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Within Eye Level? It's Mine!

Hey! Have I told you yet how I can sucker mommy into getting almost anything when we go shopping? Maybe I shouldn't say that out loud, after all she does write most of the things I want to say on this little blog that belongs to me, me, me, and I don't want her to stop writing for me because to be honest I really can't write that well. OK I admit it, I can't write at all.

If mommy isn't listening or reading this then maybe I can tell you. It's going to be our secret ok. Just between me and you.

She didn't go to get anything for me but how can you go shopping with me and not buy me anything? I dare you to take me somewhere and not get me anything! Better yet, I double dare you! It's not going to happen.

Anyway, here goes my story:

Mommy bought a pool for our 4th of July BBQ over the weekend for the little kids like me who will be attending but when she got home and mommy and daddy finally put it together there was a defect. At least that's what mommy said, I had to ask what a defect was because I had never heard that word before. The big people tend to use words that I don't understand, but I'm learning them all. Apparently a defect in the pool meant that it was leaking. Now why couldn't mommy just say that? Ok, the pool was leaking, much easier to understand right?

So here we go back to the store the very next day after mommy called and they said it was ok to bring it back. Have you ever noticed that the things we little kids love are usually at our level? Those people who work in those stores are pretty smart don't you think? They put them there for us so we wouldn't have to ask anyone to get it for us, we can get it for ourselves.

Well what do you know? There was the perfect doll sitting right there just waiting for me to take her home. I touched her and she even said "mommy". I think she was calling me mommy but then again maybe she was telling my mommy that she wanted her to be her mommy. Whatever it was she was telling me she wanted to go home with me.

See how happy I am with my new doll?

Now the best way to do this trick I'm going to tell you is to wait until there's a lot of people around and wait until mommy isn't watching. Well that's what I did. When mommy wasn't watching I grabbed my new doll and started walking with her and everyone said "oh how cute". That's all I needed to hear. If I was cute how was mommy going to say "no"? Would she even be able to? If mommy did say no then everyone is going to think what a mean mommy she is for saying no, especially when I wanted that doll so badly.

Mommy did try to trick me into giving it up by giving me something else though, but that wasn't happening. Not this time. This doll was mine and it was going home with me TODAY! If my doll wasn't going then I wasn't going. I was willing to lay in the middle of the floor and scream my head off if necessary. I didn't think mommy would have liked that one bit but I wouldn't have cared. At my age it's all about me. Who care's who's looking at me having an all out fit on the floor. We were both going home with mommy whether she liked it or not.

Guess what? My trick worked. Mommy eventually gave in but you know what she said?

"You're lucky it was on sale or you wouldn't have gotten it."

Yeah right?!

Moral of the story: Mommies give in so they don't get embarrassed in front of strangers by you having an all out fit in a crowded store.

So how many of you give in to prevent a meltdown? I'd really like to hear from you.
Annmarie John
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  1. Yep sounds familiar for a lot of kids....mainly in the lolly/chocolate department....I was a mean nasty mummy though....I never fell for this one once

  2. Too cute! I think I like the video the best though! I love the look on your face, Madison, when she speaks that first time!

    Thank you for maybe I can stop my girls from doing the exact same thing!!

  3. I pretty much always say no. I've just found it makes my life easier to say no. Then if I re-think it and want to buy it, then I can always go back and buy it for them. The only time this doesn't work is when we are out of town. Because I can't go back. But if we are visiting or on vacation they know they have a set budget. I started this when my eldest was little and it worked beautifully so I've continued.
    I also will leave my cart and take a screaming child out to the parking lot and my vehicle and strap them in as if we are leaving. Inconvenient, but effective.
    And finally, when they were little (they are 6-12 now) I would let them scream. Oh well if I'm embarassed in front of strangers. I'd rather be labelled a bad mom when they are 2 years old than a bad mom when they are 20.
    But... that being said. I certainly have given in from time to time. What mom hasn't? Especially when they are being super cute.

  4. I think I probably used to give in with my first two kids but now that I have four, I don't care what kind of melt down my kids have. I've seen it all before. I just put em under my arm & walk out of the store, flailing arms, kicking & screaming & all.

