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December 2013 Stork Stack Toddler Box #Review

It is Stork Stack time once again. That time when we bring to you our monthly review of our Stork Stack Subscription. I am 22 months old and I currently receive the Stork Stack Toddler Box. For those who don't know about Stork Stack,  it is a monthly subscription box service that caters to babies from the third trimester to toddlers up to age 3.  If you are new to Stork Stack and are interested in finding out what we got last month, you can check out our November box

Seeing that this is December, the month when most toys are purchased for the holidays, the theme for this month was "Toy Chest Stack!".  Stork Stack once again decided to send a digital card. Once again mommy decided as well that we were going to wait until our box actually arrive before taking a look at our digital card. I wanted to know before hand but since I couldn't read anyway I had to wait. When our box arrived I couldn't wait. Our digital card read:
Happy Holidays! This December we thought it would be fun to spoil the little ones with extra playthings and put them all together in our fun-filled Toy Chest Stack! Each Toy Chest includes toys from three of our favorite companies: Melissa and Doug, Edushape, and Cloud b. We know that playtime isn't complete without a snack break, so we've included a healthy snack (or drink!) for those who are ready for it. For our littlest ones we know playtime can mean germs on hands and feet. We know that playtime isn't complete without a snack break, so we've included a pouch of Honest Kids - a yummy and organic way to hydrate through those play sessions. With healthy, clean, and well-fed kids, we hope you'll share plenty of playtime, learning, and cheer throughout the holiday season with our Toy Chest Stack!
Wow products from companies that I already owned and love. I couldn't wait to open my box and see what was on the inside. Mommy was even included in this stack as well. I have a feeling that mommy isn't going to eat her snack because I'm going to. I usually do anyway. Well lets get on to our unboxing of our December Toy Chest Stack! 

Melissa and Doug Giraffe Grasping Toy - $9.99
Everyone will want a turn to swivel, pivot and rotate the nine hardwood segments of this charming giraffe! Put this patient yellow in every possible configuration for fascinating fine motor fun. Held together with durable, elastic bungee, this wooden baby toy is sure to hold the attention of your youngster!

Ok I'm not sure what Stork Stack was thinking with this grasping toy. I'm 22 months old and although this says age 1, I am way too big for a grasping toy. This didn't even garnish a look from me. I very quickly passed this over. Maybe my brothers might be interested, then again maybe not. 

Cloud B Lovie Turtle - $9.95
These velvety-soft lovies make the sweetest, snuggliest security blankets. Founded in 2002, Cloud b is the world’s leading manufacturer of products and accessories that help parents and children sleep. They hold the honor of being internationally recognized as the number one company in the sleep niche category - thanks to high-quality designs, exceptional safety standards and products that are proven to help children sleep safely and soundly through all stages of development.

Once again something that I am totally not interested in. Sure maybe if I was into blankets and binkies but I'm a big girl now. To be honest I've never been one that has ever been into blankets. Mommy bought a few for me and I never used them. This is another one that will be unused. It was also a very ugly turtle green color. Ewwww!

Edushape Sensory Ball - $7.99
EDUSHAPE® Ltd. is family owned & operated providing product to the global educational, toy and specialty markets. Established in 1983, our main focus is to manufacture quality children’s toy & products. EDUSHAPE® Ltd. is committed to producing soft, safe, quality children’s toys which ultimately promote successful developmental learning through play. Our main focus is for children ages: birth to 5 years old.

I love anything that I can bounce. I loved this right out of the box. I received one a few months ago so this is my second. I don't mind getting two of them because I'm always misplacing something anyway. I plan on playing with this a lot. 

Honest Kids Juice -$1.25
Honest Tea is excited to introduce Honest Kids in a new "fruit-juice sweetened" formulation. All five varieties have been updated by removing the organic cane sugar and increasing the juice content - now between 30-42% depending on variety.

Ok just because it says organic doesn't mean that it tastes good. With every sip I said "ugh" which made mommy laugh. My big sister thought I was joking so she decided to taste it as well and made a bigger face. She says it tastes like watered down lemonade. We've seen them being sold at the commissary. Mommy prefers to buy 100% juices for me. I guess Honest Kids would not be making its way into my house because this did not "berry berry" taste good. 

