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A Look at My Room

So a lot of you have been saying that you loved my room and so do I. I was told that copying is the greatest form of flattery so feel free to copy.

Before I go on you may wonder why I needed to have a room makeover at only 12 months. My mom decided that I needed a toddler bed because I was climbing out of my crib. Yeah I could do that! I hated being caged in a crib while everyone else was out having fun and I wanted to join in the fun as well.

We searched high and low until mom found the perfect toddler bed for me at Pottery Barn Kids. As you may already know, my mom and I love PBKids, they make the cutest things for little people like me. Once we decided on the bed it was time for us to do our decoration. My room on the day I was born was decorated with ladybugs, as I was now a big girl we had to decide on a new theme. We scoured websites until we finally decided to do a woodland theme complete with owls. Who would have thought owls would be cute in a little girl's room?

We found the perfect decals from the Kidsline Dena Happi Tree line on Amazon and from there it was only a matter of adding extras. I also needed wooden name letters and those again were found on Amazon. My mom got ones that she wanted to paint but we loved the way they complemented the room so we decided to keep them in the color they were. Once the decals were up I thought we needed something more. So we decided to take a trip to our local Home Goods store and we found the cutest art work that I could hang on my wall along with a coat rack.

So now we had our wall decor but what about decor for my bed and for my windows? And how about a cute lamp that would complement everything? Once again we decided to go on Amazon and there was the perfect lamp and it matched it all! This time for my bed and windows we decided to divert from Amazon and take a trip to Wayfair. There we found the perfect bedding complete with window panels from Jo-Jo Designs Happy Owl Pink collection.

Another trip to Pottery Barn Kids found my anywhere chair complete with owl theme as well of course. A trip to Target found my cubical and my fabric storage bins. My room is still a work in progress and things are liable to be changed around but for now this is it.

Charming Like Mommy St.Patricks Day Tee by Old Navy
Denim Leggings by Levis
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links!

Annmarie John
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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her room. I'm soooo going to copy. I love the fact that you posted links to items in the room as well. Makes it easy to find things if it's what you're looking for.

    Can you tell me though where you got the dresser and the piano. I love them! I'm subscribing to this blog. Thank you Madison!

    1. Thank you for subscribing. The dresser is the Room Magic Poodles In Paris Chest and was purchased on Amazon. The piano is the 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand by Schoenhut and was purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue but may be purchased at other online stores as well.

  2. I loved what you did with the room and everything else,your'e really a great MOM

    1. Thank you very much. Yes I have a great mom! <3

  3. I wish that was my room... Can I have a sleep over date? And your mommy is doing an awesome job too, her and I went to high school together and she was and is a great girl too, also she has an amazing job doing something very honorable and you should be proud of your mommy as she is of you!

    1. I am proud of my mommy, being an American soldier is a very tough job but she makes it look easy. I love her dearly! Thank you Kurl-Ann I know she appreciates your kind words.

  4. If the top pic is their room I may be 30 yrs old but I love owls and omg that's awesome. I'm amazed. plus a tad jealous. I wish I was a painter or could at least paint and was creative b/c I'd have owls painted on my wall. you may see that pic on my blog some point. i saved it. gonna show my mom too.

    1. Thank you. Yes it's my room and I'm a huge fan of the owl design myself. It's one of the thing that attracted me to your blog. Loved the name and the owls. We're planning on redoing our theme and it's going to be an owl design to match my room.

      Feel free to share the pic, we're happy you loved it. :) ♥ Madison


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