house, you will both have blast and burn some energy doing it as well.

Make a Movie - Get out the video camera or smart phone. Have the kids get dressed up in the play clothes and put on their own special play.

Sock Puppets - Find all those miss matched socks, you know the ones the dryer ate one of so you're left with one only sock from the pair. Get some buttons or whatever you can find and create your own sock puppets. When you're done you could even out on a little puppet show.

Picnic - Get some finger foods together, put a mat or picnic tablecloth on the floor and enjoy the food together. The kids can even invite their stuffed animal friends and really have fun.

Organize Toys - This may not be what your kids consider fun but sit them down and go though all their toys.  Have them sort them into groups toys they play with and those they don't.

Treasure Hunt - Give them clues to help them find the treasure - small toys or pieces of candy.

Board Games - Get out those board games that are collecting dust and have some fun.

Hide and Seek - Let the kids run and hide while you count to 10 then you search the house to find those hiding children. Now if you're tired you can let them hide for quite some time while you relax and pretend to search. *hint hint parents*

Lego's - Pull out all the Lego's and build a Lego city.  Have everyone build little Lego robots and see who can be the most creative. Remember to have them put them away, there's nothing worse than stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night.

Play in the Rain - Put on a rain coat and some rain boots and go have fun playing in the rain.  See who can make the biggest splash in the puddles. The kids would really enjoy that. Who doesn't like splashing in a puddle?

There are many ways to have fun on a rainy day you just have to let your imagination run wild.

How do you entertain your kids on a rainy day? 

Annmarie John
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  1. I love the treasure hunt idea we havent had one in a long tie thanks for reminding me

  2. We usually end up watching movies or playing games when it rains out. Every now and then I will bust out the Play Doh or they color.

  3. Such great ideas and I will say we too we too have been having a bit of rain off and on too this past summer. And those pics of Madison are adorable :)

  4. A Dance/Karaoke Party sounds like a very fun idea. All kids love music and love to dance so that would keep them busy for awhile.

  5. Davey & Isa love to bake - we make all kinds of stuff! I let them pick out what we are making - we go to the market to get our ingredients and then we bake! Perfect rainy day fun! Good list of rainy day activities

    1. We bake sometimes, too! It depends on the kids mood, though ;)

  6. These all sound like great ideas to me! I remember as a kid doing a few of these with my mom. Especially when we got really bad snow storms. 1996 was the worst! I was stuck in a friends house because there was SOO much snow in front of the door we couldn't get out.

    I know do a few of these with my son! He loves telling me stories when we cuddle together. He will make up some crazy story about dragons and zombies!!! Thank you for sharing these ideas with us!!

    And I love your throw back Thursday pictures!! You are surely growing up!!

  7. Your tips are wonderful. When we had rain days we do so much of this but the best is to make a bed tent or fort and read books by flashlight. It makes you feel like your camping and I just loved it. My girls are grown but I can't wait to do this with my grandbabies when and if I ever have some haha :)

  8. These are all really great tips! I haven't built a pretend fort in ages. I'm sure my niece and nephew would enjoy it and we can have fun. We usually just read but I'm going to try some of your tips and make it even more fun. Love your throwback photos!

  9. We love making a tent from blankets and chairs in the living room, making a big bowl of popcorn and watching a movie. Perfect for rainy days.

  10. This is a great list! We have had many rainy days here lately. Last night it was pouring and we decided to organize and clean out her toys. Her room is clean and we have a big bag of toys and books to donate!

  11. These are all great ideas.My kids love going and playing in the rain with the dogs or doing crafts they are the main things they ask me to do when it is raining.

  12. We do these ideas a lot, We borrow books and DVD's from the library we play computer games and cell phone games. My daughter loves making my little pony videos lol That's a great list of ideas.

  13. Baking is fun because you get the treat of doing it together, and then the treat of eating it when it's done. Win-win in my book. :)

  14. thanks for this great list because it does rain a lot for us during summer
    I think I will start with the baking and camping in ideas :-)

  15. These are great ideas! (It's been raining a TON here, too!) And you've grown so much, Madison!

  16. We like to do lots of crafts in our home and so do the kids.

  17. These are such great ideas! We typically opt for a movie day, but I think it's time to try something new.

  18. My kids just love dance parties - so fun! I'm trying to get them more interested in books.

  19. Great ideas! Rainy days can be rough sometimes!

  20. Rainy days can be so frustrating for parents especially if you have children like mine who want to be go go go. I will be saving this list for later so I can quickly refer to it later on when I am pulling my hair out the next rainy day. Thanks for sharing:)

  21. These are great ideas! Mine are not big outdoors kind of kids, especially since we live in the south and aren't big hot weather fans. lol

  22. take a nap when it's raining. That's what I used to do as a kid

  23. All of the above. I actually love your list and it's pretty much what we do. Cuddles are always a plus!

  24. Arts & crafts was the way to entertain me as a kid! I loved making things to hang on the fridge :)

  25. It's always fun and a surprise when you let the kids play in the rain and splash in the puddles. Fun ideas here!

  26. When we were growing up, board games were always our favorite on rainy days. We would play them for hours after the chores were all done. My kids loved them too when it rained. We also have a fairly good size covered patio and my kids would always play different sports games like hockey and nerf basketball out there.

  27. These are wonderful ideas for rainy days. We enjoy reading time, coloring/painting, and my kiddos LOVE when I create a treasure hunt for them too :)

  28. I really need to get better about rainy day activities! Normally we just hang out in our PJs and watch movies or play board games!

  29. These are all amazing ideas. My son and I have played a few of these games on a rainy day.

  30. I love snuggling up with them in my bed and watching movies when its rainy outside...

  31. We love to cook on a rainy day. The treasure hunting and dressup are fun ideas.

  32. These are all better ideas than just putting on the Disney channel like I usually do!
    Sometimes we go on little trips, like the arcade or mall.
    Scarlet loves treasure hunting!

  33. We love doing quite a few of those. In fact we have some forts from the other day when it was yucky still up LOL

  34. It rains EVERY day here in FL now that's summer. We need these tips, thanks.


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