Pretzel Crisps - mom treat! 1oz - $0.60
PRETZEL CRISPS® give you that satisfying, hearty crunch in a versatile shape that’s dippable, spreadable, and deliciously snackable. With great gourmet taste from naturally wholesome ingredients, it’s the perfect snack anytime!

This was mommy's snack but I ended up eating most of it. It was also pretty good. Mommy plans on looking out for this the next time we go to Whole Foods. Not too salty and with a great texture. You will love it as well. 

Being that it is December I was really expecting a much better Stork Stack box. This month was a disappointment. I was not impressed with the Melissa and Doug toy since I'm a big girl now. This would have been great when I was a year old instead of almost 2. Also I didn't like my juice and would have preferred to get a book instead of the lovie or even the mom treat. Not happy with my box at all. 

The grand total for our box this month was $29.78. The monthly subscription for your Stork Stack box is $27.99/month but if you want to get your own Stork Stack box you can use my link to get $10 off your first box. If the link doesn't work you can use the following discount code A241300F.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links!

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Annmarie John
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  1. Replies
    1. It really shocked me Brandy. Bluum really surprised us last month and while Stork Stack has been so good this month they flaked out on us. Boooo Stork Stack! ♥ Madison

  2. Love!! That giraffe toy is great and I eat those pretzel crisps all the time myself. I would have thought that ehey were a bit too crunchy and hard to bite for little ones, though?

    1. That giraffe toy would have been great when I was younger. I no longer need a grasping toy because I've been grasping for quite a while now. The Pretzel Crisps were really good. I have almost all of my teeth and you'll be surprised what I can eat. ♥ Madison

  3. Love those pretzel chips here, too. And we have them in the house all the time. I know my sister-in-law buys the Honest Juice, but always thought it was just overpriced and not that good either. Thanks for sharing and sorry you didn't get a better box being that it is December and indeed the holiday time.

    1. That's what mommy said too Janine. It tasted not too good at all. Mommy should have recorded the sounds I made after every sip. I'm really disappointed in my box this month. ♥ Madison

  4. Uh oh. Sorry to hear that, Madison. Maybe next month you'll have a better box.

    1. I do hope that Stork Stark would redeem themselves and give a better box next month. ♥ Madison

  5. Those are perfect for the little ones. I've never seen anything like the giraffe, I bet my granddaughter would like it!

    1. They are perfect for little ones. The ones a lot younger than me. I've been grasping for quite some time so have no need for a grasping toy. ♥ Madison

  6. Your review isn't on stork stacks fb page anymore? This was my first month too. We were not impressed at all. My little one is 14 weeks. We got a penguin with wheels in it. A tiny little lamb rattle and the sensory ball. Also a pack of feet wipes and the pretzels. I would have rather your box to be honest minus the juice. A lovey would have been age appropriate for a 3 month old. We have tooo many rattles already and we are starting to grasp. I definately think your box was a bad pic for an almost 2yr old!

    1. I'm beginning to think that I got the wrong box. We've always been happy with their boxes before and this is a first. Thanks for the heads up on the Facebook page link. ♥ Madison

  7. Also my ball was a little flat :-(

    1. So sorry to hear about your ball. Try contacting the company and let them know about it. They may issue you a replacement. ♥ Madison

  8. I love seeing the treats you get in these stork stack boxes! So fun!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I love getting them too. ♥ Madison

  9. Wow, I was super interested ... then I read this.

    My daughter has problems with her motor skills, and even she is too big for a grasping toy. Cute idea, but you're right ... kind of boring for an almost 2 year old! & that blanket? Who even found that? I get it it's a turtle, but there are about 4,000 different greens that are MUCH prettier!

    The other stuff is pretty cool, but I don't think I'll shell out that kind of dough for a cool bouncy ball and some "ehh" snacks. Thanks for the honesty kiddo! :)

    1. lol Stormy. I do agree with that ugly color for the turtle. Usually Stork Stack boxes are super awesome. Not sure what happened this month but we're not abandoning them yet. Don't give up on them either, lets see what surprises they have for us next month. ♥ Madison


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