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10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for the New School Year

School will be back in session very soon here on the West Coast. My brothers actually have approximately 3 more weeks before they're back in school, and while they're dreading going back, I'm actually counting down the days when I'll have the house all to myself again.

Want to get your child back to school on the right foot? There are many things you can do to prepare your child for the new school year ahead. Check out these ten tips for helping you with this process.

#1. Talk to them- Take the time to talk to your child about the new school year and what it might mean for them.

#2. Teach them- One way you can prepare your child for the next school year is to teach them. Spend the summer learning and doing fun things to help prepare your child for the new school year.

#3. Stress the importance of sleep-Your child really needs to get as much sleep as possible. Make sure you talk to them about sleep and what it can do for their body.

#4. Make learning positive- Anyone who talks bad about learning is bound to produce children who also hate learning. Make sure you stay super positive about learning, so your kids will enjoy this time in their lives.

#5. Guide them through it- Don't just throw your kid 'under the bus.' Literally. You need to guide your child through the new school year. Share some of your favorite memories with them of your childhood and school years.

#6. Take them shopping- Not all kids love shopping, but it is one of the funnest things about going 'back to school.' Show kids how to save money by using coupons and stacking percentage off coupons. Maybe you can teach them some math during this process.

#7. Help them with homework- Adults have enough going on, it's not always a possibility to help with homework. When your kids go back to school this year, make it a priority to help them with their homework. Also, be willing to listen to their rants about how they hate homework.

#8. Pay attention- Your child might be going through some "things" before the next school year hits. Make sure you are listening and paying attention to what your child is going through. Children won't always talk, so it's up to parents to pay attention to what's going on on a mental basis.

#9. Reach out to your child's teacher- It's true that your child's teacher is busy but that shouldn't keep you from reaching out. Make sure the teacher knows you are there to help in anyway you can. They will appreciate your willingness to be involved in the classroom and make it a successful year.

#10. Get involved- If you only do one thing to help your child prepare for the new school year; get involved. Don't just sit back and let school happen to them.

How do you help your child prepare for the new school year?

Annmarie John
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  1. Great tips and do many of these here, too. But must admit not ready for summer to be over just yet and hope we can prolong it a bit more still :)

  2. Wow! We still have six weeks here. So far away! And yet so close.
    It really helps to talk to Scarlet about kindergarten. She's a little nervous about kindergarten. I'm a lot nervous about it! And Des will be doing a small amount of daycare. He's not nervous because he doesn't know. I'm nervous!

  3. I will have two kids in school this year. These are all some very good tips especially getting plenty of sleep!

  4. How do I prepare my kids for school? That is a good question.. We do the back to school shopping but then we just wing it! I've put 3 kids through school already so TBH.. we just wing it ;-)

  5. I think #2 is very important. A lot of parents will just forget about education during the Summer, but kids need to review things in order to stay fresh.. like they say: if you don't use it you will forget it.

  6. I think it really hits home when we make our annual trip to Target a few weeks before school starts to pick out backpacks & other supplies. The kids love it and hate it at the same time.

  7. Great tips there! The kids don't go back until after labor day so we have some time still. I don't get them ready for school since that's their parents job but I do help out with school supplies.

  8. These are great tips! our kids are really looking forward to going back,They love school.We already have everything they need so I am happy for that but I always let them pick out some of the things they want.

  9. Back to school can be such a stressful time of the year. Thanks for sharing fantastic tip to help parents ease their kids into a crazy time of the year.

  10. I can remember the first few years of school, my oldest son would get so stressed out he would literally be sick by the time school started. It got better as he got older. We are homeschooling my youngest so we will not have as many issues - getting to do school in your pajamas is nice!

  11. These are really some great tips you have shared! I'm not ready for back to school! Not at all!! Haha. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  12. Great tips! Luckily my daughter has always loved school and right about now, is wanting for the new year to start again!

  13. The tips you gave are awesome. Normally we start with school shopping and then gradually ease back into the routine.

  14. I am not here yet but these are great tips. I always loved back to school shopping and the thought of a new beginning.

  15. We home school so for us we'll go shopping for some supplies we need and the we'll probably try to "ease" into the adjustment from a playful carefree, easygoing summer to getting back into having school again. :) These are all great tips!

  16. I was always really bad when it came to the new school year, my parents always talked and listened to me a lot which was a great help. x

  17. Those are all really great ideas. Some kids are scared like no other. Luckily for me my kids were excited to go to school! Amber N

  18. Being involved is so important! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Great tips! I will have to keep these in mind when I have kiddos later :)

  20. This is my daughters first time going to the big-girl school! She starts kindergarden in two weeks and I need all the help I can get!

  21. This post came just in time. I just got finished stocking up on school supplies. I can't wait til my son gets back and starts school. I love watching him come home with so much new knowledge of the world around him.

  22. I cant believe school will be starting. Its nice to be prepared.

  23. Sleep is so important. I think it is underestimated. Here in a India it isn't a.big.focus and kids take a small nap and stay up until 11 or later for a 630 bus!

  24. Our daughter hasn't started school yet, but I'm collecting advice from moms - I mean kids - like you! :)

    Thank you for linking up at the #SHINEBlogHop this week so I could find you.


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