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Sweet and Sour - Summertime Smoothies Recipe

Week 3 Day 5

It's the end of the week and the end of our smoothie treat until next Monday. I hope you were able to make a few of our smoothies in our Summertime Smoothie Recipe Marathon. Here is our Sweet and Sour Smoothie.

Sweet and Sour

What You Need:

½ C pineapple juice
¼ C grapefruit juice
4 strawberries, stemmed and cut into pieces
1 banana, peeled and cut into pieces

How to Make It:

Pour both juices into the blender.
Add the strawberry and banana pieces.
Blend until mixture is smooth and as thick as you like.

If the mixture isn’t as thin as you would like add a little more pineapple, grapefruit juice or both.   Continue to blend until the mixture is to your liking.  

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Annmarie John
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  1. I am not sure my boys will go for this one because they are not sour fans, but that just means more for me, right?

  2. Sounds like an interesting smoothie twist. I will try it!

  3. Sweet and sour also sounds very tropical and satisfying to me! Stick a little paper umbrella in it and I'm done!

  4. I love that these smoothies are pure fruit and not fruit + milk + sugar, etc. I think I'll give this one a try because I love all the fruits required to make this. Not sure if I'd be a fan of the sour part but I won't know until I give it a try! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Oh I love the idea of sweet and sour! Going to give this a try : )

  6. Sounds really refreshing on a hot day. I'd like mine with a tiny umbrella please!

  7. Love this simple and easy smoothie recipe. With this hot summer, this will surely be a hit in my house!

  8. Oh, grapefruit is a good idea! I was wondering where the sour was going to come from!

  9. Looks So Yummy I Must Make These Real Soon!!

  10. Your smoothies looks amazing! Not sure how I feel about "sweet and sour" but your ingredients looks delicious! Perfect for summer, indeed :)

  11. I love summertime smoothie ideas! They are so great for cooling off and staying healthy!

  12. I'm pregnant and this is totally a smoothie I could enjoy this summer while everyone is partaking in their alcoholic beverages at BBQs, etc. I think my daughter would love one of these too!

  13. Mmmmm, this smoothie series is fabulous!

    Love it, especially for summertime.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend. I hope you're feeling better my friend.

  14. Nice! I am a big fan of sour things, so this sounds delicious.

  15. I might try this without the banana--it sounds really good! Maybe if I add a bit of yogurt instead of that banana.

  16. I never even thoguht about adding a grapefruit to my smoothies! Thsi would definitely add a different taste to my favourite smoothies. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Scarlet just reminded me today that she doesn't really get sour yet. She ate some lemon and said, "It's too sweeet! I can't handle it!"
    That made me giggle.

  18. Yum! This sounds really good. Having grapefruit in it makes it so much more healthy!

  19. Ooh, sounds interesting! I'm excited to see what it tastes like with that grapefruit!

  20. My husband would love that, he likes grapefruit, me not so much. It definitely would give a tang!

  21. Smoothies are always a fave of mine for breakfast year round, but they are super refreshing in the summer that's for sure! Thanks for the recipe.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  22. Yummy! I love having smoothies in the summer.

  23. I love smoothies but never thought about using grapefruit juice and it's so healthy! thanks for sharing

  24. Summer is the time to really enjoy fresh fruits and veggies, I love smoothies but I usually still use frozen fruit:)

  25. Mmmmm, this sounds really yummy!


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