  5. FIrst off, Madison you are just so doggone cute!!! I'm glad you like your doll. Yes, those marketing pros are definitely clever. My daughter is six and she has never gone into a store and not found something that she loved. I admit, this used to be quite expensive for me as she's always been such a good girl and so I always felt like, well she deserves it. But, I had to get that in check because it was beginning to be a bit too much of a habit. I tend to get tantrums in check rather quickly. She was easy, but I can tell that my 13 month old son is going to be a bit more of a challenge. I have definitely given in from time to time, but, I began to say no a long time ago just because. I needed to ensure that I wasn't creating an entitlement mentality. You cuties are very difficult to say no to and we moms are usually big suckers (at least I am), but we have to practice "no" so that we can be as good at it as you all are at getting what you want from us. ;-)

  6. Haha, too funny! You are so clever, Madison! I bet it is so hard for your mommy to say no to you!

    PS - Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I appreciate it!

  7. Yeah, I remember the philosophy with this. My kids were older when I met them though. It was a bit pricier.

  8. Emma does this all the time! She gets what she wants too :) You little one really know how to get the things you really want!!

  9. This is what I do: I say, "That's a cool toy! I want you to have that some day. Here's what I'll do, I'm going to write the toy's name down, and someone will get it for your birthday, or Christmas." That seems to satisfy them. Half the time they end up getting it, half the time they don't. They get so into what they do get that they forget about what they didn't get.

  10. I'm pretty old-fashioned and strict, so my children know they won't get anything we didn't go into the shop for, and they never get what they want if they have a temper tantrum. But I'm sure the day will come when they'll have one in a shop. I just hope I will hold it all together and leave with my sanity and their hands still empty!

  11. Well. What do you know. Dolls really can talk. Thanks for your visit.

  12. Brady's meltdowns tended to come not from wanting something but from me not letting him climb the register or push buttons on the ATM machine or let loose the coffee beans or make huge towers of groceries in the cart that would crash down, LOL. So I couldn't win. If I let him do the offending thing I'd have people staring or if he melted down they'd stare. But Madison, she's so cute, I don't blame you!

  13. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Your blog is really cute, I love how you're writing from Madison's perspective. What a fun way to keep a record as she grows up. :)

  14. I have always loved the advice to pick your battles. Which means sometimes when I'm mentally tough, I can tolerate the tantrum! And other times I just give in. :)

  15. We play a game and I say, we can put that on our wish list. Works most of the time. lol

  16. I admit, I've given in. I don't do it often, but on occasion. =0)

  17. And that is exactly why my children are no longer invited to come to any stores with me....

  18. LOL! Exactly what happened to me so many times! I now talk to the kids before we get in and let them know what to expect. I usually let each choose something that costs $1-2. When they know it before we go in, they usually accept it as a fact and don't even ask for something else.

  19. Nope, not on the list and/or not in the budget. It's very very very rare that they get something we don't need at a store. It normally happens when they are out with our parents (which if that's what they want to get them fine, but if it's too loud the batteries won't be replaced. If it's too big, it stays at their place!)

    I enjoy shopping without my kids because it's one of the few times I get time to myself. They typically don't ask for crazy things anymore and if I say no, that's pretty much the end of it. =)

    I totally get how this happens and if I had the extra in the budget, I might get special things more often but I'm just hoping that when they are grown, they appreciate the things they have (a lesson that took me WAY to long to learn, and I'm still not always the best at it!)

  20. Oh Mom, Mom, Mom....this is where I should be going tsk..tsk..tsk...for her caving in. Of course, my little one isn't even born yet and she just got spoiled with an outfit from gymboree. I can't talk. ;)

    It's going to be fun to see how I learn to say no or yes. (If my little one is smart, she'll realize I have a tough time resisting the word "sale" too)

  21. Oh, good gracious. I hate those meltdowns. I generally don't give in, but it doesn't seem to stop the incessant asking.

    Too funny. Yep, those store people have it in for us putting the toys and candy down low.

  22. Hahaha that's so cute! I was thinking about this the other day, when my little girl gets older, she will be so spoiled. I mean, it's hard to resist right? You just have to do everything that makes them happy. :)

  23. Mom should stand for Master Of Meltdownavoidance. I have 3 boys, I admit I have succumbed to such cuteness in the interest of meltdown avoidance and for the sake of the ears of all those around me.

  24. But the cuteness in the video makes the meltdown worth it, right?! :)

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

  25. Both of my boys do something similar :) They end up with a lot of toys!

  26. I'm usually pretty mean. We talk about not having the "gimmes" which means the kids generally know not to ask for stuff. My middle kid can throw a tantrum like nobody's business though!!

  27. My daughter knows that if she wants something, she will have to ask for it. She has thrown fits in the store and I stand there, asking her if she's done yet. Now she only throws fits with her father because he's the pushover :)

  28. Oh Madison! Why must you and your peers do this to mommies? Turning on your cuteness and charm to get what you want! It's cruel I tell you!!! CRUEL! Lol it's so worth it though! :)


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