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Review: Pajanimals Bedtime Routine Board by TOMY

Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 
I was not paid in any way to write this review.
All opinions are my own.

Bedtime can be fun. Actually bedtime can sometimes be an adventure as well. I would hide and mommy would try to find me. Apparently I'm not that good at hiding because I'm usually found pretty quickly. I need to get better at playing hide and seek. Hiding under the blanket isn't that great of a place to hide. I must say that I love my routine but with the Daylight Savings Time change I am also a little confused as to what time of the day it is. I remember when 5pm was all nice and bright. Now 5pm can be as dark as my normal bedtime of 7:30pm. How do you keep track of the time and what needs to be done. How I keep my routine straight? The Jim Henson's Pajanimals Bedtime Routine Board by TOMY has really helped. 

Now before I go into what my Pajanimals Bedtime Routine Board can do I have to tell you how easy it was open from the box. Mommy hates toys that needs scissors etc to get them open. I'm very impatient when it comes to having my toys opened as well and usually can't wait. There was nothing of the sort with this. It was very easy to do and mommy and I really loved that. It also comes with batteries already installed so it's open and go.  

To help make bedtime fun, the Pajanimals Bedtime Board highlights bedtime routines with four key tasks. Move each Pajanimals character into bed once their associated task is completed. Complete the entire routine to hear the lullaby theme.
 $29.99 - Recommended age: 12m+

Now I have to admit that I had never seen the Pajanimals on PBS Sprout so I had no idea who the characters were. Mommy and I decided to pay the website a visit to find out who they were. From left to right I got to meet Apollo, Sweetpea Sue, Cowbella and Squacky. Now let me tell you that this has really helped me getting ready for bed. It comes with a handy little handle and is light enough for me to carry around. Perfect for all little ones. 

There are four routines on the board and fortunately for mommy and me they are routines that we do right before bed. Mommy and I don't always do them in the order that they are in. That doesn't detract from the routine board though. For example there might be a night when mommy is too tired so we may forget about taking a bath, especially if daddy had already given me one earlier. I always get a bedtime story though so that stays constant. 

Now this is how it is done. If you would prefer to push the character down before or after that is entirely up to you. Mommy and I prefer to do it after we've done the activity. Each character does a particular routine and then gets placed into his bed. When he goes into his bed it plays a lovely little song. Once all four characters have been placed into their bed it plays a lullaby meaning it is bed time. Mommy usually does them and let me do the final one which I love to do. 

Do mommy and I recommend the Pajanimals Bedtime Routine Board by TOMY? You bet we do! It really does help with keeping a regular bedtime routine. Not only does it help make it fun but it helps with the transition between playtime and bedtime which is what TOMY was going for. Mommy had decided to do a little video showing how the Bedtime Routine Board actually works. 

The Jim Henson's Pajanimals Bedtime Routine Board by TOMY gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up! You can buy your very own Bedtime Routine Board at Amazon or Walmart

Now here are the ways you can connect with TOMY and view all their other products available for your little and big ones. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Annmarie John
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  1. This looks like it would be fun. Bed time is usually pretty crazy at our house so anything to help smooth the process would be great.

  2. It is difficult enough for adults to get used to the time change-I'm glad someone finally came up with something fun to help children acclimate. Now-if they would only come up with something for our pets maybe I would get some sleep!!

  3. I bet that really does help things go smoothly at bedtime. My boys are older, so they have the routine down pat, but it wasn't always easy when they were little.

    PS - I've actually thrown out toys that were too hard to get out of the box before. No lie. There is no reason for how hard they make them to get out sometimes.

  4. This sounds great, especially for the little ones who try to fight sleep. Very cute that it plays music after the task and a lullaby when they are all tucked in. I watched the video and was trying to figure out what the lullaby was, but not sure I have heard that one before.

  5. This looks great, and I could see it working with my two young children.
    I also like how easy it is to open! I too get frustrated when toys are seriously lock-in to their boxes with metal cords, string ties, plastic caps....craziness!

  6. My little guy just started to get into Pajanimals :) He is going to be 3 though so I think this may be for a younger kiddo. My nephew hasn't turned 1 yet though I wonder if maybe he would like it :)!!

  7. This seems like a great product for little ones to play with around bedtime. And I swear Madison gets even lovelier and more adorable with every blog you post! What a precious little girl. :)

  8. That is such a cute bedtime routine board!! I love how it helps the toddler learn all that they have to do before bed each night with a super cute "checklist" they get to mark off themselves!

  9. This is such a cute toy and a great way to help with bedtime when the little "friends" are going to bed also. Madison looks so cute with playing her TOMY!! She's growing into such the big girl now and its so neat to watch her grow.

  10. such a neat toy and teaches your kids routines

  11. Sounds like a great toy! I love the toys that teach kids things and we can always use something to help with bed time! lol I will have to check it out, thanks!

  12. My kiddos are still adjusting to the time. I could see that pajanimals would be also perfect to my little man.

  13. My kids love the pajanimals so I can see them really liking this!

  14. That is super cute! So smart to let the child feel like they are in charge of their routine!

  15. My children love the Pajanimals! Watch them on Sprout every day! I think my little guy would really enjoy this toy. Thank you for sharing with us, Madison!

  16. Very cute. I guess I'm old school, I just told my kids what to do. LOL
    Glad she likes it and if it helps you that is great.

  17. That is so cute, it definitely got your daughters approval!

  18. Aww what a cute sounding toy I like that it doesn't sound too hard to get out of the packaging as well sometimes its a nightmare! x

  19. The Jim Henson's Pajanimals Bedtime Routine Board by TOMY look very neat. I think this will be a great gift idea for my family members with young children. Thanks for another great review!

  20. I am good with anything that helps make the bedtime routine easier. I bet your Mommy is really happy this helps. :)

  21. Super cute idea!! Really-Im getting the grand babies this. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  22. What a lovely way to do bed time routine another good point is that it is not to hard to get out of the packaging i hate toys that take forever and are stuck in the box in so many ways lol.

  23. This sounds like a perfect toy for my almost 3 yr old and 1 yr old! Right now bedtime routine is a crazy mad house!

  24. What a cute way to really get kids into being part of the bedtime routine. I like the steps on it!

  25. My daughter loves the Pajanimals! And I love the idea of this! I think I may have to get one of these for my little girl. :)

  26. She really looks like she's enjoying this toy. What a beautiful smile she has!!

  27. Mary loves the pajanimals! They are so cute and really help her start to want to go to bed.

  28. My older two have a bedtime routine that is pretty streamlined, but now we've got the baby added to the mix, so I may get one of these just to have on hand for when he gets a little older since I find this so cute!


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