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Toddler Packlist for Car Travel

It's our big day  and we're traveling on the road. It's going to be a very long trip I can tell you. We are on our way to Canada! Can you believe that mommy thinks that a road trip with 4 kids (including me the toddler) would be fun? I'm telling you that mommy has surely lost it! She's gone cuckoo and not for cocoa puffs either. It's a 21 hour journey according to Google Maps and sure there will be fun stuff along the way but there will also be a lot whining too. Mostly from my brothers. I'm a big girl, I don't whine. Now mommy and I have decided to put together a checklist for other mommies and daddies who may lose it one day and decide to do what mommy is doing. 

Now although mommy and I have a checklist for you, we also have a few tips as well. Since mommy and I will be traveling across the border, make sure that you have passports that are up to date and not expired. Passports should have a minimum of 6 months validity or you may be turned back at the border. Now that would be too bad and you don't want that to happen. 

You may have a suitcase filled with clothes in your trunk but be sure to also have a diaper bag packed with extra clothing for not just your toddler but also pack something in there for yourself as well. Now on to our packing list. 

  • Diapers: Make sure that you have enough diapers to last a few days. Anything can happen on your trip. We don't want anything to happen but you need to always be prepared. A 5 hour trip can suddenly turn into 10 hours because of accidents on the highway etc. Don't be that mommy with no diapers. 
  • Wipes: If you're going to have diapers you are most definitely going to need wipes as well. The popular brands has wipes in travel packs that don't require you to take around a big bulky tub. Have one available in your diaper bag. 1 pack can last up to a week or more. 
  • Food and Snacks: Sometimes you may be in the middle of nowhere with no restaurant in sight. Having a hungry toddler is not ideal. Make sure you walk with enough food/snacks that will last until you get to your first rest stop. Once there remember to stock up on extras. 
  • Water: Keep water on hand not just for your little one but for you as well. It's winter but you can get dehydrated in the winter as well. A lot of people think because it's cold that they are ok. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday whether it's summer or winter. 
  • Toys: You are going to need something to occupy your toddler while traveling by car. Take along a few of their favorite toys. Alternate between toys so that they aren't bored. Books are also a great way to help pass the time as well. If you have bigger kids traveling with you, like mommy and I do, a few electronic toys including tablets is great for them too. 
  • Hand Sanitizer: Sometimes water isn't always available to keep little hands clean so having a hand sanitizer is a great alternative. 
  • First Aid Kit: Always have one on hand. Mommy keeps one in both cars in the event of an accident. Not necessarily a car accident but accidents do happen with little ones, frequently. 
  • Camera: Now this is for both mommy and toddler. You want to capture all the moments so don't forget to walk with your camera. 

Now have you ever taken a road trip before and what was on your packing list?

Annmarie John
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  1. It's really smart to do a list as sometimes you can still forget things. Last time, my brother's wife forgot extra diapers lol - normally not forgotten but due to hurrying up and such haha! Nice tips!

  2. Except for the diapers this could be a list for adults also. LOL. So many useful items that you will need on a trip. Toddler or not.

  3. My list is very similar, but I pack their Nintendo DS's. They get bored easily and it's not fun when they start to get whiny.

  4. Have a great time in Canada and just want to also wish you a very, Merry Christmas!! :)

  5. It sure looks to me like you have all your bases covered. Have a wonderful time in Canada. Merry Christmas to you and wishing you a Happy New Year.

  6. These are all good tips. I keep a mini first aid kit in my purse all of the time. Have a great time!! Merry Christmas!

  7. Have a fun trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. Have a fun trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  9. I would have no idea where to start with packing for a toddler - my car just about has enough things for me in the boot if anything goes wrong - I am so unprepared :/ x

  10. These are all on my list for our trip to New Jersey on Monday! Not 21 hours. Honestly, that trip you're taking is a dream of mine, but maybe in the warmer months. May you hit only smooth weather and I'll talk to you on the other side!

  11. i always seem to feel like I was going on a trip when we traveled even just over night to a friends place toddlers have a ton of stuff.

  12. Great list! In the past, we've also taken blankets for long trips. It got very cold at night and the heat wasn't enough, so the blankets really helped.

  13. Great tips, I hope to need them soon. We have yet to travel with our youngest.

  14. Those are some great tips. I give you props for your long trip with all the kiddos. I also have four children. We recently took a trip to Tahoe with all of our kids, including a 6-month old. It was only a two hour trip but we had to stop about three of four times before we ever made it there!

  15. I'm glad you don't whine. You could teach my daughter a few things about road-tripping! ;)

    This is a perfect list of things to pack on a long road trip. I know it's crazy, but I keep a "busy bag" in my truck with a few of these items just for the everyday. I've even had them on hand when I'm out without the kids ... and I see a struggling parent. :)

    Thanks for compiling such a great list!

  16. Everything that you have listed is great. I would add a book on tape/cd and some favorite songs.

  17. That's a great list. How much fun but you are brave to go with that many. It has been years since we took young kids on a road trip but we use to do a 2,000 mile each way trip every once and awhile when we didn't feel like flying and wanted to see the country. Hope you have a wonderful trip and a very Merry Christmas!

  18. So smart!! I was always the Mom that was scrambling to find something!!

  19. This is a great list! We will be taking a long car trip home next summer and I will have to go look at this list again for some reminders!

  20. I hope you're having a great trip and that is such a great list. Mommy isn't cuckoo, mommy just wants you to have a great Christmas I'm sure with family and friends. Merry Christmas to you!

  21. Great list. Traveling with a toddler can be tough but it looks like you have all the essentials.


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